No Funding For CRC

by lewwaters

In the ongoing bi-state opposition to the CRC/light rail extension from Portland, Oregon into Washington, voices are being raised to counter efforts by advocates to appropriate funding for the project that voters have not yet been allowed to vote on, potentially violating Washington State’s High Capacity Transportation Act. While advocates continue to demand the project receive funding, neither state has yet shown the ability to budget the needed funds and both currently run deep budget deficits.

We have more pressing issues that need our dwindling tax dollars and this project needs stopped. At least until our economy improves, a workable design can be drawn that does not hamper river traffic and threaten hundreds of good paying jobs upriver from the I-5 bridge and most importantly, voters and taxpayers voices listened to since we are going to have to pay for it.

This is not a one state project and reaches across the state line of both of our states. Several times now opponents from Oregon have joined forces with Washington State taxpayers speaking out, attending rallies and holding press conferences. They come to our City Council Meeting and County Commissioner Meetings to lend their voices to ours.

They now ask for our help to speak out to Oregon Legislators.

Sharon Nasset of Third Bridge Now has sent out the follow call for our help. If you are able to be there to help, great. If you are unable, she only asks that you copy this notice and circulate it to all of your friends in case they might be available.

 NO funding for CRC!!

The Oregon Legislators are getting ready to vote

on FUNDING the Columbia River Crossing

The Oregon Legislators need to hear from you personally!

Your chance to make a difference is now

Oregon State Capitol Steps

January 15, 2013

Tent on Capitol Steps

Walk and Talk

8AM – 5PM

Contact individual elected offices from 8 AM to 5PM sharing your concerns about the CRC. Main action will be between 10AM – 3PM (Offices close at 5PM)  Face to face real conversations will make the biggest impact.

             Your issue may not be on this short list…. Yet it is important!

Respect Our Vote on light rail!

The taxpayers of SW Washington have voted to deny funding for light rail.  The Oregon Legislator needs to hear why they should deny funding the Columbia River Crossing until a new transit alternative has been chosen.

Tolling too expensive and overburdening on families and business

CRC is too expensive and will rob every other transportation project for decades

Better alternatives have not been considered or studied and need to be

Lowering the bridge height will kill businesses now and limit them in the future

This project WILL NOT relieve congestion or add capacity across the river

6+ years of construction congestion on the I-5 freeway without a third crossing first is unacceptable and unsafe

Come for yourself, your children, your community,

those that can’t come, and state your concerns

 Economic Transportation Alliance Third Bridge 501c3 Non-Profit 503.283.9585 Come Be Part of the Solution!

Sharon adds, “This is very important and we need as many people as possible to come or send a statement of their own….. Face to face is the most important way to influence elected officials.”

“The event will be friendly and well organized so people will have the opportunity to make it to as many offices as possible. If you can help out by coming down and helping direct people that would be wonderful. If you can provide material to hand out that would be great. 105 pieces of information is what is need to pass out information for the offices we will be visiting. Please make sure your contact information is on the data. Call if you can help out or if you know someone who can… this can make a big difference. ”

Again, if you are unable, please copy this announcement and email it to all of your friends.

6 Comments to “No Funding For CRC”

  1. Great article Lew…I would suggest only a couple of minor tweaks to pull it in line with current reality. First off on your opening, “In the ongoing bi-state opposition…” This should read, “The handful of disgruntled Luddites centered primarily in Vancouver…” Then a little further down you write, “…this project needs stopped. At least until our economy improves…” Perhaps it would be more appropriate to the context of your article to propose, “Let’s all just quit our jobs and save money on gas until things get better”
    Please do not bother to thank me for these helpful suggestions as I am sure the inaccuracies and silly statements contained in your little piece were completely inadvertent…perhaps “lacks awareness” would be more precise.

  2. Carol – how are things at C-TRAN these days? You sound nervous.

  3. Wow Carol, you are really sinical here. According to the numbers voted by the people this prop 1 for lite-rail funding not only faded out but burst into flames on its way down. Really some reality coming out should be proposed by the C-tran, Clark Ccounty Commissioners and the RTC that the people are down with wasting their money on a group of incompetent engineers being promoted by the ICLEI and lite-rail and hybrid bus manufacturers to get into our pockets and rid us of the money in our wallets. That my dear is your reality.

  4. Of course,Carol if you suffer from Trimentia or are tired due to C transylvanians sucking your energy (and money and patience) or cannot bear another view of Ce-aRse-Ce, you would never suggest that the only opposition to the light rail project resides in the couve. That being the case, I for one would welcome your resignation, it would save us millions in fighting the kinds of gas that cannot point out inaccuracies but only suggest the majority of residents of Clark County’s opinions are silly. Pardon me lady, but fact is not a CRC promotional trait, nor is “thankful” especially descriptive of the relationship of the citizens and high priced overpaid lobbyists. I am certain you were not aware of that HCT law, that demands consent of the governed, right? So Carol, If you were to just stop working against the best interests of the citizens of Clark County, I am certain that I would save hundreds in fuel cost, by not having to attend public meetings to explain how undeserving of a taxpayer funded pay check you are.

    Oh By the way, Excellent Article Lew, you can count me in.

  5. Unless you own a lot of property (in Vancouver or in Portland) you are not going to get a lot of benefit out of the CRC project. This is one issue that has united people on all sides.

  6. Carol, If you wanted to do your job, you’d try to convince these people that you’re doing your best to define a project that the MAJORITY of Vancouver would support. Yet you arrogantly call me (and everyone I know) a Luddite.

    What is wrong with you people?

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