Michelle Obama Shows Her Disdain For Boehner

by lewwaters

Without the audio it can’t be said with certainty what triggered the eye roll, but not what we expect to see from a First ‘Lady’ during an official function.

Regardless though, we do expect a certain degree of decorum and civility towards each other, especially while dining at any official function our government holds.

While the video is rapidly reaching viral, the UK Daily Mail has picked it up and goes into a bit more detail than our own lamestream media, who will undoubtedly spin it in the next few days to twist it around.

According to the Daily Mail,

“She shook her head from side to side as she rolled her eyes and stared straight ahead, refusing to make eye contact with Boehner.”

“The president put his hand on his wife’s shoulder and squeezed it, but the gesture did not change her stone-cold body language.”

“The source of the animosity between Mrs Obama and MR Boehner remains a mystery, though it likely has something to do with the fact that he and her husband are political foes.”

I am left to wonder about Barack Obama’s urging for us all to “come together as one.”

Maybe Michelle didn’t get that memo.

11 Comments to “Michelle Obama Shows Her Disdain For Boehner”

  1. As long as we are speculating, I suggest Boehner was drunk. How do you expect the FLOTUS to maintain decorum with a drunken man.


  2. That’s like me speculating you’re a moron. While, perhaps, close to the fact, the Klingon Princess is the FLOTUS. If she can’t handle the job, then she needs to quit.

    Since you asked.


  3. It’s more than speculation Schuyler. There are now reports that Boehner was stewed to the gills and had just insulted one of the President’s daughters. If true, the First Lady’s reaction may have bee mild under the circumstances. I realize it was John Barleycorn talking, but is it too much to ask of the House Majority Leader to appear at an Inauguration without embarrassing himself, his office and his party?


  4. What no one seems to notice is that she puts her elbow on the table and leans on it to eat! What a classless character! No wonder they were not invited to the royal wedding.. bubblegum popping table leaning rude people. A finishing school is in order for her.


  5. I’ve got the civility pin I could send her.


  6. Nathan, Nathan, Nathan, can you liberal, progressive, socialist, communists or whatever you are today ever be honest?

    Care to share where those “reports” are coming from?

    Ed Schultz? Rachel Madcow? Mike Malloy?

    Please share just what leftist loon is making this up.


  7. the obamas are a couple of typical dark-town classless pigs.they give blacks a bad name.


  8. Michelle’s attitude is typical of the arrogance displayed by her husband. This is simply a matter where Obama and his leftist toadies think they’re in control of a “centrist-left” America that welcome their continuing efforts to take away liberty and impose an ever more fascist state upon us all.

    Note: Fascism means that ownership of business remains in private hands while the government regulates businesses and markets. This puts the responsibilities of ownership in the hands of evil businesspeople while allowing the government to regulate business into the ground, except for those few favored businesses that pay sufficient ransom to the government.

    Obama is the culmination of the progressive trend that started with Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson. The opposition party has completely failed to express the moral superiority of capitalism and the constitution that established individual (repeat INDIVIDUAL) rights and capitalism as the natural system that best serves our citizens. The various philosophies based on altruism turn people into victims and the successful into those who are to be exploited “for the common good.” Obama’s inaugural speech clearly spelled out this viewpoint.


  9. Obama and Boehner we’re discussing whether or not to keep their remarks short at the luncheon. The first lady rolled her eyes as if to say “like that will happen”, referring of course to her husband. No harm no foul.


  10. Come on Lew. This article is a bit beneath you isn’t it? While I don’t agree with much of what you say (here or in the comment section of the local fish wrap), I “understand” your point of view. Usually your articles are significantly more highbrow. Really, as Craig stated, this whole thing was much ado about nothing.


  11. Funny thing, Don. Such posts were not beneath Democrats during George Bush’s two terms 😉

    Craig may says it is much to do about nothing, but the fact that the left began almost immediately trying to spread an unfounded rumor that Boehner was stumbling down drunk says differently.

    Ill manners are ill manners, doesn’t matter who it is, even Michelle Antoinette Obama.


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