I Don’t Believe the Obama Shotgun Photo

by lewwaters

I know, you’d be more shocked if I did believe something released on behalf of Barack Obama, but bear with me and see if this newly released photo of Obama supposedly skeet shooting on Aug. 4, 2012 rings true with you.

BHO Aug 4 02

Just about every media outlet is hailing this photo released by the White House to silence critics over Obama’s claim a week ago that he goes skeet shooting all of the time at Camp David. No body believes it, of course and for one week there were no photos shown to support his claim.

Until now, February 1, 2013 with the date given it was taken being on Aug 4, 2012.

Only one little problem that lends support to the many allegations the photo is photoshopped.

Barack Obama was born on Aug. 4, in 1961. In 2012 he turned 51 and according all media outlets then, spent his birthday golfing with plans to helicopter to camp David for a “quiet evening.”

BHO Aug 4 01

Last I heard, skeet shooting with a 12 gauge shotgun isn’t very quiet.

Maybe his protectors should have looked over the many news reports of how he spent his birthday before choosing that date to silence critics?

11 Comments to “I Don’t Believe the Obama Shotgun Photo”

  1. Good job Lew. CNN reports basically the same thing: http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2012/08/04/on-the-trail-august-4-2012/

    I guess NBC, among others, can’t bother to fact check before going to press. Since no one else will bother to look into the details, I’m nominating you for a Pulitzer in investigative journalism.

  2. The Washington Post spin today is, “Obama hit the links with a group of buddies and then flew by helicopter to Camp David. There, he changed into jeans and picked up a shotgun. And then, before it got too dark, he started a round of clay target shooting.”


    Funny it’s taken a week to come up with this photo and itinerary for his last birthday. You would think he already knew what it was.

    People with more knowledge of shotguns and skeet shooting than I have are calling foul on this too: http://sigforum.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/320601935/m/8230081313

  3. Going the conspiracy route is a loser and blunts your real argument which is: Obama is trying to equate gun ownership to entertainment – skeet-shooting, hunting, etc. are the only legitimate reasons to own guns. A lot of gun-nuts recognize this and reject the comparison immediately because if you let the idea go unchallenged, it will become the starting point of negotiations.

  4. I shall reserve judgment until I hear from Orley Taitz and Donald Trump.

  5. No conspiracy at all, Martin. By letting his lie pass he gets credibility as a gun advocate calling for greater control of our guns. He is anything but a gun advocate by any means.

    I don’t disagree with your point, but I do not think that is his main goal as even the Supreme Court has ruled otherwise and there are too many quotes floating around on the real meaning of the second amendment. I believe he tried to give himself undue credibility in a debate he knows nothing about, guns.

    By the way, I also get a kick out of the White House admonition that the photo is not to be modified or photoshopped. They should know better. So far i have seen over 30 photoshopped versions 😉

    Obamashopped is okay, I guess.

    Schuyler, I’m shocked! Shocked I say that you would reserve judgement instead of immediately jumping to his defense that he is a regular shooter, even though if he really fired a 12-gauge as he is holding it, he likely would have injured his shoulder.

    You see, real gun advocates know how to hold a 12-gauge shot gun, knowing the effects of their recoil on the human body.

    Lots more irregularities that I have yet to mention 😉

  6. Wish I could get all that done in one day and act like a candidate and a president too. Oh, I forgot, he hasn’t accomplished that president part yet. Oh well…

  7. Let me cut to the chase: this guy does not shoot.

    If he did, the butt would be properly positioned in the shoulder pocket. It obviously is not. He knows no more about shooting than he does bran surgery.

    Further, we’d have heard from the legion of people he’s shot WITH on one of those “all the time” occasions he’s claimed he actually did.

    But more importantly, there’s be many, many, many more pictures of him shooting and doing it with other people. You know, like the millions of golf shots we’ve seen? (This guy plays more golf than Tiger Woods.)

    The problem Barry’s got is he’s lied so many times about so many things, and the first picture out was obviously a ‘shop job… that it’s impossible to give him the benefit of the doubt when he needs it. In this instance, I could convince just about any jury that this picture is a con job.

  8. I didn’t know that Obama is a leftie (pun intended). He’s definitely a shooting rookie judging from that picture though. Maybe he’s shooting a recoilless 12 gauge shotgun?

    I agree wholeheartedly with Martin. The real problem is that there is an attempt by the gun-grabbers to cast gun ownership as an entertainment or hunting issue. All the repeats of ‘you don’t need an assault rifle to hunt with’ is being used to reframe the 2nd Amendment from the right and duty of Americans to defend their freedom to a question of leisure time activity.

  9. Alright, I will bite. Here is my response: By firing a rifle, because this is not a shotgun, President Obama has engaged in carrying out an act of violence since the firing of a gun cannot be described as a nonviolent discharge of a weapon. Unless, of course, you control the message. So there you have it. The President and the Media have proven this President to be a very violent man who needs to have his mentality checked by a sick right-wing mentalyologist.

  10. One more point. The photo of Lee Harvey Oswald holding a rifle was also in black and white. The Left chooses to use B/W photos to make their point appear as clear as black and white. So why did they use a B/W photo for this piece of propaganda? Come on. You all know why. Think.

  11. The original photo is in color and can be found all over the web. The B/W version is the doing of the President’s detractors.

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