Journalists, Politicians Won’t Make Their Homes “Safe”

by lewwaters

5 Comments to “Journalists, Politicians Won’t Make Their Homes “Safe””

  1. Not surprising results. Most of them talk circles in their arguments on issues providing you with the answer to the argument in opposition of the stance they hold in doing so. None er almost none, really think through the full course of the left wing causes.


  2. Oh now I get it! They want to keep their guns and/or armed guards, whilst insisting that all the “rest of us” get rid of our guns while they inform the world of who is still armed. Who woulda thunk it?


  3. Odd… you won’t find one of those in front of the White House.


  4. There was a note on twitter that the news paper has now taken this data base or list off the internet…


  5. Yes Jeremy, I read where they took it down too, but not before at least two home burglaries were tied to it.

    The damage has already been done and taking it down does not undo it.

    It never should have been put up in the first place.


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