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February 13, 2013

An Open Letter to Commissioner Madore

by lewwaters

This blog no longer supports David Madore and calls upon him to resign immediately!

Madore, Duct Tape IIICommissioner Madore, David, let’s have a little chat. I’ve spoken to you in the past about this and now feel the need to discuss it openly.

Against all of the published odds and predictions, you won the election against incumbent County Commissioner Marc Boldt. You had a lot of support and faced the scorn of the Columbian that have ridiculed and demeaned you since you came out publicly against the CRC and light rail.

You invested a lot of your own money in the race, but had a grassroots following that the Columbian has yet to acknowledge, leading detractors who follow you around to frequently make the false claim of “you bought the seat.”

They are not your friends.

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