Smoke & Mirrors Offered

by lewwaters

Moeller, Wylie Townhall

How many years have we been telling especially Moeller what is important to us and being ignored?

How many times have said the 2/3 supermajority for tax increases is important to us only to have Moeller join in a lawsuit against us to invalidate our votes on it?

When was the last time either Jim Moeller or Sharon Wylie gave a damn about anything other than furthering the leftist agenda?

7 Comments to “Smoke & Mirrors Offered”

  1. Appearances have to be kept up. Bread and circuses and all that.


  2. I don’t know if I’d put Sharon Wylie in the same category as Jim Moeller. Jim is a far-left progressive – and a DINO.. Sharon is a moderately liberal PNW Democrat. I think you could get Sharon to listen to reason. No so Jimbo.


  3. I included Wylie because she hasn’t shown me any willingness to respond to voters either, just promote the liberal agenda.

    If you recall, there was the matter of a vote for a tax increase that she voted yes on, just before her first election and Frank Chopp actually called out to her if she wanted to cange her vote, which she did.

    Make note of Chopp’s smirk at the end of the video segment.

    One town hall she let it be known she definitely backs “new revenue,” translated: Tax Increases

    Wylie supports CRC and light rail and opposed I-1185, our fifth time voting in the 2/3 requirement for tax increases. She is pretty much lock-step with Moeller, nothing moderate about her.

    Annette Cleveland is the unknown, but I have no illusions she will be any different.


  4. Wylie’s first comments at the townhall after being appointed were to say Hi, I am Sharon Wylie a proud progressive liberal. She generally does exactly what the party wants and is coaching or acting as a mentor for Annette is the progressive skill set of speaking non-speak and blaming some one else while taking credit for others good deeds.
    They are the same all three of them. ‘Call my office and we’ll see if I can help figure out your problem which was created when I wrote that piece of legislation.’ What no response?


  5. It should be noted that this probably will be one of the FEW Clark County state legislative town halls still being recorded by and broadcast by CVTV.


  6. Of course I don’t agree with most of his agenda, but I kind of admire Jim Moeller for his unapologetic far-left worldview. He doesn’t care what his constituents think about the issues dear to him – just full steam ahead. I also respect his consistency. He doesn’t take a position today and change with the next big wind. Yes, he’s acerbic and sometimes ill-mannered interacting with those of opposing viewpoints, but he debates with a certain intellectual vigor that seems to be sadly lacking in much of the left/right debate (try watching Hannity sometime). I wish that some people down at The Columbian possessed his intellectual integrity.


  7. Craig – I may not agree with Jim. But I would take him over the two other growing nose Pinocchios over at the local newspaper. So I have to agree with your comment there. At least he is usually consistent in his commentary and view, though the arrogance with which he displays, even when he is wrong about a subject, just makes my skin crawl.

    I may not always agree with his stances. But that display of air of superiority and lack of respect for his common man, bothers me. You’ll see his facial structure between some one he knows will give him a fan brush of his side of the aisle politics and pull his facial muscles in consternation, when he has to actually answer a question about what some one might not agree with him. I had the same belief I had with Craig Pridemore, I respect him for how he treated people, even when the loud boom came out of his mouth.

    It is too bad he left the state senate,.. But we’ll see how the new political blood sport participants, whom were duly elected will handle the various aspects, this legislative session.


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