Senate Republicans Last Minute Cave on Fiscal Cliff Deal

by lewwaters

obama-tears-for-america1Sold out again by spineless Senate Republicans in Washington D.C. who caved to Obama and the Democrats on tax increases.

By a margin of 89-8, the Senate voted to pass the “compromise” bill, averting the so-called fiscal cliff.

In the deal, that no Senators really had time to read, we see the offer of $1 in spending cuts for every $41 in new taxes.

The bill heads to the House now, who may vote either Tuesday or Wednesday.

The 8 voting against the deal are Bennett D-CO; Carper D-DE; Grassley R-IA; Harkin D-IA; Lee, R-UT; Paul R-KY; Rubio R-FL & Shelby R-AL.

Far leftists like are upset over the deal, not seeing the rich being hit for even more taxes.

BOHICA America, Greece here we come.

NO doubt, Jim Moeller will see it as another “glorious moment.”

5 Comments to “Senate Republicans Last Minute Cave on Fiscal Cliff Deal”

  1. Looks like the French are upset too.


  2. There are many reasons to be unhappy with this “compromise” … however, Obama and the left-stream media had managed to shift “blame” for the “financial cliff” meme to the Republicans. It’s probably better that the Income Tax be adjusted to retain the lower rates for most taxpayers, even if it includes wrong-headed increases for those with over 400,000 in income. A bit of good news is that the Alternative Minimum Tax “fix” was made permanent.

    While the hoped for spending restraint was absent — the “sequester” of funding left over from the previous debt ceiling cave-in remains in place (if I’ve read the news reports correctly).

    This particular cave-in (on the part of the Speaker) is, essentially, yet another kick the can down the road, leaving most issues behind for further work by the next Congress.

    Philosophy matters — and the general consensus of the populace for an altruist-oriented approach, often leaves the Republicans looking stupid by conceding the “point” but arguing about where to “draw the line.” Even Romney campaigned with a statement that “the rich should pay no less than at present” (without any real explanation as to WHY they should pay as much (if not more) than at present). Indeed, throughout the campaign, Romney seemed to be embarrassed by his wealth and by his role at building Bain & Company into a powerhouse asset management and financial services company in private equity and venture capital. This does not reflect on the MORAL value of Capitalism — again, too many on the right excuse capitalism as “a terrible system, but the one that gives the best results.”

    With friends like this, Capitalism hardly needs the many enemies that it has. We need to embrace the moral certitude that Capitalism is the ONLY economic system that is consistent with individual liberty and protection of individual rights. We need full-throated support of constitutional government — following the words and intentions of the constitution as written by the founders.

    So long as Republicans concede the altruistic philosophy of the left as being moral — and that the quibble is the extent of various policies — we will not be able to make clear statements of support for liberty and the free markets that lay at the heart of a free society.


  3. I see very little in this deal to be pleased with, John.

    CBO: ‘Fiscal cliff’ deal carries $4 trillion price tag over next decade

    The country couldn’t be more screwed if they had planned it. Which it looks like they did.


  4. Altruism my behind Lew, back when GHWB got screwed by Ted Kennedy and Co. it the MSM hailed the dem’s move as a great farse, a practical joke on a dim witted President. They held the house and were not held accountable.


  5. Altruism my behind Lew, back when GHWB got screwed by Ted Kennedy and Co., the MSM hailed the dem’s move as a great farce, political theater at its entertaining best, a practical joke on a dim witted President. The Dems held the house then as well as the Senate and there was not a whole lot in play to inure smarmy Democrats would be held accountable.

    We today have control of the House ( thanks Newt) and would have had the presidency except for the lack of participation of John Galt types. They are no friend of either the French republic or our own. It appears a great hypocrisy to slam Romney, whose entire selection night message was about the greatness of a capitalist system that allows people to help one another to succeed and not just to survive.

    Grousing about those who voted to give Republican’s and Conservatives alike, an opportunity to put the record straight, by this measure is little more than giving Obama support and promoting the legacy of Theodore Kennedy.


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