Democrat Jim Moeller Boasts About Republican Accomplishment in Clark County

by lewwaters

Moeller, Clark County Leads

The above was put up by Jim Moeller, D 49th Legislative District on his facebook page. Perhaps he forgot all of the times he has complained and whined about Clark County being under the yolk of a Republican majority, even though the state legislature is a Democrat majority.

Or does he believe he is so wonderful that his district alone accomplished this feat?

However, actual dollars listed for the top ten Washington County’s is,

Moeller, Chart

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Read more at On Numbers and Puget Sound Business Report

I find no distinction mentioned on just what it claimed to indicate such phenomenal income growth, but it is clear that percentage is what is being counted and not actual dollar amounts.

Regardless, apparently Jim Moeller is proud of this and is using it to toot his own horn about the economy of the county, ignoring of course that when it comes to the county, it has been him saying the Republican majority in our county is who has caused all of the problems.

Gotta love the spin.

4 Comments to “Democrat Jim Moeller Boasts About Republican Accomplishment in Clark County”

  1. We have had a huge disparaging difference between median wage rate and median household incomes for the last 20+ years here while our property tax rates have been the highest 9 out of 10 of the last decades years. It is easiest to have the highest % increase when you start out damn near at the bottom. He should take it down or show me the newly created jobs he keeps touting. All those temporary jobs for the SR500 overpass are gone now and his counts are pretty bad.

  2. Carolyn, he is probably taking credit for the jobs David Madore created at his company.


  3. Actually, this is a fairly meaningless statistic. If expanded (by looking at population) to per capita income, or if expanded (by looking at the number of households) by household income, then it would have more meaningful significance.

    Looking back at the article (linked), it IS merely a calculation looking at the relative increase over the 25 year time period selected — 1986 to 2011. (Using a different time period would deliver different results.)

    What this does is identify relatively undeveloped counties that gained significant population (and therefore income) starting from a small base. It is much harder for King County (Seattle) to show a large percentage increase since they start from a much higher level (and they, like many larger population counties in the survey, are in the middle of the list).

    The linked article tells us that the “fastest growth rate” in the U.S. belongs to Douglas County, Colorado. The article goes on to explain that it was sparsely settled ranch land that became heavily suburbanized during that period. It is located just south of the Denver metropolitan area — and the development is easily explained by the continued growth of Denver (which grew by a moderate 269% — about the middle of the range of the 455 counties in the statistical base). Since Denver has been substantially “built out” during this period — and with the addition of new and improved roads built during the period serving the adjacent county, growth has occurred.

    So what? It’s kind of obvious that as large population counties become more congested, the surrounding counties will show strong growth rates. Placer county in California was 27th on the list — it is a suburb to Sacramento — and it was the least developed of the surrounding counties that all grew significantly during the 25 year period (even as California as a whole grew at the average rate of all states during the period from 2000 to 2010).

    Clark county may be growing fairly rapidly, coming from its low base size in 1986, but it is not surprising considering that Portland (our metro area center) has “built out” its city center and many people have decided to move to the suburbs to raise families, etc. I also note that I’ve met many retired Oregonians in Clark County who decided to retire here from Portland-area-based jobs for the advantage of no income tax, yet still being near family and friends.

    If you like statistics, you can get a lot of information about Clark County (WA) here:

  4. i think most people realize that moeller is just another arrogant moron politician.

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