UPDATED: Think It Can’t Happen Here?

by lewwaters

UPDATE: No charges will be filed against this moron  “Camas Police Department said the parent’s actions did not constitute an immediate threat.”

For any who can’t understand why many of us advocate arming qualified volunteer teachers in schools, I give you the facebook outburst of one unhinged frustrated parent here in Clark County

Cama Shooting

This parent, who according to KATU News remains unidentified, was “frustrated” after a basketball game Tuesday evening between the Camas and Skyview boys teams. Police have been notified and are investigating this parent.

But in the meantime, how does a parent get so worked up over a basketball game that he publicly hopes the school gets “shot up?”

Worse yet, if they get so worked up to post something so utterly stupid on a place like facebook, what would stop them from doing it themselves, since it is also reported that he confronted a group of players outside the gym after the game and apparently receiving some negative responses, began flipping them off?

As can be expected, some on KATU’s website automatically assign him to the side advocating arming qualified volunteer teachers without giving any thought at all to it is people who get so worked up over a High School Basketball game being the reason we advocate such a change.

If this guy does own any guns, he should lose his privilege after such an outburst, given the recent shootings we have seen. He obviously does not have the mental capacity to safely own one.

It is reported that Clark County Sheriff’s Deputies have talked with both the man and his son and taken statements. It is unknown if charges will be filed, but according to Clark County sheriff’s Sgt. Fred Neiman, “some sort of action is anticipated.”

To those who say this is an example of why teachers should not be armed if qualified, you’re dead wrong. It is people like this that gives a good example of why they should.

Ask yourself, what would have happened if instead of his finger being shown to students it had been a pistol used to take out his frustrations?

We’re fortunate it was only a finger, this time.

UPDATE 2: Man who threatened to shoot up Washington schools sentenced to 3 months

If only he had said “I hope somebody shoots up the school.” all would be okay?

9 Comments to “UPDATED: Think It Can’t Happen Here?”

  1. It’s people with lack of self-control like the parent here that will convince gullible people to abridge our 2nd Amendment rights. This person probably doesn’t even own a gun – I would expect that any gun owner would have more sense than this fellow has shown.

  2. Has everyone forgotten about the first amendment? What happened to freedom of speech? We may hate what he says but we must be very afraid of the consequences of blocking his ability to say it. Doing so sets a precidense where we can easily have our speech blocked because it is threatening or insensitive to some one else. Caution here is needed.

  3. Freedom of speech does not cover every utterance.

    Just like it does not cover yelling ‘fire’ in a crowded theater, it does not cover such an obvious unhinged comment, especially given the mass shootings recently seen.

    Free speech also carries responsibility and accountability for your words.

  4. It absolutely carries responsibility but I have seen way to many bills addressing issues that would erode freedom of speech to nothing. A 5 yr old says I love you to another kid in school and all of a sudden it is sexual harrassment. You get my point. We are a society of extremes anymore and I truly want us to be more common sense oriented so I feel that this extreme fool may cause a whole round of unnecessary regulations and laws confining the rest of the reasonable people to live walking on egg shells because of one persons stupid behavior.

  5. I’ve seen those cases too, Carolyn and think it is ridiculous. But this isn’t on par with those.

    This is an over the top outburst that I hope there is no lunatic in our community willing to do what he called for.

    We are also in the midst of a fight to protect our second amendment rights due to the actions of lunatics and we are claiming we need a way to better to deal with mentally unstable people before they get to the point of breaking into a school to kill children.

    While I can’t say this guy would ever do that, I also can’t say he won’t either. What I do know is that he became so unhinged over a simple basketball game that he posted such a comment, publicly.

    That alone tells me he has problems that are not going to be addressed, other than telling him he is no longer allowed on those two campuses.

    At the very least he should be required to attend some sort of anger management as he displayed a real problem with holding his emotions in check.

    To hide those issues being ‘freedom of speech’ just lets them go unabated.

    How do we know he is sitting home now fuming over this?

    We cannot say we want emotionally disturbed people better dealt with in order to counter assaults on our second amendment rights and then, when one pops up in our community, defend it as free speech rights.

    And at the same time, we want a law that makes desecrating our flag a crime too, which was also ruled freedom of expression.

    There is no need for more laws or regulations, just requiring this one idiot to attend anger management for such an outburst. And at his own expense.

  6. That is not a bad thought I only hope that when one of us more stable people says we don’t like something they don’t consider that a hostile act and think that we need therapy or evaluation. It is such a slippery slope considering who is in office right now. Really this is about being polite and calm and etiquette oriented as a society. We need to return to roots of compassion and thinking about other people’s feelings.

  7. Free speech has always had its limitations. Its never been an absolute.

    But where this steps over the line, far from saying the team is lousy, was saying he “hoped someone shoots up the school really soon.”

    That a supposed adult with High School aged children gets that worked up over a basketball game shows issues and greatly exceeds just not liking something.

  8. I understand. When my son was in junior highschool his football team was “kicking butt” in the state playoffs. His team won the state that year by 50 to zero which was almost humiliating for the other team. I really felt sorry for those kids. I however, did not feel sorry for the parents who were on the other sideline screaming “kill ’em, break their legs!” and stuff like that. I was appalled and when they got really mad and we could easily tell that they meant what they were screaming at their own kids I asked the refs to put them on notice or eject them from the field. He did tell them to stop but that made no difference. People seem to get heated up and do not remember that they are talking about kids here. Its bad and we did deal with some rough language when their team finally lost. We left rather quickly in order to make sure nothing worse happened. I know no one actually considered killing our kids as an option really but the threat was very uncomfortable.

  9. Carolyn, you said it well. IF someone suggests what you had to put up with your teenagers football game, some of what you said happened, could have lifetime ramifications? Take out someones legs or knees. What do you think takes out a lot of professional athletes? Most of the time is is some time of physical ailment from years of pounding pavement or surface or injury due to a collision with another player. Though these highly paid athletes know this risk, though some might not know of the pain that can happen AFTER their career is over.

    But to have parents from another team to suggest to do this? That is way wrong. And those refs should have done more than just said it once. If it had continued, I would have said some thing more.

    As I say publicly and privately, one is responsible for what they SAY and DO. No first amendment right of the constitution means that you do not have to face the consequences…. I am surprised that parent did not get arrested for that threat. I understand that when some one is in the heat of passion, they might say some thing stupid. But if it happens like what was posted above on Lew’s post, he’s lucky, quite frankly QUITE lucky he was not doing jail time or some type of work release like sign stealer may face and court costs.

    Some might be familiar with the yelling FIRE in a crowded theater Supreme Court case. Though this was a bit different circumstances, it shows you that this father was lucky. And may it teach him to be a little smarter the next time he shoots his mouth off on a public medium like facebook…

    Another one of my personal quotes… “What you say or do on the internet is recorded for posterity. So if you are going do some thing stupid, be warned, you WILL face consequences…. And there is NO such things are wiping the memory of the internet. Once you do some thing, it will remain there forever.” And if you need an example, go look at the WayBack Machine, archive.org and many other internet caching systems that Google employs.

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