Jim Moeller Calls For ‘De-Stigmatizing’ HIV Infected Homosexuals

by lewwaters

MoellerI have long maintained that 49th Legislative District Representative Jim Moeller is focused primarily on his own “special interests,” those being the open promotion of homosexuality and societal acceptance of what was considered a ‘deviant lifestyle’ not all that long ago.

Moeller, an open homosexual has been instrumental in the incremental steps taken to legalize homosexual marriage in our state, promoting “domestic partnerships” over the years by using elderly people as a prop and gradually increasing the declared “rights” of homosexuals while retaining their “protected class status.”

I have been labeled a bigot, a liar, a homophobe and what have you when I would mention that domestic partnership laws were merely incremental steps towards fully legalized and recognized homosexual marriage, supporters claiming each time that the specific law proposed was “all they were seeking.” Even if I quoted other openly homosexual legislators claims of it only being an incremental step, I was demeaned for mentioning it.

Last year, as R-74 to approve the legalization of homosexual marriage was being campaigned around the state, several times the question was asked, “what is the next step homosexuals will be wanting?” No answers were ever given other than the usual, “this is only fair and all they wish.”

The next step is answered in the February 19, 2013 Columbian article, Moeller wants the law on assault by deadly infection not limited to HIV.

The law in question centers around a case from back in the 1990’s when a man infected with HIV/AIDs knowingly infected others with the deadly disease, “spreading HIV to dozens of people through six years of needle-sharing and unprotected sex between 1989 and 1995.”

The article tells us that “Two of [his] former wives, a girlfriend, a male acquaintance and another woman died of AIDS” as well as he also died in 2004 at the age of 45, cause of death not being released.

Of this new change Rep. Moeller says,

“A well-meaning law that created stricter penalties for people who knowingly spread HIV to others should be revised to destigmatize those with the illness.”

As we have seen over several years, quoting worldwide statistics, HIV/AID’s has been labeled a disease everybody can get along with claims of how prevalent it is in the heterosexual community, moving away from when it was first discovered to be primarily in the homosexual community.

But not everybody has accepted that it is not primarily a disease seen mostly in homosexuals, who in spite of many efforts to encourage “safe sex,” using condoms or remain monogamous, is known for multiple partners and risky sexual interactions.

So now we need to modify what even Jim Moeller classifies as a “well meaning law” in order to “de-stigmatize” those infected with it. Which leads to the question, just who are the ones predominantly infected with HIV/AIDs?

As we have seen time and again, global statistics show the disease rampant in the sub-Saharan tribal regions of Africa where we also know promiscuity to be rampant. Moeller’s change in this law would have no affect on them at all, though. It is targeted at those infected within America and our state.

So we must look closer at who are the ones most infected in America? For that we turn to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) HIV/AIDs Statistics where charts show us that the “transmission category” for male on male sexual contact, including injection drug use remains more than double that of other transmission categories, combined.

HIV Transmission

Source: Center for Disease Control

Jim Moeller further said during a public hearing,

“Time really has passed for those with HIV to be stigmatized for their disease and we want to reflect that in our (laws). Under the law, the HIV virus should and will be treated as any other highly contagious disease when it comes to protecting sexual partners.”

Of those “other highly contagious diseases,” HIV/AIDs remain a fatal disease, others, such as syphilis, curable but often going untreated.

A subsequent comment left by Jim Moeller said,

“Since this has proven to be more complicated than I oringinally hoped, I will be using this bill as an interim project to de-stagmatize HIV and bring the bill forward next session. It will not move out of committee. I hope that the community effected with HIV and others will participate in this effort over the Summer.” (misspellings from original)

I cannot help but believe that when Moeller is calling on “the community effected with HIV” he is calling on other homosexuals to stand up and help him “de-stigmatize” this still largely homosexual disease in yet another incremental step towards forcing people to accept homosexuality as “normal’ and just another “alternate lifestyle.”

4 Comments to “Jim Moeller Calls For ‘De-Stigmatizing’ HIV Infected Homosexuals”

  1. If a person is forced to report contagious diseases to the national bureau know as the CDC then I think that it is inherent for the language to be strong regarding those diseases where a person who knows has to be somehow held accountable. This law has other ramifications you know. The potential to a civil suit for wrongful death is critical to young children with one parent who lose that parent to a preditor type of individual with the attitude that only their enjoyment of what is left of their life is important, or the one who thinks “I’m going to take as many with me as I can”. Not all people have these attitudes but the fact is that many do not care who they hurt and will cause great pain and suffering while they are still capable. I know one such family that this happened to. Three teenagers lost a wonderful mother to a mean spirited man who didn’t tell and he knew. He died shortly after their mother broke off her relationship with him and 5 years later she died having been diagnosed way too late to receive treatments. She was a wonderful lady who had just gotten really lonely after years of being single and picked the one wrong guy to see. I miss her terribly and I know her children do too. Her name was Joy and she brought alot of that into the world around her. A woman like that should not have died in the mid nineties of aids leaving these kids homeless to finish growing up without a mom. They had no recourse, not even a option to sue the broke jerk. We must be careful what we allow this legislature to do.

  2. So Moeller is admitting that HIV affects mostly Queers? Moeller is a queer Duck indeed.

  3. Actually he is trying to create the illusion that HIV/AIDs is widespread in heterosexual society and draw attention away from it being still largely within the homosexual community.

    But, since CDC shows where it remains mostly, the effort is to lull unsuspecting people into believing they are safe with homosexuals.

  4. Maybe Moeller has HIV…Perhaps that is what it’s really about.

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