Columbian Gets It Wrong Again, In Favor of a Democrat – Updated

by lewwaters

Newspaper 2Once again we see the Columbian living up to their reputation of being the daily newsletter for the Democrat Party, hard pressed to give credit to Republicans for their work and crediting it to the newest, least experienced State Senator recently elected in the 49th Legislative District, Annette Cleveland, who’s main experience seems to be her boasting of coming from an ILWU family.

At about 6 AM this very morning, the Columbian posted online Tax bill brings lawmakers together with the claim,

“Senate Bill 5325, which seeks to add Clark County to a list of “rural” counties that receive .09 percent of their sales taxes back each year, has received support from both Democrats and Republicans from Southwest Washington. House Bill 1553 is the companion bill.”

“Sen. Annette Cleveland, D-Vancouver, sponsored the Senate bill with three Republicans.”

The bill reclassifies Clark County as a “rural county” by definition, allowing the county to qualify for a return of an additional .09% of our sales tax from the state. It’s a good bill and fellow Democrat, Jim Moeller has introduced the companion bill in the House, HB 1553.

The main problem is, it is not Annette Cleveland’s bill, she is the lone Democrat co-sponsor along with Republicans Don Benton and Curtis King.

Ann Rivers, 18th Legislative District Senator is who actually introduced the bill on January 28, 2013 and is listed below Cleveland by the Columbian as a co-sponsor. It is actually a Republican bill that Ms. Cleveland, in a spirit of bipartisanship has signed onto.

But you wouldn’t know that by reading the Columbian who gives all credit to Cleveland and quotes her throughout as if she was the author.

Since posting the article early this morning, commenters have corrected the Columbian and given links to the legislatures webpage to support who actually introduced the bill. As of the time of this post, about 2:30 in the afternoon, the Columbian has not acknowledged nor corrected their article.

In the past they have quickly corrected mistakes and typos pointed out to the them by eagle eyed readers, but seem satisfied to let this glaring mistake stand.

Once again, they live up to their reputation as the daily newsletter for the Democrat Party.

Is it really too much to expect credit be given where credit is due?

UPDATE: I posted this at 2:39PM. Clark County Politics blog posted about it shortly after 9 AM.

The Columbian finally corrected their article at 2:56 PM to reflect it was Ann Rivers who actually introduced the bill, but retained their quotes from Cleveland when it appeared they gave her all credit.

3 Responses to “Columbian Gets It Wrong Again, In Favor of a Democrat – Updated”

  1. They must have read your blog Lew. They’ve now corrected it to “Sen. Ann Rivers, R-La Center, who introduced the bill, was optimistic about the collaboration.”


  2. She had to take credit for this Lew… there won’t be anything else she will do. That is what happens when you tell lies and cover your A** with non-speak when asked questions. You don’t do anything but take credit for other peoples efforts and jump on board late.



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