Ring Out The Old and Ring In The New

by lewwaters

Teabag, madJust hours from now we will be bidding adieu to 2012 and welcoming in 2013 with uncertain prospects in our future.

2012 saw several disappointments for conservatives as the march towards socialism in America increases, embraced by those who fall for whatever canard they are spoon-fed by the leftist pundits in the lamestream media.

Almost unbelievable was seeing Barack Obama, after four dismal years at the helm of the country, easily swept back into office in November. That all indicators point to us being much worse off than when he and his party seized the country, he easily won reelection against Mitt Romney amid more empty promises of how much better he will make the country, even though are more divided today than we have been in several decades.

Hopes to squash Obamacare and its high taxes were dashed as we saw the Supreme Court rule in favor of it, with Chief Justice Roberts coaching Democrat Lawyers how they should argue in order for it to be found constitutional.

As a result, when we all wake up tomorrow, January 1, 2013, over $1 Trillion in new taxes kick in to pay for it over the next years and that surely will “increase the cost of health care, yield job losses, and deprive our struggling economy of investment.”

For those of you who discredit “trickle down,” just wait until you see those taxes that are targeting mostly the upper income, along with Obama & the Democrats desire to confiscate more of their wealth by letting the Bush/Obama tax rates expire, “trickle down” to your paycheck, cost of goods & services and increased unemployment.

But hey, ya’ll wanted him, I didn’t.

McKenna WussWe also see a change of faces in the Washington Governor’s office, Christine Gregoire leaving the state in an economic mess with incoming Jay Inslee indicating he may double down on her policies that helped put us here.

The Republicans did not help by promoting metro sexual Attorney General, Rob McKenna heavily over others during the primary campaigns, ensuring he received the nomination, only to lose by running a center left campaign.

While Democrats still hold the majority in the state, all is as not as gloom and doom as it may seem. Conservatives did see some success in other races.

We saw a nail biter in the race for the 17th Legislative District State Senate seat as 4-term Republican Don Benton eked out a narrow win over challenger, former 17th district representative Tim Probst. Had the Democrats not expended the hundreds of thousands of dollars in attack ads, targeting Benton in hopes of picking up the seat, it is doubtful the race would have been as close as it became.

It was disappointing to see Republican Julie Olson defeated by Monica Stonier in the race for Probst’s open seat, but it was already a Democrat seat, so no big change.

Madore 003DSC07665-aThe best news would be the Clark County Commissioner’s races where we saw incumbent Republican Tom Mielke retain his seat against a very well ran campaign by challenger, Democrat Joe Tanner. I have to be honest and say I wholly expected to see Tanner come out on top in that race and was surprised at how lopsided the count was towards Commissioner Mielke.

But it didn’t disappoint me, either.

We also 2-term Commissioner Marc Boldt, sanctioned by the Republican Party late last year for abandoning the party platform and conservative ideals to vote with liberal Democrat Steve Stuart too many times go down in defeat by challenger David Madore, a very successful Conservative Republican businessman in Vancouver.

That both Mielke and Madore are willing to take a more skeptical look at CRC and C-TRAN’s effort at empire building is a plus for taxpayers, along with Madore’s business sense and ability to look critical at the structure of county government.

Neither is favorable to the local newspaper of record, the Columbian, so we can expect a bumpy ride as efforts to improve the county move ahead.

Likewise, the reelection of Don Benton made the formation of a “Philosophical Majority” of Conservative Republicans and Moderate Democrats in the State Senate possible with the goal of putting the brakes of the Liberal/Progressive March left.

With the defeat of Clark County Proposition 1, to fund light rail operations & maintenance and the win of Initiative 1185, once again requiring a 2/3 majority vote in Olympia to raise taxes, we just may get a little relief in 2013 from more and more taxes laid off on us, it remains to be seen if so and just how much.

While the CRC pushes ahead unabated, we do see some bumps in the road ahead for them beginning with incoming Governor Jay Inslee’s effort to rebuild the heads of State Agencies and requiring WSDOT’s Paula Hammond to reapply as Transportation Secretary. Both Hammond and Inslee are very eager to push Portland’s financially failing light rail off on us, so I imagine she will be rehired, but with the voices we now have in the State Senate and County Commission, they will no longer have the same easy sailing they had before.

We also saw a major shakeup in the Clark County GOP with a reorganizing and virtually all new faces now responsible for the party. I have full confidence in the new Chair, Lynda Wilson and Vice-Chair, Steven Nelson, but many of the Executive Board members elected are unknown in ability, some being strong devotees to the failed campaigns of former Texas Congressman Ron Paul.

The takeover was accomplished largely through the formation of what has been labeled the PCO Liberty Alliance that other than successfully changing the guard at the party, is responsible for snaring one political sign stealer, seeing him go through the courts to a $485 fine and spending 8 hours of community service.

Time will tell whether or not they cooperate with Wilson and Nelson or frustrate their efforts to improve the party and elect good candidates.

Predictable and disappointing, the 49th Legislative District remains in the hands of Democrats like Jim Moeller, known for holding constituents in such disdain, he sues them to invalidate their votes on citizen’s initiatives he doesn’t like.

Equally predictable and more favorable was seeing the 18th Legislative District remaining in Republican hands, Ann Rivers easily winning her seat in the State Senate to replace retiring State Senator Joe Zarelli. Rounding out the 18th was Liz Pike, also easily winning her Representative seat along with Brandon Vick easily defeating Adrian Cortes, who would have been just as good a choice as Vick.

Troubling, on the national scale is seeing once again, a tragic school shooting being used for yet another effort by Liberal Democrats to disarm American’s, falsely blaming the gun used instead of discussing how to deal with mentally unstable people who carry out such crimes.

2013 is ahead of us and yes, we still have a tough row to hoe with everything the left is doubling down on to throw at us, gun bans, higher taxes, more unemployment, higher prices and much more.

It is no time to sit back now and relax, much as we may wish to.

Keep your eyes open and your senses about you. We know we can expect an all out onslaught in the 2014 elections to retake the House of Representatives and hand total control back to Socialist Democrats.

Our children and grandchildren depend on us to not let that happen and keep America the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

2 Comments to “Ring Out The Old and Ring In The New”

  1. Thanks for your vote of confidence Lew. There is a lot of work ahead.

  2. You and Lynda have my full support, Steve.

    The others I have to see how they will operate.

    And you’re right, it is going to be a lot of work. I’ll help where I can from the outside.

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