Jim Moeller: Arrogance Over Facts

by lewwaters

head_up_assIn the halls of our state legislature, I cannot imagine a more arrogant person elected than 49th Legislative District Representative, Jim Moeller. Where he is lacking in facts to support his positions, he more than makes up for it with his massive arrogance, ignoring real facts as he does whatever he can to raise taxes and confiscate money from the very people he claims he is working to help.

From his positions supporting public unions over private sector workers to backing private sector unions over non-union employees, Jim never lets facts or reality get in the way of his drive to create a socialist union over a free state of Washington.

Case in point is his blind support of the Columbia River Crossing and forcing Clark County residents to accept the light rail from Portland, Oregon we have repeatedly declined and said we do not want, even if the federal government paid for it.

Recently, he once again showed his arrogance with an outburst on his facebook page,

Yesterday, HB 1288 dealing with getting Washington working again with buying the steel needed for the new I-5 bridge from Washington instead of CHINA, barely got out of the House Transportation Committee. All the Republicans voted against putting Washingtonians to work, voted against keeping our money here, voted against helping our families pay their bills…all to keep the I-5 bridge from ever being re-built. Lead by Rep. Orcutt, they walked together over the cliff…

The bill itself says nothing about buying any steel from China or even not buying anything from China. What it does do is

“Requires the department of transportation, if state, local, or department funds are appropriated for the purpose of constructing a state boundary bridge, to assign steel fabrication inspector travel costs to the project contractor when elements of the project are fabricated outside of three hundred miles from Olympia.”

If it requires anything else outside of adding costs of an inspectors travel to the project, it locks us into higher priced steel and seems to be designed to benefit certain steel companies. Companies that likely donated to his campaign for reelection somewhere along the line or their unions did.

But the bottom line remains, it is the very people he claims to work for and represent and look out for that will be stuck with higher bills for a very long time paying for this boondoggle.

Another sign of his arrogance and ignoring facts was claims he’s made in comments under a few Columbian articles of,

“Nobody pays for the bridge except if they use it through tolls. Essentially a user fee. No increased sales tax, no increased property tax, no increased B&O business tax. Those who use the bridge should pay for it.”

He obviously thinks many of us are fools to fall for that one. While it’s true that we defeated a sales tax increase to fund operations & maintenance for the light rail we have not been allowed to vote on, in spite of numerous promises, the notion that only those who cross the bridge will pay for it erroneous.

While it might technically be true that sales tax, B&O tax and property taxes aren’t set to increase, yet, there is plenty of other increases hoped for to pay for the project that will come out of everybody in the county’s pocket and not just those who cross the bridge.

A portion of what is hoped for appears in a February 13, 2013 Columbian article, Washington mayors, including Vancouver’s Leavitt, call for gas tax hike where we read,

“The mayors of more than 40 cities across Washington, including Tim Leavitt of Vancouver, have sent a letter to Gov. Jay Inslee and legislative leaders, urging them to consider an 8-cent-per-gallon gas tax as a way to help pay for transportation needs.”

In addition the article also mentions,

“the letter suggests a motor vehicle excise tax increase of up to 1.5 percent that counties could enact by public vote or by a vote by county commissions, and the increase to the vehicle license fee from $20 to $40.”

I fail to see where that would be restricted to only those who use the bridge.

There is also the matter of federal funds hoped for having a slim chance of actually being available. But I can’t help but notice, where Moeller was so concerned above about steel from China, he seems to have no concern of increasing the debt owed to China in order for the federal government to borrow more, adding to our already in excess of $16.5 Trillion debt, China being the largest foreign holder of our external debt.

Then too we recently saw that Bridge traffic didn’t grow with county which will throw a serious monkey wrench into their generous projections of tolling ‘X’ amount of cars crossing daily to pay back bonds and other loans hoped to pay for the project.

Given Moeller’s arrogance, it also surprises me not in the least that he even contradicts himself, as recently seen in another facebook comment of his,

“Over the past 8 years, the Democrats boldly decided to fund projects (big and small) around the state as part of getting Washington working again and to position ourselves for the new world economy. With 5 cents and another 9 cents per gallon we bonded that money for 30 years (with the approval of the voters) and started building. We built roads and bridges throughout Clark County and Washington with safety and freight mobility first and congestion relief last. Over 400 projects have nearly been completed around Washington, on-time and under budget.”

“But now we are done and if we want to do any more projects, we will need more money to do it. Thank goodness the mayor’s of this great state recognize that and want to continue to build ONE Washington were we all benefit because we all share the costs.”(emphasis added)

Ignoring that in the last 8 years, over 6 of those years were under some of the worst economic conditions seen in decades and that Clark County, where his district is located has seen some 5 years straight of double digit unemployment, where has the benefit for his district been in those over 400 “bold projects?”

How are struggling taxpayers expected to recover when they are strapped with such taxes to pay for those projects?

But most of all, what happened to the notion that only who use what was constructed are who pay for it? As noted in the quote above, his own words, does he not say “we all share the costs?”

That is bound to happen when arrogance takes precedence over the facts. And when it comes to Jim Moeller, his arrogance stands to bankrupt us.

If you are different than Jim Moeller and eager for facts on the CRC project, you have a great chance to learn real facts Monday, February 25th 7:00 pm (seating begins at 6:30 pm) for a presentation of facts being held at Skyview High School, 1300 NW 139th St, Vancouver, WA 98685.

There you will hear presentations by Joe Cortright, Economist (Impresa), John Charles, Transportation Expert (Cascade Policy Institute) and Tiffany Couch, Forensic Accountant (Acuity Group PLLC).

For more information and RSVP, please visit CRC Facts Forum

5 Comments to “Jim Moeller: Arrogance Over Facts”

  1. Ah. This was part I was looking for. Thanks for the entry. Too bad we don’t have Politifact for Washington 😦

  2. It’s just sad that the people of the 49th are willing to be represented by lying scum.

    And I mean that in the best POSSIBLE way.

  3. Are you sayin’ that the people of the 49th is really STOOPID, Kelly?Imagine that…

  4. Moeller said, “But now we are done and if we want to do any more projects, we will need more money to do it.” The projects may be over, but the increased gas tax sure isn’t! Yet, we WILL need more money. Anyone with common sense can see that tolling won’t be adequate, & that we will have to raise taxes to bail out this money pit.

  5. Hey now, Kelly and Jack… Not all of us are rubber stamp idiots? Some of us over here in the 49th LD have some thing called a brain and general common sense. Now that doesn’t mean we all win to get the political leadership we want?
    you might want to look around because both of you probably at one time or another had someone politically you could not stand over your head at some point in your life.

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