Oak Harbor City Council Member Exits Council Meeting Over Legal CCW – UPDATED

by lewwaters

This little tantrum occurred earlier this week, Jan. 15 at an Oak Harbor City Council meeting.

Kudo’s to the majority of this City Council that stood up for a trained citizens & Disabled Veterans right to legally carry a concealed weapon.

Raspberries to Councilman Rick Almberg for insulting a Disabled Veteran, showing his immaturity and spitting on his oath of office to uphold the constitution.

Read more at City council member walks out after council refuses to ban guns from meeting

UPDATE: Council member Rick Almberg: Departure was about bringing attention to gun issue

8 Comments to “Oak Harbor City Council Member Exits Council Meeting Over Legal CCW – UPDATED”

  1. “The gun was broken and rusty and wasn’t loaded. Nobody was going to get hurt.”

    That is their own stupidity for attempting a robbery. No one knew their gun was rusty or empty. The first rule in gun handling is to always assume a gun is loaded.

    The kids were idiots and were caught by a 71 year old man prepared.

    And that is the whole reason for concealed carry, to catch criminals off guard and stop them from hurting you or other people.


  2. With any luck at all, that dillwad won’t come back.


  3. The laws basicly state that “saying you’ll hurt some one or shoot some one” is armed robbery whether or not you have a weapon is moot. The intended victim perceives threat and has the right to self protect.


  4. I just read a blog on Councilmen Rick Almberg that not only concerns me as an Army Veteran of 35+ years but seems to be misleading. Rick claims he was an Army Airborne Officer. Airborne is a skill badge of a 3-4 week school in my day. Was Rick wearing a badge or assigned to an airborne unit. If he was, how long in service, what unit, last rank, and job branch would be all in questionable on his disrespect to an infantry army soldier who is a war veteran carring a permitted weapon with safety training concerns of others.


  5. His reelection website claims he was a “Veteran, Army Airborne Officer,” nothing else. Not when, where, how long or anything.

    Regardless, knowing that lowers the already low view this Vietnam Veterans has of him over the disrespect shown.


  6. Is he a Vietnam Veteran that went to country or just a Vietnam ” Era” veteran that never went to war. I never ASSUME. It goes to creditability and not just the veteran vote for a 4 week airborne course (4 jump commando) and maybe a short enlistment in the National Guard. He might even have no combat experience what so ever. He lists veteran status and I want to know as an Army Veteran, what type of veteran he is. Stating he is just a Army Airborne Officer sets a red flag and I wish to expose him for his worth listing veteran status and why he appears to be against the Second Amendment.


  7. I agree, Smitty. Too many try to insinuate Combat Service when they never got close to it.

    I don’t know on this guy and have been unable to find his age, but he appears to be about the age of us who did serve there.

    Locally, I question candidates who make such vague claims and encourage them to open their files to the public since they make the claim.

    But this guy is upstate from me, so I don’t know and apparently, he hasn’t been too open about it.


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