Oregonian, You Keep Your Light Rail and We’ll Keep Commissioner Madore

by lewwaters

This blog no longer supports David Madore and calls upon him to resign immediately!

Train 1Not even a month into his term as our newest County Commissioner and already David Madore is acting on his campaign promises, standing up for Clark County citizens and bucking the light rail swindle from Portland into our community, just as we asked him to do when we elected him.

As can be expected, that is not setting well with the ruling class elites pushing light rail in order to gain access to our revenues to bail out their deeply indebted transit folly, now sitting at about $1.6 Billion and growing every day.

We elected David Madore over keeping Marc Boldt and together with fellow conservative Tom Mielke, have a fighting chance to see some accountability where the CRC swindle is concerned.

Knowing now that our County Commissioners will stand on the side of citizens over the special interests of the CRC swindle, we can expect volleys of attacks aimed at the County Commission and they have already started.

The Columbian, which has opposed Madore ever since he stepped into the public light, began their assault softly when Madore requested a delay in approving a $200,000 payment to CREDC (Columbia River Economic Development Council) to let the Commission decide when he would be seated as Commissioner just days later. He was scoffed at and the payment was approved, only to have both Commissioners Mielke and Madore compose a letter stopping the payment after Madore joined the Commission, unless CREDC ended their support of light rail.

Although the Columbian has been highly critical of Madore and anybody not rolling over and buying into the CRC swindle, they seemed to defer the attack this time to their crony to the south, Portland, Oregon’s newspaper, the Oregonian. Or, as some like to call it, the Zero.

Saturday, January 26, 2013 saw the editorial Light-rail phobias in Vancouver shouldn’t slow CRC momentum: Agenda 2013 which is nothing more than a snow job critical of David Madore and any who see through the smokescreen carefully erected to try to hide that the CRC just may be the biggest swindle of Clark County Washington to date.

The editorial at one point says,

“Madore never refers to the Columbia River Crossing as a bridge project or as a highway replacement bridge that includes a MAX line from Portland into Vancouver. Instead, Madore refers to CRC only as a light-rail project — and worse, a light-rail project that is being shoved down the throats of Vancouverites who don’t want it.”

Madore has a very good reason to refer to it as such, the Oregon Supreme Court stated so in an unrelated ruling earlier last year, as we revealed by another Portland paper, the Willamette Week in their article, The $2.5 Billion Bribe.

If the Oregon Supreme Court reveals that it is a project designed to, more than anything else, ram light rail into our community after we rejected it by enticing us with some support for a new bridge across the Columbia River, I would think the Oregonian Editorial Staff would know that.

Or do they just shuffle to the back, behind the smoke screen?

Regardless, don’t demean Madore for that, demean your own Supreme Court.

They then go on to boast of how they thwarted the will of the people in Clackamas County, who also opposed the extension of Portland’s beleaguered light rail, only to have Metro do an end run around the people and force it on them anyway.

They then perpetuate the lie we put to rest long ago,

“The expanded bridge will replace the narrow Interstate 5 span that is a choke point for commuters and freight traffic. It will unlock congestion that threatens the health not only of drivers but of port operations on either side of the river, feeding jobs and the region’s economy.”

The “choke point” is not the bridge, but further south at the Rose Quarter and later at the Terwilliger Curves, both of which Oregon has adamantly stated they will not spend a dime to correct. Traffic begins backing up far south of the bridge and extends across the bridge, well into Clark County. Even with a new bridge, traffic will continue backing up well south and across the new bridge.

But in reality, since we know that light rail is the driving force behind the swindle, it is hoped and expected that people give up their cars and become dependent upon light rail with a fixed route likely to be miles away from the destination, which would force people to catch a TriMet Bus to get to work or wherever headed, increasing travel time, but directing more funds into TriMet’s deeply red accounts.

Money that could be spent in our own community to circulate and benefit Clark County, not Portland, Oregon.

Next comes the falsity of there is $850 Million of free money just sitting there from the Federal Government to cover light rail projects with a sign, “Come and get it!”

That it is tax dollars and the country is $16.4 Trillion in debt, borrowing money from countries like China as fast they can spend it doesn’t enter their heads. Nor does it dawn on them that our Congresswoman, Jaime Herrera Beutler, who would be responsible to directing that funding here has said she heard voters and wants a redesign, excluding light rail and hopefully one that will finally have adequate clearance for river traffic in order to gain the needed Coast Guard permit to build the bridge.

Mentions of that little part usually elicits a reply from Portland along the lines of “No Light Rail, No Bridge.”

What was that they said about it not being a forced light rail project?

The assault on Madore continues with,

“Madore, a newcomer to the county commission, steps up his attack. He accuses the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce, a CRC advocate, of misrepresenting him and other business leaders in telling state legislators it speaks for 1,000 businesses in championing CRC funding. He recently led his county commission in a dramatic reversal by spiking $100,000 in funding to the Columbia River Economic Development Council, another pro-business CRC advocate.”

Again, Madore has very good reason to claim the GVCC misrepresented him and many business leaders as that is exactly what they did with a letter claiming support of over a thousand businesses, but sent to only a select few known to support the CRC swindle.

We also hear the canard of it will bring jobs, but who would want to open a business in Clark County needing to cross the river and having to pay upwards of $8 per crossing?

Their meme ends with, “It would be a sad outcome for a project that has gone from extravagant to lean, from bitterly contested to reasonably well-supported. This region needs the CRC now. This region need not start over. And this region should not yank the light-rail tail of something that really is, first and foremost, a bridge.”

Pure fabrication to state the swindle is “well-supported” since we have been denied promised votes directly on light rail and if anything, public opposition has grown, not decreased.

It could not be a “sad outcome” for Clark County’s citizens to be able to keep more of their own money instead of having to send it to Portland to bail out their folly.

It could be a sad outcome for some corrupt politicians and appointed officials that continue to ram this unneeded and unwanted project down our throats who I wouldn’t mind seeing wearing stripped suits in a prison yard somewhere.

But, if as the Oregonians tries to fool us, it really is “first and foremost, a bridge,” why then the “No Light Rail, No Bridge” attitude from their side of the river? That alone says it is just what David Madore called it, a “light-rail project.”

Make a deal with you, Oregonian. You keep your bankrupting light rail on your side of the river and we’ll keep our newest County Commissioner we overwhelmingly elected on our side of the river.

Put your light rail where the sun doesn’t shine. We don’t need it and we sure don’t want it!

5 Comments to “Oregonian, You Keep Your Light Rail and We’ll Keep Commissioner Madore”

  1. Its not just the CRC that Mr Madore is concerned with, but way to get wrecking ball going. Nice job David, We need to keep jobs here and make it affordable, once again, to own a home in Clark County. Fees have gotten out of control and its time that the fees become reasonable and have private individuals and companies do jobs that save local taxpayers. County fees seem to mean more unnecessary red tape and hoops to jump through. . .

  2. Here is an idea. Not original but none the less I think an excellent option to the continued funding AND the ceded authority of our sovereign county in our sovereign state… how about we create our own metropolitan district right here in Clark County? We would be self governing again with regards to our housing and transportation and eceonomic growth. How about we get our legislature to declare us our own sovereign metropolitan district?! All this clutter might disipate eh?

  3. And I thought that only Brancaccio and Laird were so blindly arrogant and self-delusional.

    Is it any wonder Oregon is the very definition of a slow-motion train wreck?

  4. Carolyn, that is a great idea! I believe we can do better. What if we create our own non-sovereign metro district committee which meets regularly to strategize ways to keep the feet of our elected leaders in the fire? I have a plan.

  5. And as you know full well just as I do, Carolyn that it will just get rigged with special interests just like the other Pro-CRC groups are now. Ever look at the names of who serve on other boards? And why do you continue to see the same names and faces on them through out the years?

    Even if there was a new “urban renewal” type district. Ever seen what Portland could teach Vancouver how its NOT supposed to be done. Say like for an immediate past mayor of theirs? That funnels money into special slush funds – special interests or do I dare say, pet projects? (And as the CRC shows, guess how many of those things that Tiffany commented on in the previous comments section were not pet pet projects, but mitigation measures that the former mayor of vancouver imposed on the CRC process to cover what they called “cutting off of vancouver” when the interstate was built in 1955?)

    That bridge cover was originally planned, if you don’t believe me, check Lew or Kelly’s archives or even the Columbian from around 2008, when the LPA was confirmed as the choice that was wanted. And also, that waterfront trail was in that assessment as well. They are going to have trail off that bridge for the allowing of Bike-Peds, so it was just going to be to the waterfront development that is not far away. (and no, I won’t suggest to you that I support it?)

    To to further Carolyn’s point. Has she made this suggestion through email to her state representatives? (yeah, I doubt it would go anywhere since Lew, her and I have the same ones…) But she could pass it along to the other four sets of state legislative districts that serve Clark County, even though they are more rural in nature.

    And to a final but related point that Tiffany made, I concur with her assessment on the Portland side of her comments. I wanted to ask her, have those pulled off items from phase one of the project, are they accounted for in OTHER phases later down the road? I am not speaking of the Ruby Junction or Trimet office facilities. I was commenting on the Marine drive and SR 500 North Bound connection? Physical structure to help improve the flow of freight. I thought the original reason to rebuilt the interchange at Marine Drive was to help increase the flow of goods and services out of Port of Portland and other tenants west of Interstate 5?

    My only guess is, they found a cheaper way to save money and not have to use a flyover ramp, that will probably have a huge amount of heavy truck use, which is what that interchange is used for, if my poor memory serves me.

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