World Class Entertainment on Behalf of Veterans

by lewwaters

Veterans CourtWe all enjoy good entertainment as well as helping our Veterans when they are in need. As previously shown, we have a great chance to do both at the same time this Valentine’s Day here in Vancouver, Washington.

Valentine’s Dinner With Elvis – Supporting Veterans

Although tickets are selling well, there are still a few available for you to spend an enjoyable evening with your sweetheart and be entertained like we rarely see in Vancouver.

The headlining acts lined up are unmatched in our area and can only be described as ‘world class’ and all for just $20 a ticket, far less than you would expect for such a line-up of talent.

A sampling of some of the entertainment lined up to perform,

Ricky Lee Jackson & Shawna Quade

Doug Smith

Petya Grozeva & Richie Olson

And of course, Mark Stevenz tribute to Elvis

The evening will begin with Art Miller on piano and will also include Col. Dan Kern, Judy Koch Smith & Don Mitchell, Outstanding Dayzsha Ab-Rahman – Miss Clark County’s Outstanding Teen 2013 and the Young Marines.

Ask yourself, where have you ever been able to enjoy such a line-up of outstanding entertainers for only $20 a ticket?

But most important of all, the evening is for the benefit of the Clark County Veterans Court that “provides a means to successfully rehabilitate veterans by diverting them from the traditional criminal justice system and providing them with the tools they need to lead a productive and law-abiding life through treatment, rehabilitative programming, reinforcement and judicial monitoring.”

Veterans Court founding presiding Judge Darvin Zimmerman said

“The Vets Court has had approximately 35 Veterans enter since its start in March of 2011. It has the highest graduation rate of any specialty court in Clark County. More than double most other courts as the Veterans really want to succeed. From a taxpayers viewpoint it is a great deal as the VA has the space and time to do all the treatment for the Vets and therefore the average of $6000.00 set aside for treatment costs in the other courts is not necessary. So one way of looking at it is we save the county $60,000 for every 10 Vets that we treat in Vets Court. Plus by treating the Vets as opposed to incarcerating them at $76 a day is a savings too.”

Don’t be shy, purchase your tickets HERE or also from Beacock Music and The Elks Lodge, 11605 S.E. McGillivray Blvd., Vancouver, WA 98683 where the evening is to be held from 5:30 PM to 9 PM.

Bring your sweetheart and treat them to a great Valentine’s Evening of a full two entree dinner with salad, dessert and beverages and a star-studded evening of entertainment unlike any to come to our community, while helping Veterans in need.

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