Herrera Beutler Votes For the Destruction of America – UPDATED

by lewwaters

Herrera Obama 4Fresh off being reelected to her first term and before retaking the oath of office, 3rd Congressional District Jaime Herrera Beutler once again reached across the aisle to join with 172 Democrats in the house and 84 other RINO’s to approve the hastily passed “compromise” alleged to avoid the “fiscal Cliff.”

Total count was 172 Democrats and 85 RINO’s voted AYE while 151 Republicans and 16 Democrats wisely votes NOE.

This “compromise” will undoubtedly drive us back into deeper recession by adding $4 Trillion to the deficit over the next 10 years, promises $1 in spending cuts for every $41 in tax increases and extends unemployment entitlements for another year, among other provisions.

It is a bad deal all around that Barack Obama and the Democrats are crowing “victory” over tonight.

Not a victory for Americans, mind you, but a victory for Obama in snowballing Republicans whose finger prints are now all over this mess and will own it when elections come around again and they will shoulder the blame for the economy worsening or collapsing.

Oddly enough, even far left Moveon.org sent out an email blast earlier today calling for the bill to be defeated, but for different reasons than I have for wanting it defeated.

Since the bill only raised taxes on incomes exceeding $400,000 Moveon.org called for,

“The House should reject this deal and instead introduce and pass a tax cut for 98% of Americans on the first day of the new Congress.”

“Can you call Representative right now? Tell her: “Vote no on the Senate tax bill. Do not extend the Bush tax breaks for people making more than $250,000 a year.”

The fallacy is we are all going to pay more for this sell out in taxes, higher unemployment, higher prices and more as the higher wage earners cut back hours, raise prices and lay off workers to maintain profits, if not fold companies and move them overseas where they can afford to run their companies.

Remember too, this comes on top of a slate of Obamacare taxes they also must pay that kicked in just today, raising their cost of doing business immensely.

I doubt Jaime will worry very much about it, though. She will still receive her $174,000 paycheck, generous benefit and vacation packages on our dime and still refuse to hold town halls to actually listen to constituents, opting for her “coffees” where only invited attend.

BOHICA America.

Thanks for nothing, Jaime.

Jaime Herrera Beutler Statement on the Fiscal Cliff Agreement

22 Comments to “Herrera Beutler Votes For the Destruction of America – UPDATED”

  1. If only the Tea Party & Occupy could see past their trivial differences and come together on their common key issue of restraint of the federal govt!


  2. When it comes right down to it, getting re-elected is all that really matters. How disappointing.


  3. Also, why blame Jaime? She was probably just following Paul Ryan’s lead – isn’t he the future of the Republican party?


  4. Why? Because that simple-minded idiot isn’t their to represent Ryan, she’s there to represent us.

    Since you asked.


  5. Herrera Beutler is supposed to be our Representative, Josef.

    With votes like this, there is no future for the Republican Party. They own this now and the lamestream media and Democrats will make sure of it.

    1992 all over again


  6. I kid, I kid….

    However the fact that two people here think Representatives actually represent their constituents is what, naive? idealistic? idiotic?

    Lew – I agree with you – there is no future. However, it seems like I’ve posted that exact thought before and been blasted on this website. Do you, too, think the Republican party is useless?


  7. Josef, we say that they are “SUPPOSED” to represent us. Obviously, all too often they do not.

    As for useless, a party is the people in it. I have long maintained I am a conservative before I am a Republican. In fact, I very loudly resigned from the GOP in 2010 over how the party ensured Herrera Beutler got the nomination, by backstabbing and underhanded dirty tricks against a good solid conservative, David Castillo.

    The local party just underwent a leadership change with two very solid conservatives leading it. The draw back there may be others now sitting on the board as well, we will see in the months ahead.

    The National Party I haven’t supported for many years, even though I might have blogged in favor of Romney or McCain, it was more of opposition to Obama as his agenda was clearly seen early on.

    If we are to label the RNC as useless, where do you place the Democrats? Enemy of the State? Or Enemies of Freedom?


  8. Lew – interesting way you phrased that question. Don’t get me wrong – I think the D’s are enemies of freedom.

    That said, I think there is no significant difference between the R’s & D’s. For those that disagree, please explain the “Fiscal Cliff” vote in the Senate – 59-8 indicates there were a bunch of R’s in the Senate who had no problem voting for Obama’s proposal. Of course it is academic for us Washingtonians…

    I left the R party back when Dole ran for President. I support Madore at the local level. However, at the national level I think things cannot be fixed.


  9. Josef, I also have long maintained that the ‘R’ behind the name does not guarantee my support and have opposed several Republicans and defended a few Democrats.

    That’s also why the blog is named “Conservative” and not “Republican.”

    My final straw with Democrats came with Jimmy Carter’s amnesty to draft dodgers. I was still in the Army and that came across like a kick in the gut.

    So my support goes to individuals that show me conservative values.


  10. That poli-sci degree fried my theoretical brain. I know how it’s SUPPOSED to work and I get pissed off when it doesn’t, because I can’t explain it to my kids when they come to me for answers as to why THEY are going to be held liable for what that coward does.


  11. I wonder how this would have went down if my Friend David Castillo was sitting in that seat? Sad day for America


  12. I just finished reading the final volume of the Pulitzer Prize winning Theodore Roosevelt biography. If you guys think politics is corrupt now – whoa, boy it would have blown your mind back then, and if you think Democrats are socialists – yikers, back in Roosevelt’s time the Socialists were a significant 3rd Party that had a chance at winning the presidency. We’re talking full-on union-backed Marxism.

    Obama is keeping the economy hovering. He can probably keep it up until his presidency is over but it’s going to come crashing down sometime – probably during a Republican administration. So what? America will survive, and it will be better for it – just like it always is. Things continue to get better in the grand scheme even if the shit’s coming down short-term.


  13. What makes you believe Obama’s presidency will “be over,” Martin?

    Marxism was open in the old days. Today, it’s masqueraded in baby steps.

    As for America being better because of Obama, how’s your Chinese?


  14. The Congress-created “fiscal cliff” ended up being structured to force a massive tax increase on all taxpayers unless “correcting” legislation was passed. With Obama and the Democrats having successfully transferred blame to the Republicans on this issue (with the cooperation of the adoring “left-stream” media), the Republicans in Congress were trapped in a lose-lose situation where almost anything they did would be a victory for Obama and the Democrats.

    Had the “Bush tax cuts” been allowed to expire, Obama would pocket the revenues and continue to grow government — meanwhile blaming the Republicans all the time for the tax increase.

    Whatever “bargain” the Republicans made would have been an Obama victory, as it would most certainly include a tax increase for “the rich.”


    Of course, the reason the Republicans got into this mess in the first place is that they have done an exceptionally poor job of communicating their position. They have failed to explain to the public how conservative policies would benefit all citizens by creating a strong, robust economic recovery. Of course, if that message had been effectively communicated, we’d be anticipating a Romney inauguration in about 2-1/2 weeks…

    There is some good in the bill that has passed (as best I can see as of this morning):

    The Alternative Minimum Tax has been permanently indexed to inflation. This is a terrible tax that was originally established to “catch” a couple dozen very high income taxpayers who used legal and proper deductions to reduce taxable income to near zero, avoiding (almost) all Federal taxes on high gross income. The merit of this tax is highly debatable, but “public outrage” (after sufficient propaganda and the echo chamber of the left-stream media) “forced” Congress to act. The lack of indexing in the original provision caused the AMT to apply to a wider and wider group of taxpayers — eventually generating so much revenue that Congress was reluctant to kill this tax as it really should. It only became a political problem (forcing Congress to “do something”) once it started reaching the upper tier of middle class taxpayers. While this tax provision still deserves to be repealed, at least it will no longer require an annual fix each year. Note, however, that even when the moderately well-to-do have an unusual capital gain, they’re likely to be hammered by the AMT. (I speak from experience.)

    The lower capital gains rate and lower rate on “qualified” dividends remains in effect for those with incomes below 450/400 thousand (with the Obamacare 3.8% override hitting those above 300K…) This is a victory for retirees who derive the majority of their income from investments. It also gives business owners a target, where they can keep their income below the threshold where higher taxes might be triggered. This, of course, will result in some lower economic growth and will interfere with “the rich” investors in efficiently moving funds out of “mature” investments and into worthy new investments.

    The 2% giveback of Social Security tax was eliminated. While I never met a tax I didn’t dislike, among the various “stimulus” tax changes, this was one of the least economically justifiable. While not totally insignificant, it was not sufficient to really stimulate any additional investment — and it was defused throughout the economy such that it provided no incentives to business expansion. Of all the “stimulus” proposals, probably one of the worst.

    The additional spending in the bill, including the continued extension of unemployment benefits, are a sad side effect of the poor showing by small government candidates in the past election.

    As for the future, the addition of libertarian-Ron Paul supporters to the local Republican party may actually help encourage true small-government/constitutionalist Republican candidates. Too often, “conservative” candidates have been less interested in fiscal conservation and have been focused on the culture war. This (in my opinion) wrong-headed focus led to the disastrous growth of big government under Republican “leadership” during the “compassionate conservatism” of the George Bush administration. Were it not for Obama, Bush 43 would have overseen the largest increase in the Federal government since Lyndon B. Johnson’s “Great Society.” Indeed, I suspect that a LOT of the poor public image of the Republican party is a result of the spending spree that began during the Bush administration. (I voted for Bush … only because I felt the alternatives were much worse.)

    The Republican “establishment” all too often falls into the “good governance” trap. They do not attempt to disassemble “popular” leftist programs, but simply try to operate them “more efficiently” than the Democrats. Their argument is that Republicans offer “good” government — but the squandering of money taken from the taxpayers proceeds without pause.

    What we really need is a Republican party that stands for re-applying the Constitution (that’s been ignored by progressives from both parties for more than 120 years) and that actually will reduce the size and scope of the Federal government. While I’m sympathetic to many of the “culture war” aspects, I feel that area should be a debate for the civil society, with private institutions (churches, social organizations, etc.) offering opinions and advice for private citizens to choose from as they wish — the error is the attempt to force social change through Congressional mandate or court decree.


  15. Time to throw all of the disgusting bastards out.If anyone has the balls to do so.


  16. Looks like the 47% is now the 99%…. Just a reality check.


  17. The reality check has yet to come, Pat.

    And when it does, it’s going to be too late for the country.

    I am sure you remember how things roll down hill. 😉


  18. Well putting things in perspective, while the sun is rising this morning, Obama is still cinc,
    Winter is rearing its glorious head in the gorge, and Salesman Reed is still Senate Majority Leader.
    For all the clamor about wwRRd, no republican leader has communicated the conservative position in a manner that sits well with the formerly considered middle class now below the poverty level working stiff.

    You wont change the nation spitting venom in open wounds. What Herrera Beutler’s vote accomplished is giving the Republican leadership a second chance to come up with a message that appeals to that constituency, Whose once bright future has is being turned to dirt by Liberal promises that cannot be achieved. It i time to make the case that the government that promises everything, and takes everything to achieve that promise, gives back nothing.

    I like our chances this time to win back the country. The ball is in your court gentlemen, what will you do with it? Harangue the good Congresswomen or talk to Americans? Personally I don’t think we have time to wait for your answer. Good day.


  19. The problem is our gutless coward of a congresswoman is NOT representing US: she has made the determination to represent her leadership, instead. And is that what this idiot was elected for?

    She has repeatedly voted, for example, to raise the debt ceiling. She’s done absolutely nothing to spike the scam of the CRC. She even lied to us about why she voted for the fiscal cliff stupidity.

    What Ridgefield Barbie’s vote helped to accomplish was massive tax increases we cannot afford NOW, and a huge increase in the debt that our children won’t be able to afford LATER.

    When your congresscritter is a worthless, self-aggrandizing punk who is all about HER and too frightened to face US, then a little “haranguing” comes with the territory.

    The question becomes: what has that worthless, simple idiot done FOR us, instead of TOO us?

    What we don’t have time for is waiting for this waste of skin to be defeated in her next effort at scamming the people into re-electing her. We would be much better off if this moron would resign. Were she to do so, that, indeed, would be a good day.

    In fact, it would be a GREAT day.


  20. First, thank you for your vote on the “fiscal cliff” matter.
    I believe, however, that all citizens should share in the revenue needs of our country, not just a small group. We are really in this together, aren’t we?

    Having served 4 years in the Army Security Agency, I know that there is room to cut. Unfortunately, our local senators have never seen to get this as Boeing and other local “defense” contractors are part of the problem. Some of what these contractors do is fantastic, but other programs such as the Osprey are often money pits as well as dangerous. Other programs are overkill – cost far too much and meet relative undersized needs. One of the best things you might consider doing is backing Chuch Hagel as Secretaty of Defense. He has seen the good, bad, and ugly as I have and then some. Putting America first rather than Israel or some other country or alliance is what we would expect in a Secretary of Defense. If those who believe so strongly in Jesus returning to Israel had any faith they would not be expecting another nation to be protecting it for Christ’s return.


  21. You may be elated at Jaime’s vote and support for this Pat, but I credit the Brits for actually looking at the “deal” and reporting what we all knew all along, we got sold down the river.

    Workers making $30,000 will take a bigger hit on their pay than those earning $500,000 under new fiscal deal

    I also find it funny how those from your point of view enjoy government workers being added, or extending tax dollars going to unemployed, welfare or others who may or may not want to work, but object to tax dollars going to defense contractors, who also employ many people.

    Then again, you’ve never expressed any hesitation at Millions of our tax dollars going to David Evans and Associates for the CRC and can’t even design a bridge that will allow river traffic to clear it.

    But yes, there is waste at the Pentagon. Perhaps we could begin cutting the number of Civilian staffers?

    As for Hagel, pfft. While I am not as opposed to him as I am treasonous John F’in Kerry, we can do better.

    And if you really wish to hear from someone who “has seen the good, bad, and ugly as I have and then some,” read the point of view of Maj. Gen. Patrick Brady (US Army Ret), recipient of the Medal of Honor, Distinguished Service Cross, Defense Superior Service Medal, Legion of Merit, Distinguished Flying Cross (6), Bronze Star (2 with “V”), Purple Heart, Meritorious Service Medal (3), Air Medal (52 with “V”) and Army Commendation Medal (6)


    You can read more on Gen. Brady in his book on his early days helping form the Medevac in Vietnam, DEAD MEN FLYING

    Abandoning Israel at this time would be like when we abandoned the South Vietnamese to their fate under Communism in 1975.

    If you were really concerned about the middle east, instead of spewing your antisemitism, shouldn’t you be voicing objections to Obama gifting F-16 fighter jets to Egypt, now under the control of the Muslim Brotherhood?

    I can’t seem to find Hagel’s comments on that deal. Care to share it with us since he is so intricately knowledgeable to be Secretary of Defense?


  22. I’m not reading anything anti-Semitic in Pat’s post. He wrote “Putting America first rather than Israel or some other country or alliance is what we would expect in a Secretary of Defense”, and he’s right.

    I don’t have a problem with Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense. I don’t have a problem with using overtures of goodwill, constructive dialog, and rapprochement with Iran either. It’s certainly better than going to war. All this anti-Hagel nonsense is diverting attention away from more important things and it is disingenuous of Senators like Graham and Cruz et al to suggest that he is unfit for duty.

    One thing I did notice in this debate is the Republicans are at least zeroing in on National security matters (though exaggerated and misrepresentative of Hagel’s positions on the issues). The Democrats are vilifying Hagel for is position on abortion and a remark he made about homosexuals 14 years ago. What in the world does abortion and gay marriage have to do with National security matters that the new SecDef will be spending the majority of his time on?


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