Newtown Father Speaks Out

by lewwaters

As always seems to happen after a horrific shooting, blame is placed on guns as gun grabbers and politicians line up to scheme of new ways to disarm law-abiding people, criminals ignoring current laws and any new ones passed (that is why we call them criminals)

But we also hear voices of sanity rising out of the sorrow. Suzanna Gratia-Hupp after losing both of her parents in the Luby’s restaurant shooting in Killeen, Texas in 1991. Darrell Scott after his daughter Rachel was gunned down in the Columbine massacre in 1999. And now, Mark Mattioli whose small son James was killed at the Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting in December 2012.

A gun is just a tool.

11 Comments to “Newtown Father Speaks Out”

  1. Meanwhile Neil Heslin, whose 6-year-old son was murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School last month, was heckled by gun advocates during a Connecticut legislative hearing on Monday.

  2. Oh Schuyler, don’t you ever get tired of having your unresearched talking points thrown right back at you?

    Heckled by gun advocates?

    “The sole purpose of those AR-15s or AK-47s is to put a lot of lead out on the battlefield quickly, and that’s what they do. And that’s what they did at Sandy Hook Elementary School on the 14th,” Heslin said.

    When he wondered aloud how such guns could be privately owned, someone shouted, “The Second Amendment!”

    One person shouted out an answer after how many days of having our second amendment right bashed, denigrated, smeared and all but labeling us murderers for defending ourselves?

    And, he was also wrong in that none of us are permitted to buy or obtain “AR-15s or AK-47s [that] put a lot of lead out on the battlefield quickly.” Those are fully automatic weapons that have been banned to the general public since back during prohibition.

    Do try to research your talking points instead of just accepting them at face value. Who knows, you might even discover what a load of crap you are being fed.

    Here’s a video of your “heckling.”

    How do you let yourself be such a tool?

  3. Lew, facts have no place in this discussion. WTH are you thinking about?

  4. No matter what side of the debate you are on, it is simply disrespectful to heckle a man grieving the loss of his child and a glaring example of the true underlying problem, the way we treat one another.

    This has become a country I no longer recognize. Where did all the mean, selfish and fearful people come from?

  5. The above video is not complete and is heavily edited. Therefore it shows no heckling.

  6. I was hoping you would try that, Schuyler and you didn’t disappoint. That is why I did not give you the link to the story.

    Allow me to give you a bit of education, since you lack in that area. From the article with the video, “Father of Newtown victim heckled by gun advocates at legislative hearing,” it reads,

    “He said firearms like the popular AR-15/M16 rifle were designed to “put a lot of lead out on the battlefield quickly.” When Heslin asked why anyone should be allowed to own a semi-automatic rifle like the one used to kill 26 people in Newtown last month, angry gun advocates shouted, ‘the Second Amendment’!”

    Please note the use of the words “angry gun advocates” (plural). Written in such a way to give the impression a whole crowd yelled out.

    But, visiting the article they quote from and link to, “An elusive consensus on guns after Newtown,” we read,

    “When he wondered aloud how such guns could be privately owned, someone shouted, ‘The Second Amendment’!”

    The video is supplied by the ones trying to give you the impression an crowd of angry gun advocates heckled him when apparently it was one person and you can barely make it out on the video, since again supplied by those creating the false impression.

    I agree with Nathan that it was inappropriate for even one person to shout it out, but truth be known, it is far different than the image gun grabbers try to create to build sympathy for their agenda.

    But ask yourself, if the heckling was edited out to hide it, why would the ones trying to create that image be the ones doing it?

    Try thinking, Schuyler. I know it may be difficult to actually think and not rely on talking points, but give it a try.

  7. Here you go, Schuyler, the full unedited video. Advance to the 15:00 mark (or about there) and you will see he turns to the audience asking the question on what is the reason and some answer “the second amendment.” No heckling at all. He asked and received replies, which brought the admonition from the chair of the room will be emptied if they do not remain silent.

    Ignored is that he turns and asks first and responds with “alright.” HECKLE: to harass and try to disconcert with questions, challenges, or gibes

  8. It’s bad enough the slimeballs on the left want to restrict our rights and take our guns.

    But to lie about it like the one commenting here?

  9. Lying is SOP for the left.

    Tools like Schuyler don’t bother to ever research claims, they just accept the talking point.

    Now just watch as he returns and tries discredit the full video somehow.

    He’s probably waiting on his latest talking point now.

  10. Hey Schuyler, you want to talk about heckling?

    At one point during Tuesday’s rally, some members of the group became fired up during an exchange with a gun-rights advocate who had been listening to the discussion. As Joseph Delli Gatti of Vancouver interjected his thoughts, several gun-control advocates walked over to engage him in a vigorous debate.

    “When you try to add more legislation, you’re really infringing on other people’s rights,” Delli Gatti said, adding that a better solution is to enforce the gun laws already on the books. “I think we have enough bans already on assault weapons.”

    “Get a musket if you want to have your Second Amendment rights,” one woman retorted.

    And that is just what was reported:

  11. “Get a musket if you want to have your Second Amendment rights,”

    That’s typical of the nonsensical arguments you get from some people. I doubt if this woman has ever read the Constitution. She clearly doesn’t understand it.

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