Discussion: Guns In Schools

by lewwaters

KATU TV recently featured a discussion with 18th Legislative District Representative Liz, Pike, Vancouver’s Bob Larimer advocating allowing the arming of teachers and Drew Persse a teacher and Erin Thomas a Brady Campaign Representative opposing the arming of teachers.

I feel Liz and Bob gave excellent logic in favor of arming teachers while the other relied more on talking points.

Thanks to KATU for hosting this 1/2 hour discussion and to Rep. Liz Pike and Bob Larimer for presenting reasonable, solid logic trying to prevent another mass school shooting.

4 Comments to “Discussion: Guns In Schools”

  1. As expected, the leftist whack jobs offer up no other alternative, save presenting another opportunity for target practice.


  2. They are only talking rheyoric points and not offering any assistance to solve a problem. Go LIZ!!!

  3. Rep Elizabeth Pike & Bob are correct, our teachers need to be armed as they are in Utah and many in Texas. The Nation of Israel have heavily armed teachers protecting their children and staff from terrorists. Thanks to our unsecured borders especially our Southern border many terrorists are also here, and they are well aware our most of our schools are not protected.

  4. Bob and Rep. Liz Pike are correct. Bob pointed out criminals do not obey the law. I like the quote: Ask the president,ask a governor,ask a media personnel or a Rock Star with armed guards if it would be ok with them.

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