Obama To Surround Himself With Children At Gun Measures Announcement

by lewwaters

It is now being reported that Barack Obama will surround himself with children when he announces his proposals to curb gun violence. While the proposals are expected to be controversial, using children as props seems to be a common theme with certain leaders of the past.

Children & Tyrants

22 Responses to “Obama To Surround Himself With Children At Gun Measures Announcement”

  1. That is probably where he got the idea. He hasn’t had an original one of his own yet!


  2. All Birds of the same feather!!!


  3. You must also condemn the NRA for using the President’s daughters in an advertisement opposing new gun safety measures? No? I didn’t think so.


  4. Sorry Nathan, the NRA did not pose them for a photo op.

    They showed the truth that he has no problem with his children being protected by guns, while denying yours the same protection.

    Birds of a different feather.

    Better luck next time.


  5. Obama must use the young and/or naive to populate his “photo ops” … anyone with a lick of intelligence or experience can see that his policies are unworkable and will all fail in the long run.

    The hypocrisy of the liberal elite over guns is beyond abominable. Anti-gun Senator Diane Feinstein has had a concealed carry permit since she was mayor of San Francisco (and just let any ordinary citizen of San Francisco just TRY to get a concealed carry permit “for self protection”). The liberal elite are OK to carry guns, but ordinary citizens must live in a “gun free zone” so we can be victims while we wait for the police to come to our aid.

    This morning on Fox Business Network (Varney & Company show) a police chief from a small town was advocating more restrictions on gun ownership, stating that citizens of his “village” only have to wait one minute for a police response (commendable, if true) — but just sit for one minute with a stop watch and imagine you’re at the point of a gun. What can happen during those 60 seconds? — (For one thing, a maximum 10 round clip can be emptied into you.)


  6. That image is a bit over the top isn’t Lew? Are you really comparing Obama to every psychopathic despot of the 20th century? But wait, there’s more – you forgot Pol Pot and Idi Amin!


  7. I don’t find it a bit over the top, Craig.

    What many fail to do looking back at history, is look at the early days of these despots before they became the blood thirsty dictators they became. None of them started off as ruthless dictators willing to to exterminate hordes of their citizens who disagree, either.

    As people warned about those dictators slowly increasing their despotic regimes, they too were told they were being over the top.

    And I didn’t forget either Pol Pot or Idi Amin, I didn’t have photos of them to use 😉


  8. There are at least 20 guns in the school where Obamanation’s daughters go to school and just recently He passed through his Dictatorship to give himself armed body guards for ever. So typical of Dictators to have guns and take guns from the people!!!
    If we loose our 2nd Amendment, we are don as a free Nation!!! Our Citizens have to get involved like never before!!!


  9. There are at least 20 guns in the school where Obamanation’s daughters go to school and just recently He passed through his Dictatorship to give himself armed body guards for ever. So typical of Dictators to have guns and take guns from the people!!!
    If we loose our 2nd Amendment, we are done Ias a free Nation!!! Our Citizens have to get involved like never before!!!


  10. Lew, if you study the characters of people like Mao, Stalin, Hitler, etc, you’ll find them to be very different personalities than Barack Obama. Obama does not have a personality disorder – which is a requirement for a psychotic despot. Mao was a whack-job from the time he was a very young man – as were Hitler and Stalin. They all had very disturbed personalities which anyone would have seen if they were paying attention.

    I think it hurts the credibility of Clark County Conservative to make the reckless insinuation that President Obama is capable of committing mass murder.

    As far as gun grabbing, yes I’m concerned about them going too far. There are the fringe lunatics that wish to do so, but I don’t think that President Obama or the Congress is interested in taking everyone’s gun away.


  11. Obama is the most narcissistic, arrogant person I can recall in the office, Craig. The mere fact that he says things like if Congress does not do as he wishes he will just go around them, and then does should be a wake up call to you.

    And, if you think he is not ht type to commit mass murder, how do you account for those who have already been murdered on his watch due to his actions? You know, Fast & Furious where our Department of Justice sent thousands of illegal guns across the border into the hands of Mexican Drug Lords without any coordination with the Mexican authorities or Benghazi where our people waited in vain for help before they were slaughtered only to have none come.

    You apparently aren’t too concerned about gun grabbing or you would be outraged how the tragedy in Newtown is being used to step closer to just that. Not one thing Obama said or proposed today would have stopped that from happening.

    And while you think about that, ask why he is adamant that your children not receive the same protection he grants to himself and his kids while in school. The school his daughters attend does have armed security guards besides their secret service guards.


  12. Lew,

    Totally agree with you!!!


  13. Lew, I am concerned about the erosion of our rights under the 2nd Amendment, and I do find the use of children as props for a political agenda repulsive. I think I was more outraged by Biden’s remarks (I only caught the beginning of the address on the radio). I thought it was disgusting the way Biden tried to use the tragedy at Newtown, and the death of those children and women (“20″ …pause….”20 children died”….” and “6”…pause…”6 women who died trying to protect their kids…”) to attack the 2nd Amendment. I had to get to work so didn’t catch Obama’s remarks.

    I think the administration is determined to wring every drop of mileage they can out of a horrific event. I’m also disturbed by Obama’s continued reference to how emotionally impacted he was by the event as if somehow he’s suffered more than anyone else. I’ve never seen an administration so quick to use emotion rather than reason to further their agenda. But I guess they have to go with the only thing they have. They certainly don’t have reason on their side do they?


  14. The Lefties are very desperate to wring every illegal drop of mileage that they can out of any horrific events that they can, Craig. despots usually are


  15. Craig… your comment with regards to Obama’s mind set or rather sanity/personality stability level is bunk. Even a psychiatrist would takes at least months on the couch type analysis to determine that. Having a sibling with psychotic and personality issues and being her court ordered guardian I do have some skill sets necessary to tell you that much. I however feel fairly confident that time will finish the picture and his issues will be on full display very soon. Then even a long distance, unlicensed, blog site self postulating individual will have all the evidence necessary to determine the truth and correct their stance to agree with Lew.


  16. Carolyncrain – based on what you write I guess that means that I’m as psychotic as Obama. Thanks for the analysis of both of us without meeting either of us!


  17. Lew – I do agree with you that Obama is a world-class narcissist. Still don’t see how that puts him in league with those in the photo.


  18. Craig, when we look back on despots, we tend to look at the outcome of their times, not the early days as they moved towards their bloody times.

    Focus on how they came to power and what their early days were like.

    I see nothing to indicate Obama will not end up the same if he isn’t stopped.


  19. Now he is a world class narcissist? Of course he is Craig, of course. That part of the picture has been drawn. How did I diagnose you Craig? I did not, never met you, claim that you were in his league just that you would change your mind and agree with Lew, in time. I only said that I thought you were jumping the gun to claim that Lew was wrong which to a smaller degree you have already conceded to. Anyway, no harm I hope just a little self postulating on my part. 🙂


  20. I watched a talk show on gun control tonight. They were discussing this very issue. They didn’t seem like rabid bomb-throwers (not that I think you are one Lew). I guess I’ll have to ponder on this some more.


  21. After thinking about this for a few days, I reiterate my original statement. I think comparing Obama to 20th century tyrants is misguided and wrong. He may be a narcissist – or not (as Carolyn pointed out, I’m not a psychologist), but that does not make him a monster.



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