49th Legislative District Legislators AWOL When It Matters

by lewwaters

DSC00244Washington State 49th Legislative District is probably one of the most liberal districts in the state if not the most liberal. A conservative Republican candidate doesn’t stand a chance of being elected in the 49th as all that seems to matter is that ‘D’ behind a candidate’s name, evidenced by the reelection of Jim Moeller 5 times, even though he openly holds constituents in deep disdain, passing ridiculous taxes that get overturned by citizen initiative and even suing constituents to invalidate their votes when he disagrees with them.

Moeller seems to think his reelection and the election of Sharon Wylie, married to Vancouver City Attorney Ted Gathe, even the election of inexperienced Annette Cleveland to the State Senate over Eileen Qutub in 2012, an experienced former legislator from Oregon (just like Wylie) grants them some sort of carte blanche to just do as they please, very proud of the fact that his party has held a lock on state government for over a decade.

But let’s face it, you find the dead, rotting carcass of a road kill raccoon and run it in the 49th as a Democrat and it would get elected by at least 60%, voters not looking at anything but party affiliation.

In spite of the dire condition of the state’s economy these last few years, decreasing revenue, multi-Billion dollar budget gaps, high unemployment (double digits in the 49th for 4 years straight), increase in the illegal alien population and more, you will always hear how much they care for and work for the betterment of the community.

They somehow think that slapping taxpayers with more taxes, tolls and forcing constituents into accepting Portland, Oregon’s $1.6 Billion in unfunded liabilities that come with their financially ailing light rail, even though citizens have long opposed the CRC with light rail, is for the better, legislators knowing better what it is good for the people than the people themselves.

We recently saw this in a letter to Governor Inslee by the three, Moeller, Wylie and Cleveland urging him to “stay the course” on the boondoggle CRC and just never mind the numerous troubles associated with it and the lack of funding available to build it.

In spite of wasting over $160 Million in tax dollars to date, the current design inhibiting river traffic and costing jobs, stifling job growth upriver, the attitude is “some tweaks have been needed for the project, it’s too late for a CRC redesign. The project needs to move forward for the economic success of the region.”

“We can’t turn back now,” is the order of the day, even though the project does not have taxpayer approval and all promises of a vote by the public on the project have been denied.

Also in line with their claim of “concern for the community,” the issue of ‘gun control’ has been high on the list of priorities this year after the heinous shooting seen last December at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Both Moeller and Wylie have signed on as sponsors to a bill “Requiring universal background checks for firearms transfers.”

While on the surface it may sound reasonable, it isn’t. What it does it outlaw the sale, transfer or even inheritance of a gun in a private deal without paying a fee to run a background check, even if you have already passed a background check to obtain a Concealed Carry Permit. You couldn’t pass one along to your offspring without paying for a background check for them and there is no time limit on how long such a check would take as there is now for CCP.

Criminals trading illegal guns, either stolen or smuggled into the area, still would not submit to any such background check, already ignoring laws against their actions. As with other gun control laws, only law-abiding citizens would follow the law that would inhibit their legal right to self defense or possess a legal gun.

Annette Cleveland has signed on to sponsor the Senate companion bill, SB 5711. She is also sponsoring SB 5714 “establishing a task force on improving public health and safety regarding firearms.”

Sharon Wylie has signed on to sponsor another gun control bill, HB 1703 that will a $25 fee to the sale of every weapon in the state and add a per round tax on ammunition to fund some dreamt up education program the Democrats want to impose, even though gun related accidents have been steadily decreasing for several years.

These are just a few of the ways the 3 Democrats chosen to represent the 49th Legislative District show their concern and caring for their community, all 3 claiming to be deeply concerned with matters affecting Clark County and the community they reside in.

But where are they when it comes to the National Park Service trampling on the rich history of aviation in our community represented by the Pearson Air Museum, recently shut down and ousted from a restored hangar that community members pooled their resources along with generous donations from several members of the public?

As much as they claim caring so deeply for the community, all 3 are suddenly very quiet regarding this egregious disregard for the community and our history by the national Park Service who holds title to the land the hangar sets on and who has long wanted to shut down the actual airport, the oldest operating Army Air Corps Airfield from the days before the U.S. Air Force was established, dating back to 1905.


In all of the articles by the Columbian concerning this disappointing act by the NPS, Jim Moeller, normally very outspoken and even confrontational in comments under the articles about the CRC and many other issues, left a lone, single comment under the initial announcement of the NPS take over, calling it “a shame.” He also expressed how he and fellow City Council Members making the deal with the NPS back in 1995, when he was a City Council Member of they had “great anticipation” for a bright future in the partnership.

3rd Congressional Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler has issued a comment in email, “The Pearson Air Museum complex located within the boundaries of historic Ft. Vancouver has been a shining example of a local community benefitting from a successful public-private management. Unfortunately this agreement has broken down over the last several months, and now the Pearson Air Museum sits empty – and our community is losing out.”

“I’m working hard with local residents, stakeholders and officials to fix this issue, and restore public access to this treasured venue.”

It's his heritage at stake

It’s his heritage at stake

Rally’s have been held outside the hangar the housed the museum, a hangar repaired, restored, stocked and manned by community volunteers, not taking any tax dollars at all in support. We have seen Judge Wulle, former Mayor Royce Pollard and 17th District Representative Paul Harris stand with the citizens at these rallies in support of the community.

What we haven’t seen is one single legislator from the 49th Legislative District, where the museum was located, standing with or issuing any comment, other than Moeller saying “what a shame.”

Not one of the three, all claiming deep concern and caring about their community has issued a single word about it nor have any came out to support citizens.

I was told recently by a member in the legislature from another district that a letter is being drafted in support of citizens and the museum to be restored to be sent to the National Park Service. Even though all 3 are very quick to draft a letter of their own supporting the CRC and light rail in response to an earlier letter drafted by Republican legislators in Clark County, not Jim Moeller, Sharon Wylie or Annette Cleveland would sign onto the letter concerning Pearson Air Museum, a real community asset.

It all leaves me to wonder just where their concern really is when they support piling on generations of debt for a bridge project designed solely to carry a light rail line the people over and over say we do not want, yet they cannot support the community when it comes to our long and rich history of pre-World War Two aviation and a community museum that doesn’t require tax dollars to support.

Do they really care about the community? Or just special interests that supported their elections?

2 Comments to “49th Legislative District Legislators AWOL When It Matters”

  1. The three of them make a fine scum fruitcake.


  2. They couldn’t be bothered Lew. It wasn’t progressive enough for them to stand against big government taking something away from the people.


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