Arming Teachers, How Much Is Your Child’s Life Worth?

by lewwaters
Armed Teacher

Photo credit: American Free Press

The year 2012 is drawing to a close with an unthinkable tragedy fresh in our memories, 28 people, including 20 small children shot dead at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, their lives cut short by a maniac who first murdered his own Mother, stole her weapons and broke into the school, any motive still unknown.

That it happened 11 days before Christmas makes it all the more tragic and painful for all of the families affected.

Even though school shootings are statistically rare, they are nonetheless tragic and we can no longer feel confident our children are safe in their seats in school.

As expected, the reactions are strong and equally divisive, ranging from calls for more gun control, better treatment for the mentally disturbed, curtailing violent movies and video games and an increasing call for armed security be placed in schools in the way of hired security guards, Police or arming properly trained qualified teachers and school personnel.

Considering how school shootings have increased since the 1995 law imposing “Gun-Free” zones for school and even the fastest Police response take a few minutes to arrive, a program arming teachers is worthy of serious discussion and consideration, given that teachers are present in the schools and would be the first to respond to any such attack.

Recently elected Washington State 18th Legislative District Representative, Liz Pike is doing just that, engaging the public through her facebook account as she states she is “looking at drafting legislation for teachers modeled after the airlines FFDO (Federal Flight Deck Officer) Program” that was instituted after the horrific terrorist attack we saw on September 11, 2001, where terrorist took over aircraft and flew them into the World Trade Center buildings in New York and the Pentagon in Washington D.C.

As can be expected, comments are divided among supporters and opposers of such a concept as arming and training qualified teachers. Not too surprising was seeing the usual activists resorting to more bullying type comments towards Liz Pike.

Mike Briggs, known for opposing just about every policy proposed by Republicans chimed in with, “I will not support any legislator who does not look into some reasonable gun control. More guns are NOT the answer.”

We then see Greg Owens, known for his vitriolic comments towards anything remotely approaching common sense labeling her effort as, “Extreme over-reaction” that he does not support, adding “Won’t vote for you again if this is the path we can expect you to follow.”

After being told it is about “safety’ and “not guns,” Briggs pops back in with “More guns are not the answer folks. And has ANYONE CONSIDERED the tax consequences of something like this? Wow- you want your taxes to increase heavily merely to arm teachers… what of other areas, malls, Post Offices, Churches, etc. Do we put armed guards there too? And for what– so the NRA can protect its gun program. Stupid. Very stupid.”

Odd in the last comment is Mike Briggs has supported just about every tax increase proposed, to fund a worthless baseball stadium, light rail the county keeps voting against, C-TRAN measures, you name it, if it is a tax increase that threatens to bankrupt taxpayers for useless programs, he supports it.

But opposes any possible tax increase designed to actually protect our children in schools?

However, as Liz Pike explains, her proposal would depend on volunteer teachers and staff who are qualified, covering the expenses of their training and purchase of a firearm if they do not already own one.

Considering that Firearm Associations in neighboring states have stepped up offering to properly train those teachers who volunteer and qualify, costs would be minimal if at all should similar Firearms Associations volunteer in our state.

Apparently believing he is the most important person in the county, Briggs then says, “If Liz feels it necessary to once again side with the conservative this can be her choice but she is definitely not representing my desires.”

Several comments applaud this discussion launched by Liz Pike, pointing out the obvious, declaring schools to be “gun-free” leaves our most precious children at the mercy of maniacs and criminals who choose easy targets.

After the discussion was up for a few days, the Columbian took notice and ran an article on it, Lawmaker-elect Pike enters gun debate, having sought out and quoting those most likely to express opposition to the notion.

Of those they quote is Monica Stonier, recently elected 17th Legislative District Representative Democrat that this blog strongly opposed. Her quote is probably the most insane to appear throughout the article as she, a teaching coach states, “Bringing guns into the learning environment is absolutely the wrong approach. I have been working in schools for 10 years, and we run a variety of safety drills for a variety of emergency situations. If a stranger enters a school, they are approached by several adults in a very short amount of time.”

The insanity on her words is what she prefers is exactly what we saw unfold at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012 when Adam Lanza forced his way into the school after murdering his own Mother and stealing her guns.

They held “safety drills.” They had locked doors, he broke through a window to unlock it.

He was approached by an unarmed Principal and teachers, killing 6 before turning his gun onto 6 and 7 year old children confined in a single room, killing 20.

If we learned nothing else from Sandy Hook, it is that the option of doing nothing is no longer a viable option. Our children deserve better from us. They should not be at the mercy of another armed maniac.

California Democrat, Dianne Feinstein is proposing yet another “Assault Weapon Ban” to combat the shootings. Such a ban proved to be a miserable failure the last time it was tried as we saw “32 notable school shootings” while the ban was in effect.

It did no good!

Left out of the media coverage of discussions and efforts to take guns away from law-abiding citizens is frequent examples of licensed concealed carry citizens either preventing crimes by gun or stopping a shooting in a school before the body count reaches numbers as we saw in Sandy Hook.

Even though several lives have been saved by armed citizens over the years, our media ignores them as they promote the effort to take guns away from law-abiding people.

Probably the most idiotic of all comments, rivaling that of Monica Stonier are from those who currently entrust their children to teachers, all day, 5 days a week, during coaching for extracurricular activities and demanding their children be properly cared for and kept safe, suddenly expressing fear that properly training selected and qualified teachers, the “might snap” and shoot up the schools.

Do they not realize that teachers share the same rights to gun ownership of other people and may already possess a firearm, leaving it at home to obey the law? Do they not realize these same teachers have access to baseball bats, weights, sharp objects and any number of implements that could be used as a weapon?

But that doesn’t concern them, only if they completed a proper firearm safety and use course and carried a concealed weapon in case the unthinkable, another school shooting occurred.

Ellen Joslin, president of the Battle Ground Education Association, a teacher’s union, says, “If somebody wanted to carry a gun at school, that would indicate to me that they are afraid, and the kids would feel that. … It doesn’t make (for) a nurturing environment.”

I wouldn’t say what we saw happen at Sandy Hook Elementary much of a “nurturing environment” either.

Being prepared is not being afraid. We keep fire extinguishers in homes, not because we are afraid of fire, but just in case one happened.

We wear seat belts in our cars and place small children in appropriate car seats. Not because we are afraid of a wreck, but just in case one happens we can protect our children and ourselves.

Think of how many of those 20 children in Connecticut cried out for someone to save them, expecting to see someone stop the madness and there was nobody to stand between them and a maniac with a stolen weapon.

We need to ask ourselves, just how much are our children worth to us?

17 Comments to “Arming Teachers, How Much Is Your Child’s Life Worth?”

  1. There’s a certain disdain among gun-lovers for people who don’t want guns. They have a smug “people who don’t arm themselves are cowards and deserve what they get.” As a person who doesn’t want guns around me but understands your rights to have them, here’s my take on your position:

    If you want to masturbate, go ahead, but don’t force other people into your circle-jerk.

  2. Smug? Many are also very stupid. Travelers have attempted to carry more than 1,500 firearms through U.S. airports and on board airplanes in 2012, according to the Transportation Security Administration.As of Friday, TSA’s gun tally sat at 1,527 — 1,295 of which were loaded..

  3. Characterizing those who own a firearm as “gun lovers” is simply incorrect. I own several, and am not a gun hobbyist. I grew up with guns but haven’t even fired one in years. Nor have I test-fired my fire extinguishers. I also haven’t driven into any trees to test my seat belts. Nevertheless, I am glad to have all of those things, and while I don’t hold those who choose not to in disdain, it does strike me as imprudent.

  4. Oh, and I also have an elaborate alarm and video surveillance system. I guess all those things taken together make me a seat-belt / fire extinguisher / gun / alarm / video camera nut. Or maybe, just someone who’s concerned enough about my family’s personal safety to want to take prudent action to protect it.

  5. Martin, once again, you’re dead wrong. We do not hold those people afraid of guns and who don’t want one in disdain. If we have any disdain towards ya’ll, it is because your abnormal fear of guns is used to deny us the our basic human right of self defense.

    I can understand you not wanting guns around you and so does the criminal element. In fact, they could care less that you don’t want guns around you and bank on you not having one, when they do.

    But I do wonder, with you being an attorney and your abnormal fear of an inanimate object, how do you ever get around Police Officers?

  6. Lew, dude, come back to me about fear when you and your wife backpack through Africa. My wife was almost raped in Congo, our vehicle was hijacked (with us in it) in Kenya for 2 days, we raced through Western Sahara with bandits chasing us, and we were in Egypt then Syria when those countries started to blow up. I saw more AK-47s than most people see in their lifes – some of which were pointed at us. I’m not trying to be an ass here but tell me some of the danger you were in while in the military that makes you need to have a gun.

    Tom, your points are good – I can’t debate them.

  7. Martin, if you want to be snide about it, come back to me when you have spent 18 months in a combat zone with a bounty on your head for the patch worn on your pocket.

    The reason I own a gun is not because of any dangers seen in Vietnam, and believe me, they were there, but because there are bad people in this country too out to do harm to others.

    If your fear of guns prevents you from owning one, fine by me. I have no intention of forcing you to arm yourself.

    I hope you are never the victim of a home invasion either.

    If so, offer the burglars some coffee or a beer while you wait for the Police to arrive.

  8. Okay, I’m through talking about guns. I shouldn’t even have gotten into it this much but the self-righteous nature of this essay got the hair on my neck up. Where you (and the NRA) are making a mistake is that you’re snatching defeat from victory – most folks don’t care if you have guns but you’re making yourselves seem like unbalanced idiots.

  9. Most people don’t care if we have guns, Martin?

    Do you ever read a newspaper or turn on the news?

    Mayor Bloomberg is talking “confiscation,” Chicago is considering adding more taxes on them, Dianne Feinstein is proposing a bill to expand what she considers “Assault Weapons” to be banned, states are considering restrictions be placed on ammunition, registering of ammunition, and even jacking up taxes on ammunition to dissuade the common person from being able to afford it.

    But the real kicker in your comment is that we are “unbalanced idiots” because we are fed up with children being easy targets, slaughtered in their seats at schools where the only one with a gun would be the maniacs and criminals who break in with the sole purpose of harming them.

    Someday, maybe you liberals will learn saying “pretty please” to criminals isn’t a valid action.

  10. Why is it so clear to me, and not the gun grabbers, that making laws that are, number one, unconstitutional, and dangerous by preventing lawful citizens to own a gun, will only make us unable to defend ourselves against a rouge government, and other criminals.
    Take Chicago for instance, they have very strict gun laws, and just passed the 500 murders mark committed this year.
    The criminals do not comply with “gun free zone” signs, nor do they care about gun laws….duh.
    The liberal sheep better wake up and realize this ain’t Disneyland we live in, it’s a dangerous society that we need to be able to defend ourselves against.
    Our government has turned tyrannical, and is attempting to rid the citizens of their weapons of self defense, this is a common tactic used by many governments in past recent history, just before they forcefully control the population into submission.

  11. Many police departments and/or sheriff’s departments have auxiliary units or sheriff’s posses made up of volunteers, who receive training (from the police) and in many cases are uniformed and armed (when their duties go beyond strictly ceremonial situations). The high school I attended (a long, long time ago) had one or two auxiliary police (with guns) providing security at school dances and (3 or 4 officers) at football and other sports events.

    Recently, the news has mentioned a few jurisdictions where auxiliary/posse members have been assigned to their local schools to provide (armed) security. This is quite possibly a win-win solution, where volunteers (given proper training by their police/sheriff’s department) can provide armed security at schools at a very low cost.

    In other cases, an upgrade of the “security guards” already present on school campuses might also improve the security situation. A big-city school district near my former home already has multiple security guards at all of its high school campuses. Currently, these are unarmed (and relatively untrained) individuals — but they certainly could be upgraded through training (or replacement) to provide fully armed security — probably with (as such things go) modest additional cost. Indeed, that district could likely get an additional tax passed to pay for the extra costs of having “real” security (they’ve gotten taxes passed to pay for athletic fields in the past).

    Depending on state law, the schools in Washington may be able to implement this type of solution (using posse members) at relatively low cost with adjustments to state laws as needed.

    Broad restrictions on various types of guns is not going to get guns out of the hands of either criminals or the insane. Chicago just passed 500 murders (mostly using guns) for 2012 — and Chicago has had — and continues to have — some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country. Likewise, Connecticut already has very restrictive gun regulations — and the shooter at the Sandy Hook school obtained his guns by killing his mother and using her legally obtained weapons. This is no law that could have prevented this. An armed guard (and wide knowledge that armed guards were present) might have discouraged the choice of a school as a target. I note that when I worked for one of the major rail carriers, all our larger offices had armed “railroad police” present and our facilities were all regularly patrolled by the railroad police to discourage trespassers and thieves. I also worked at a NASA facility — where armed guards checked IDs at the gate, only allowing those into the facility who had valid IDs or had obtained a pass to meet with someone on the facility.

    Doesn’t it make sense to provide similar care for our students as we allow large companies and government offices?

  12. Monica Stonier is just plain stupid. Her statement that our schools stop people who walk in is also stupid. When the person is already in with a weapon it is: bang bang you are dead, now stop me! I walked into a school… Walnut Grove elementary last spring to pick up Hunter my friends grandchild for her. I had her write a note and provided my Washington State Drivers License number in the note. All thinking it would be important to assure the staff that I indeed had the permission and authority to pick up the child from his 2nd grade classroom. I not only wasn’t approached upon entering but was asked why I was going to all the trouble of introducing myself. They informed me I was being “over the top” with regards to the security of one child in their care. If that is the case then we are trusting incompetent people with our most precious children. Monica is wrong. I could’ve wandered through that school and killed a bunch of those kids before I ran out and got away. We do need to take better watch over our kids and the schools had better pay attention. It does us no good to educate them if they never make it to grow up. In Arizona the sherrif has just deployed citizens volunteer patrols to schools. He did this in 1993 at the malls with armed citizens and brought the violent crime rate down to zero so you tell me… and as for the cost? A little background check, a volunteer pays for it, and we cover a slight increase to insurance policies at school buildings… what is your child’s life worth?

  13. The more Briggs and his sock-puppet Owen oppose something, the more I’m for it. And, of course, neither Briggs, nor Owens nor Hash offer up any solutions.

    When they write nonsense: (Briggs) “I will not support any legislator who does not look into some reasonable gun control. More guns are NOT the answer.” while offering NOTHING that addresses this situation… that would have changed it in any way… I’ve got to wonder if their blanket, fringe-left, auto-knee jerk automatic “no” means anything.

    I don’t recall Rep. Pike suggesting that more guns be manufactured… so perhaps Briggs has failed to understand the question.

    Further, Briggs seems incapable of providing anything that might BE the answer.

    Additionally, it’s well known that Briggs is a leftist. A rabid CRC scam/Boldt supporter, it’s unlikely he voted for Pike in the first place.. That Pike likely garnered her victory without Briggs’ vote to begin with as she achieved a 60%+ landslide in the 1-8, likely she isn’t losing any sleep over such an empty threat. And when he closes with this nonsense: ““If Liz feels it necessary to once again side with the conservative this can be her choice but she is definitely not representing my desires,” that she is ignoring Briggs in this issue means she can’t be too far wrong.

    Briggs remarkable idiocy about jacking up taxes in the face of the tens of millions of dollars these deaths will cost that school district shows the depth of his ignorance.

    Taxes are going to go up in this instance anyway: is it OK for them to go up to pay off the lawsuits? Or is it better for them to go up less to pay for doing what has to be done to avoid this scenario in the future?

    I bet if you asked the people of Newtown, they’d have a very clear answer.

    And then Owens, when he babbles, “Extreme over-reaction” without offering one thing… any thing, that might have made the remotest difference in Newtown… qualifies his typically moronic response as an “Extreme UNDER-reaction.” and then goes on to babble:“(w)on’t vote for you again if this is the path we can expect you to follow.” when in all likelihood, he didn’t vote for her in the first place….

    And Hash, who up until now has been reasonably even-keeled on discussing most issues, goes way over the edge with his responses in this thread, addressing the individual sources of ideas instead of ideas themselves… failing to examine the entirety of this scenario… failing, as most of the naysayers have, to answer the question:

    If it had been me (Nash, Briggs, Owen) in that classroom, and you KNEW that guy was coming for you and those babies in that room… what would you do? What would you want?

    These people simply don’t get that ANY chance, even the smallest, unlikeliest chance… like this young lady teacher being armed and trained to use that weapon… beats the hell out of no chance at all. Because using this situation for illustrative purposes, what’s the worst that could happen? Everyone gets killed?

    If I’m not mistaken, that’s what happened anyway.

    I’ve asked that question repeatedly. I have yet to get an answer.

    The idea that backpacking unarmed across Africa was something that worked… for him…. once…. and that such an application has ANYTHING to do with this situation…. is right up there with telling us that he played a softball game on the I-5 Freeway right at the end of rush hour.

    Just because he did it…once… and walked away from it… doesn’t mean that anyone else or everyone else can or should do it that way. There’s something… bizarre… and irresponsible… about the idea of back-packing ANYWHERE through unstable areas. And while it’s better to be lucky than good, it was a foolish enterprise. And like the other two, I fail to see the connection between that situation, and one where someone who has killed your colleagues and is on his way to kill YOU matches up…. it’s not only apples and oranges… it’s apples and an entire menagerie of fruit that would fill a store fruit section.

    So, what we get now are two different classifications of answers. One, proffered by the Briggs/Owens/Nash side is to act like there isn’t a problem of any kind… what I call the “sheep response.” The other is to face reality and to begin the process of dialogue to achieve a better outcome… what Rep. Elect Pike is trying to do here… what I call the “sheepdog response.”

    The sheep attack the very idea of such a dialogue because it may end up with a scenario they might not like.

    I don’t give a damn if they like it. In the upper echelon of government, those whining the most about this are surrounded by men and women with automatic weapons and they all send their kids to schools with people armed with guns. They, of course, would deny us all the same privilege.

    I’ve got to wonder: if the parents in school districts were offered this possibility:

    Parents, guess what? Here’s what we’re gonna do here in School District X: we’re going to split our schools up and leave the choice to you: One half of the schools will have armed… and trained… teachers, ala Rep. Pike’s idea.

    The other half will be as vulnerable as they are now. You know, so Moron Monica’s “large group of unarmed adults” can confront an armed intruder, and that intruder, having slaughtered those unarmed adults, can then go into the classroom and slaughter the unarmed teacher and your child in that classroom.

    Your choice?

    Which school do you want to send your child to?

    The naysayers here seem to hate the very idea of guns. But what say we’re in that movie theater… another gun free zone (that I would have ignored, by the way…. I ALWAYS carry in non-public facilities, including church, posted signs notwithstanding) and some guy pops up at the bottom of the screen and starts shooting.

    I’ve got my Colt Government. I’ve got two magazines of alternating ball and hollow points. I’m pretty good with it… no Audie Murphy, but I can generally hit what I’m aiming it.

    Elsewhere in the theater are these 3. Maybe their kids. Maybe their wives.

    What do you suppose they’d want me to do?

    Whose asses would they want me to save?

    Exclusive of the fact that one gun in that school might have made a difference… might have changed everything… it’s easy for the ignorant… the non-serving… those who do not need their asses saved by anyone this second… to condemn the efforts of others to keep this from ever happening again without offering up one damned thing different to stop this sort of madness.


    But I’ve got to wonder:

    What if it had been their baby in that classroom?

    What then?

    What if THEY had been in that classroom?

    What then?

    And you know what?

    I never get an answer.

  14. Bleeding hearts seem to not realize their hearts bleed just as bad if a bullet travels through it.

    Not one has given any suggestion, as you noted and instead, seems to believe pulling the covers up over their heads will protect vulnerable children.

    Once again, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio is ahead of the curve: Sheriff Joe Arpaio sending armed volunteer posse to protect schools

    As for Briggs & Owens, I really do not recall them ever taking the right side of any issue and I agree, Liz will do just fine without their support.

    What arrogance to think their words of non-support will really matter. It boils down to those 2 against 38,223 who voted for her.

    Not bad odds 😉

  15. I don’t know what the numbers are but “The Gun Culture” is certainly a minority in America. To me (and I think most people) it seems bizarre and incomprehensible – almost, if not in fact, mental illness.

    “Your lips move but I can’t hear what you say?” (Pink Floyd)

  16. Martin, if I ever run across you being robbed or mugged, or your wife being brutalized at the hands of a crazed rapist, you have my word I will not offend your senses by interfering with my gun.

    I’m sure if you say “Pretty Please, stop” enough times or say it soft enough, they will have a change of heart.

    After all, we “mentally ill” gun owners might even harm the one causing you harm and we wouldn’t want that on your conscience.

    Should such a thing ever happen to you, be sure to tell the Police to stay away. After all, they carry guns too.

  17. I believe that simply giving a gun to a random, willing teacher and providing them with training is more likely to produce unintended results that could be calamitous for all involved. With that being said, I also believe that pretending that we live in a world of people who are not out to kill us and our kids is just as frightening.
    Therefore here is my proposal:
    1. Put a gun Vault in every Classroom mounted to a desk, accessible only via Bio Metric locking technology system. These systems will allow access in less than 10 seconds, only to inviduals if their fingerprints match the systems allowed access list. The gun vault will keep the firearm out of site of the students and unless they were told by a parent or other adult, the student would not even be aware of the firearms presence. This ensure that no student would be exposed to a gun at school.
    By keeping the firearm at the school in this manner, it would also allow school district to continue the moritoriam on theachers bringing a firearm to school. This also would eliminate the concern that a teachers gun could be unsafley stored or handled leading to an unsafe discharge of the firearm.
    The gun vault will also be armed will several safty feature including a tracking device, and a silent alrm that will trigger if the safe is opened for any purpose. Upon the opening of the gunvault, the silent alarm will notify the nearest law enforcment agency tasked with the protection of the school. This alarm shall be treated as if an active shooting incident is occuring.The alarm will also notify the school board, the principle , the vice principle and notify all of the teachers on campus that a shooting incident is occuring. This will allow the teachers to respond according to the designated emergency plan as instituted by the school distirct.
    2. Place a firearm in the gun vault that is uniform in caliber throughout all of the classrooms and has 1 additional magazine with it. The bullets should be chosen to inflict maximum stopping power with minimum penetration to limit the rounds going beyond the intended target.
    The firearm will be checked semi annually by the school police officer, Law Enforcemant official or qualified NRA Certified firearms instructor to ensure its working cndition. The firearm will remain loaded at all times and kept inside of a secure Gun Vault.
    3. Any person who is identified as an authorized user of the firearm and therby has potential access to the firearm, shall be required to undergo a training course of no less than 24 hours. The training course shall require a minimum of 4 hours of in class training on gun saftey, retention and handling. All participants must qualify on the gun range, and must participate in no less than 16 hours of active shooter practical training including shoot don’t shoot scenerios annually.
    The training will also introduce and thourouly train the teachers and participants on what happens if and when the gun vault is open. This training will also inform the participants of the ramicifations for opening the safe in an unauthorized manner, such as threatening a misbehaving child or co worker and or brandishing a firearm.
    4. The coordination of the reponse will be the last and most important part of the keeping a Gun Vault in the classroom. What happens when the gun vault is accessed will be very directly laid out.
    1. Upon the opening of the gunvault, the silent alarm will notify the nearest law enforcment agency tasked with the protection of the school. This alarm shall be treated as if an active shooting incident is occuring.
    2. The alarm will notify the school board, the principle , the vice principle and notify all of the teachers on campus that a shooting incident is occuring. This will allow the teachers to respond according to the designated emergency plan as instituted by the school distirct.
    3. After Every incident of the gun vault being opened, a report shall be generated detailing the circumstances surrounding the opening of the vault. This report shall include details on who opend the vault, the reason for opening the vault, the outcome of the opening, who was notified, how long it took for notification, who reponded, how long it took for the first responder to arrive and the conclusion.
    Any unauthorized accessing of the gun for mere exhibition, demonstration or other reason shall be met with immeadiate suspention and/ or termination depending on the severity and fequency of the violation as dictated by school district policy. Such efforts will ensure that the minimum amount of unathorized openings will occur. This will also protect a child from being exposed to or having access to the firearm in the safe.

    A simple look around the world at places like Beslan in Russia where a group of terrorist took over a school and killed 388 innocent men, women and children would tell us that if a terrorist group chose to attack us in this manner, we would be ill prepared and the loss of life would be much greater. Having 1 or 2 armed security gaurds is not going to save my kid.

    In closing, It is only a matter of time until the reality of the lack of protection for our children will be highlighted by a terrorist attack. I would remind you that 19 terrorist acting as a group were responsible for the most destructive terrorist attack on US soil in our nations history, and up until that day the idea of arming airline pilots was considered to be ludicrous. In most urban areas around the country, the average high school has 2000 students on campus on a typical day. I wish that we lived in a time when there was no such things as nutbags who carried out crimes like this. However my desire for the good old days does not make it so, and therfore we are closer to a terrorist attack at our schools, on our children now than we have ever been.
    I for one would rather deal with the reality of the time that we live in and give the teachers a chance to save themselves and my kids than be like the poor parents of the children at Sandy Hook and pretend that my kids are still alive.
    More gun laws and locked gates will not protect our children.

    But thats just me.

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