An Open Letter to Commissioner Madore

by lewwaters

This blog no longer supports David Madore and calls upon him to resign immediately!

Madore, Duct Tape IIICommissioner Madore, David, let’s have a little chat. I’ve spoken to you in the past about this and now feel the need to discuss it openly.

Against all of the published odds and predictions, you won the election against incumbent County Commissioner Marc Boldt. You had a lot of support and faced the scorn of the Columbian that have ridiculed and demeaned you since you came out publicly against the CRC and light rail.

You invested a lot of your own money in the race, but had a grassroots following that the Columbian has yet to acknowledge, leading detractors who follow you around to frequently make the false claim of “you bought the seat.”

They are not your friends.

You and I served in the Military about the same time, me in the Army and you in the Navy aboard submarines. I don’t know too much what you all did on the subs when not pulling duty, but in the Army we often played cards, many of us learning a bit about the old game of poker.

While not an expert poker player, I’ve won a few and lost a few, the main thing I learned is to keep your cards close to your chest, not let on to others what is in your hand, not give them what they need to use against you, now or in the future.

Since assuming the seat as our County Commissioner, you have made waves, just as we wanted you to do. You have not disappointed us and it is refreshing to see an honest, sincere person representing us and doing everything they can to keep campaign promises.

But you have to realize that drives your detractors into a frenzy. Mike Briggs, Greg Owens and several others seek out any article, any comment made by you just to oppose, demean and degrade you and your efforts, especially in regards to the CRC and Portland’s light rail.

You’re a good and decent person and I like you, both personally and as a County Commissioner. So it is in that sense of friendship that I ask you to please, SHUT-UP!

You’re an elected official now, not just a private businessman and your opposition to the CRC and the good old boy network way things has been being done draws detractors like flies. And they will take any opportunity, any chance to take your words, twist them, and lift them out of context, all to oppose your doing the very things we elected you to do.

I understand that you’re new in politics and still learning about public service. But you also must realize there are those people who want to block the reforms we elected you to do. And many of them work down at the Columbian.

Case in point, Lou Brancaccio and the interview you had with him just today where he asked you about your opposition to Tim Leavitt’s reelection bid and backing an opponent. You answered him and went on to include past mistakes, not properly vetting candidates that you supported and how you will do it differently this time, but that you would fund and help opponents against him.

It’s none of their damned business what you plan to do with Leavitt’s reelection efforts. More importantly, going back to poker, why reveal to your opponents’ weeks in advance what you have in store?

You give them ammunition to use to oppose your efforts as a County Commissioner as well as to oppose the candidate you choose to support.

The Columbian does not need to know who you will support or oppose or even if you will back any opponent.

Secondly, they twisted what you said back in January about partial property tax payments, causing a ruffle between you and the county treasurer. Malicious intent or not, they worked you two against each other and you need to have a working relationship and mutual trust with other elected officials.

You even acknowledged their efforts on your facebook page as “disgraceful gossip being fabricated by the Columbian.” You were right in my estimation. But you keep going back for more.

Look how they covered your hiring of Anna Miller as a Personal Assistant. You should have discussed it first instead of giving the Columbian more ammo to paint you as a freelance rogue Commissioner following your own rules instead of County rules.

After discussing it openly with the Board of Commissioners she’s back, as you desired, but the Columbian used it to hammer you first.

Again, they used the Jon Russell email to Battle Ground City Council members to paint you as trying to strong-arm them into replacing C-TRAN Board Member Bill Ganley to ‘stack’ the board your way.

Shortly after taking office they ran your claim of “it’s possible to cut $400,000 from parks department” but left you looking foolish when they included, “he doesn’t have details of how the money will be saved, deferring to county staffers.”

As an elected official now, you must have your ducks in a row and have some details when you make such a public announcement. Detractors just use it as a means to paint you as unqualified when we know that you are well qualified.

The importance of this is for you to realize, you have no friends at the Columbian. They are in the tank for CRC and light rail and have no problem building an archive to use against you and anyone you support.

They have no problem using anything you do or say to oppose your efforts as a County Commissioner. They have and they will continue, especially when you give them all of the ammunition they need.

As I said, you’re a good and decent man with remarkable abilities. You have great intentions and in my estimation, the proper goals for our County and the taxpayers. You stand to do good things for Clark County, which is why we elected you.

But the Columbian will try to block and oppose you every chance they have.

Together, we all can turn the County around and stop the bleeding of taxpayers. But we cannot be on the defensive all of the time.

Please, stop being so open on so many things that are not County business with the Columbian. Think about what you’re getting ready to say and make sure you have some details to back you up.

Who you may oppose or support in an upcoming election is none of their business.

Hold your cards close to your chest and if it does no concern County Business or policy, don’t tip your hand.

In the spirit of friendship and improving our County, your friend, Lew.

26 Comments to “An Open Letter to Commissioner Madore”

  1. Absolutely right on all counts.

    Less is more, David. Less is more.

  2. Absolutely right. Politics is a “blood sport” — and the opposition will try to draw blood at every opportunity. Sadly, most of the public is only half aware, if that. They may see a criticism (printed in the Columbian or from other media), and never see the response due to lack of paying attention.

    FWIW, I support your positions on the major issues affecting our county — and I suspect that I’m well aligned with the economic view that you exhibit. I wish you full success in your efforts to make the reforms necessary to help the county past its current issues with the desired outcomes.

  3. David, I want to you understand some of what Lew is trying to tell you. As some one else who has dealt with some of the people from the Columbian (and no, I don’t have THIS opinion about the reporters, though others here might vehemently disagree…) will build an archive of media from audio, video, letters and any communication that comes out of your mouth, your hand or through any official and unofficial means.

    You have probably read many of the local blogs here in Clark County. And seen what these people are capable of doing. Ruining careers, broad brush stroke into the negative and do many other things that I would make a 70 year old grand mother blush.

    But what has bothered me was, you keep feeding your detractors (like feeding online trolls) with information in how you are going to conduct your business and official capacity. Now I will say, it is a breathe of FRESH air from what I have seen since you were officially sworn in and seated, you show like you care about your community. That is clear and evident to a lot of us who care about Clark County, though we may disagree with its course. I appreciate how you conduct yourself in front of the community members that come to talk to you during during public comment at the Clark County Board meetings.

    But Lew said it better and brighter than I could., honestly… You keep feeding the hand that puppets and perpetuates the more negative amongst us. They take what people say and twist it for their own special privilege. And they have the financial means to beat down their detractors when they feel they have even been SLIGHTLY abridged. I don’t mind if the managing editor protects his reporters, but I DO NOT like it when someone comes to me to play his little manic, psychological and pathological games. And then, sicks his lawyers against local community members… Ever hear of him doing that?

    David, at some point, you have to realize when some thing is so negative, so out-of-control, so manipulative that you have to stop feeding them. As you heard during that video that was posted, he knew more than a month ago before the mayor announced that he was planning on running. Way before you even knew. And with the state and federal sunshine laws at his disposal, PLUS lawyers up in Seattle if he doesn’t get the access he wants, he just goes and gets it.

    Learn from one of your former county commissioners and former mayor Pollard, whom I suspect are great masters of chess or card games and can think several moves ahead. Stop feeding them your political strategies and information. I understand that you have to commit to communicating with staff, the community and people that come to you for help. But you don’t have to choose to communicate or deal with people that choose to bring out the worst amongst us or play each other like rubbing a political string on a violin.

    As was said. You are a good man from what I have seen of you. And watched many people around you learn the process of Clark County well. I have been around this bend for probably fifteen to twenty years. You are still a young pup compared to some of us and what we have had to deal with from the said newspaper of record of our county.

    Please learn from what was said in this post. Learn there are times, you just have to keep your mouth shut. Because if you don’t, you are just giving them cover and data to beat you over the head, both personally, politically and if they feel you might be a threat, they MAY choose to go after your personal livelihood. Politics here are not a game. And when things come to a head, they do what they have to do.

    Why do you think they have to have sock puppets to keep up with all that is going on? Diverge and try to misdirect the community in how we feel? Throw forks into unforeseen roads to make sure people won’t build a following here to stop what is going on with their interests? You have dealt with them for the last couple of years…..

    I hope you understand how and what I’m saying. This isn’t a game. Politics isn’t a game for the weak-hearted. And honestly, you are setting your own self out there, with bait in hand above you like a mistletoe, saying here I am… Is this what you really want……?

  4. David is kicking butt that’s why everyone in my family voted for him.

  5. They are right David and while I say that I also say thanks for showing leadership in the new position. Just show it inside your own arena when all the issues, facts, and ideas are lined up.

  6. That’s the point, Jack, we want him to be able to keep kicking butt.

    The detractors at the Columbian will use whatever they can twist against him and do what they can to stop his kicking butt.

    There is no sense making it easier for them. 😉

  7. Are you all over-estimating the Columbian’s influence and underestimating Madore?

    I don’t really care what the Columbian says. Having testified at a few county hearings, I’m not the only one, but it would be fascinating to hear more on the topic.

    After all, the Columbian supported Boldt over Madore and look what happened.

    PS – David Madore – you are doing an AWESOME job!!!

  8. Josef – May be you don’t have the same political reference and dealings with the paper as some of us have. You might be surprised how much influence they actually have. Case and reference to Jim Jacks, where they got every paper in Washington state to pull the comment sections related to his resignation. And there are so many other things I could say. (or it could have been political power that be from the house of representatives…)

    But again, Lew says it well. Why give your opponents ammo and the gun to take aim at you?

    That is the central point of what I wrote in my previous comment. And what I think I can summed up to Lew’s blog post.

    Josef, you may not know how the power structure really works here in Clark County, may be you do. I don’t know you more than what you post off of. But you might be surprised how much influence they have when national media comes to town to Portland or Vancouver, asking questions.

    And it only takes ONE sloppy slip up for the managing editor to have him by the balls. And all he has to do is simply wait for the opportunity to strike. And believe me, it doesn’t take a lot of work… (And again, I doubt you are hearing me or others here saying we don’t think David is doing a bad job. Far from it. It is just a small aspect of how he’s doing it, that is not really smart…)

  9. And I might mention one more small comment… A certain managing editor is wringing his hands with Glee and posting a lot of crap over on twitter about this story. So he MUST be watching this thread…

  10. Never underestimate the Columbian, Josef. They are the newspaper of record nd many people still blindly follow them.

    Yes, they endorsed Boldt and he lost. Not because the Columbian endorsed him, though. Boldt’s fatal error was he maintained he was still a Republican. So the paper played it as Republican vs Republican.

    Some 35,000 voters in Clark County voted for neither and that makes me believe they were primarily Democrats who, like many Republicans, just will not vote for anybody of the other party.

    Had someone convinced Boldt to go ahead and switch parties, he might have won since Madore won by just under 14,000 votes.

    That was a fatal error I am sure the Columbian will make sure to point out the next time there is a race were both candidates declare Republican.

    But we all agree, David is doing a great job and doing what we elected him to do. But we also have to do as we can to keep it like that.

  11. “And there are so many other things I could say”

    Hmm, how can I possibly show my complete lack of interest given your lack of information? What is the best equivalent of “Pics or STFU?”

    PS – and I’m actually serious – if people can’t provide details then this is nothing more than gossip rag garbage.

  12. FYI, (last comment tonight) I’m reading Richard Clarke’s _Against All Enemies_ — if you haven’t already read it, reserve a copy from the library NOW! I’m shocked – it made me revise my opinion of Bill Clinton..

  13. Madore did great in the interview, and the comment thread was harmless. Democrats need a Madore.

  14. Josef, you’re always welcome to form your own opinions as we all are, but personally, I take that book of Clarke’s with a large grain of salt.

  15. That’s the disadvantage of the honest. They want to communicate clearly and without deceit, yet when they do, they are out-maneuvered and taken advantage of by quislings with an agenda like Jim Moeller, and by malicious trolls like Brancaccio.

    One thing is for sure. It is very refreshing to have someone you vote for do exactly as they said they’d do, and speak directly and honestly about their intentions.

  16. Josef – I have a personally hard time reading much of what Richard Clarke has written. I just have listen too much of his buffoonery to really be able to take him seriously. And to think he was part of GW Bush’s cabinet in the early years. Though you DO have a right to the privilege of your political opinion as we all do here.

    And i further do not believe a lot of what he says about Al Quaida or cyber terrorists… Some times I wonder if he is not as bad as some of the CNN – MSNBC staffers and on air talent…

    Craig – (and to Josef, some what.) If you read this whole comment section, I doubt you are hearing us complaining about David Madore’s work since he took office, how he is communicating to the general public or some of the issues he tackles.

    The comments you are reading starting with Lew’s post, all the way down to this comment, is about one, virtually ONE issue. How he is giving his enemies the ablity to achive his own downfall by going to their house and getting on camera and making a fool of himself along with revealing political operations he may choose to support into the future.

    That was the beef that was uttered above. (and I won’t cmment further on.) Though I will say Craig, you sure did say it well too. 🙂 And your last parragraph says how I feel except for the one incident!

  17. David isn’t really impressing me so far. Since you’re so close to him Lew, ask him a couple questions next time you see him: 1. Why did he promise to donate $1000 to the Forbes yet only ended up giving $389? And when finally returning a call to the kids mom, treated her like the dirt on the bottom of his shoe, telling Ms. Turner “the community has done enough especially since you got the labor for free. That’s the most expensive part”. I’m doing the labor. I’ve never met David, so I’m wondering how he could know how much this costs since he’s not a bike mechanic. This is for developmentally delayed kids and Blind School kids. ( scroll to the comment section. Don’t worry though, I’ve been able to raise more funds. From the other side of the river, people that don’t even live in our community.
    2. Ask him about last summer when he, Debbie Peterson and one other guy showed up for a neighborhood association meeting that was being held at a private residence (of a well liked local physician) with a video camera, didn’t introduce themselves to the homeowner then set up a video camera without permission. Then one of Davids posse got so belligerent when asked to put the camera away by the homeowner, that VPD had to escort them out of the backyard.
    3. Why would David push so hard for smaller government when, in fact, he received his education from the government (US Navy, in which I also served and used my GI BIll), and relies on government contracts to keep his business lucrative?

  18. Don – If you feel so strongly of your comments, why not contact David, yourself? HIs cell phone number and email is around? And thank you for letting us know how you feel.

  19. Because Jeremy: he doesn’t answer.

  20. Don J, dude, you’re trolling. Didn’t your mamma teach you right?

  21. Martin: Perhaps. But my momma did teach me that you should know everything you can about someone when voting for/ supporting them, so you can make an informed decision.

  22. Don J. Write what you personally witnessed, no slant. Let people draw their own conclusions.

  23. Don, I’ll give you my impression of your questions. David gives me no input for my blog and is not in any way affiliated with it, so I speak for myself, my own views whether I physically know the person or not.

    1. You ask about the Forbes. I only have your word of what transpired since I was not involved in that incident, but it does appear to me that they profited quite well, especially considering the stolen bike was returned. The community did pour out on their behalf and that is the idea, not to rely on just one person. Allegations of “treating someone like dirt” is hearsay at best.

    Anything else of decreasing a pledge is unknown to me and unless you have direct aces to someone else’s bank account, again hearsay.

    Personal stories I know of on his generosity are very much the opposite of your claim. But since you bring it up and say you are doing the labor, how much is your generosity for the couple? Are you donating your labor or expecting to be paid?

    2. Can’t say much as you again give vague details and slanted ones at that. I cannot hold someone responsible for what another person does, even a friend of yours.

    3. Why wouldn’t any of us push for smaller government, regardless of how they obtained an education? The GI Bill is not an entitlement, something we are given freely, we had to earn it and after our service, we often do not receive what we were promised to get us to enlist.

    The idea of smaller government is to get the over spending under control. I assume you served around the same time David and I did (early 70’s) and late 60’s for me and looking back, government was much smaller then and taxes more reasonable, save Johnson’s 10% surtax that hit us in 1969 (when I was in Basic and the surtax was more than my monthly pay). But even with that, overall government was much smaller, less people on the dole or expecting handouts. Our national debt was a great deal less too and we kept more of our paychecks.

    As for his business, is government his only customer? I sincerely doubt it. Is he gouging the government on his product? I also doubt it.

    The fallacy n your thought is that we conservatives oppose all government and all spending and that is just not true. We understand the need for a strong military, something the left opposes incidentally, seeing defense as a waste of money that could be sued bribing votes instead.

    And as my Liberal friend Martin says (by the way, I’ve been to Martin’s house more than I have Davids), build your case on what you personally experienced, not what you heard. As for David not replying, could it be your confrontational approach?

  24. Don J, even Madore supporters here are watching him. So far he’s a One-Issue candidate (granted it’s the BIGGEST issue in Clark County) but Commissioners have a LOT more on their plate. And folks are NOT interested in empire-building, which is a charge that looms over him. If you want to do Madore damage, don’t attack him, simply point out where the rubber ain’t hittin’ the road.

  25. Lew, Martin: You’re right. Look, I’m just frustrated with Madore about both things. I’ve gotten to know the Forbes and they’re good people. They didn’t “profit quite well” from this, they are paying what happened to them forward to the School of the Blind. David made a offer of the money, and only donated $389. That’s verified from Ms. Turner, and The Columbian (which saw the donation list from I have no reason to think that Ms Turner wasn’t treated as she said. She called me directly after talking to David and was upset. Not about the money at all. Just the tone that was struck by him towards her, talking to her like she is “uneducated” (she’s ex-Army intelligence). It’s not about the money at this point, just broken promises.
    To clear up a point, I’m not expecting to get paid. I made a promise to donate my time, and even though this is taking much more of it than anticipated, I’m holding up my end of the bargain. Restoring a vintage tandem after the theft and subsequent damage, has been expensive however.
    Also, I served from 1986-1992.
    I’ve not been, IMHO, confrontational at all. I’ve never talked to him, just a couple of unanswered emails before he contacted Ms. Turner (and we’ve covered that).
    As to “building my case on what I’ve experienced personally, not what I’ve heard”, is a logical fallacy on your part. Most of your Blog (which is interesting BTW), is written on things you’ve read and heard. Not witnessed personally (I’m pretty sure you weren’t sitting in between the Speaker and the First Lady during the eye roll incident for example 🙂 ).
    Anyway, enjoy this fine weather…….

  26. Don J you make some good points, but the stuff Ms. Turner told you is only hearsay. Perhaps she misinterpreted Madore, perhaps Madore was pressed for time and was short in his conversation with her, thus leaving an unfavorable impression. A lot of variables to consider.

    The amount of money donated is inconsequential. You say he donated almost $400.00? Good of him I’d say. It’s also good of you to donate your time to the repair. And thank you for your service!

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