Common Sense Goes Out the Window in Olympia

by lewwaters

Crowd 03The deadline for bill cut-off passed yesterday in Olympia, Washington meaning, if the bill did not pass out of committee, it’s dead. Seeing some of the bills that did make it out of committee, while others were allowed to, or made to die is very disconcerting. It’s as if common sense has no place in our state legislature.

Probably the most needed bill, Liz Pike’s HB 1788 that would have permitted local school districts to decide on their own if qualified, licensed and properly trained teachers would be permitted to arm themselves to defend students should a shooter access the school, bypassing several layers of security and violating every existing gun law, as happens in every school shooting, was allowed to languish, dying in committee as chairs did not even wish to discuss it.

Troubling in this is that the chair of the House Judiciary Committee, Seattle Democrat Rep. Jamie Pedersen, stated that he “was not receptive to the bill.” What is troubling, if not downright hypocritical, Pederson has the right to carry a firearm inside the Capitol, concealed on his body during session as there is no effort to end the legislator’s right to defend themselves on the floor of the legislature.

While I do not know for certain if he ever does, he retains that right to if he so chooses, but denies that same right to others that would be a position to stop a school shooter before they were able to inflict harm on many others, the average school shooting taking between 2 to 4 minutes and Police taking at least 5 minutes to arrive.

Police would be there in time to either neutralize the shooter after several people were dead or injured, or witness a suicide again.

Instead of allowing teachers and school staff the opportunity to be trained, provided they were qualified and properly licensed, Democrats like Pederson are pushing their own measure to expand background checks on private gun sales, as if criminals will now undergo such a background check when they buy a stolen or illegal weapon or even throw together a makeshift gun.

But at least the measure that might allow theaters to serve alcohol survived and made it out of committee, showing me that too many legislators in our Capitol have a curious sense of priorities.

head_up_assTo go along with this policy of what can only be described as Anal-Cranial Inversion Syndrome, we read Democrat backed bill would make it tougher to suspend students.

Citing “concern that school suspensions unfairly target minority students, making it harder for them to keep up in their school work,” Democrats have proposed a measure, SHB-1680 that “bars school districts from suspending students for an indefinite period of time or from excluding a disciplined student from school.”

Unruly students that are separated from other students for a time would be required to receive individual teaching, at taxpayer expense within the school. Being caught with a firearm at school would be the only reason a student would be the only reason a student would be barred from school, provided they were caught and disarmed before shooting the place up and killing several other students.

As Issaquah Republican Rep. Chad Magendanz puts it, “This forces school districts to choose between the safety of students and individualized tutoring that can break the budget.”

One measure long needed did make it out of committee, though. A bill that “would give school districts the option of holding back third graders from passing into fourth grade if they score ‘below basic’ on the Measurement of Student Progress test required by the state” was sent to the floor of the House over protestations by several Democrats, including recently elected Teachers Union Representative Monica Stonier, an educator from Vancouver’s 17th district who said, “We are holding kids accountable because grownups haven’t stepped up to fund their early education.”

Yes, in true Democrat fashion, the problem isn’t that teachers like her fail to properly educate the children in their charge, it’s because you greedy parents want to keep some of your paychecks to feed, clothe and house your own children.

Little wonder she has been nicknamed “Moronica” as she supports other measures that increase the cost of education, an expense that already consumes over half of the state budget and graduates children with decreased skills in reading and math.

Other Democrats argue “that the state’s failure to pay for full-day kindergarten and smaller class sizes in early grades made it unfair to impose measures on students that could prove detrimental to their self-esteem and enthusiasm for school.”

That they may be unable to adequately perform basic functions like making the proper change or reading simple instructions isn’t as important as they “feel good” about their lack of skills, I guess.

The legislator continues to struggle to fulfill the requirement laid out by the State Supreme Court in what is known as the McCleary case that stated it is the state’s “paramount duty” to fully fund basic education, but still pushes measures to fund the poorly designed boondoggle of the Columbia River Crossing that will force Clark County to accept Portland, Oregon’s financially failing light rail and take on some of their $1.6 Billion in unfunded liabilities.

Democrats, who have held a stranglehold on the majority in Olympia for over a decade now continue to push that measure, all the while wanting to suck off more and more of our paychecks, as was said by Stonier above.

We are little more than ATM machines to these dullards in Olympia.

Common sense thrown out the window? Perhaps they never had any in the first place.

12 Comments to “Common Sense Goes Out the Window in Olympia”

  1. I have yet to see or hear of ANY alternative to Pike’s bill. And as a result, our schools remain as vulnerable as they were last year.

  2. What with the measure to block suspending unruly students from school, I have to think they are even more vulnerable now.

  3. Yet another great reason to end the monopoly of Government Schools. We need to free parents to have true choice in education provided by private providers and to phase out all government-run schools.

  4. At this pace our kids are screwed. Monica blames parents for their kids but wouldn’t help process parental notification on the bill put forward by Don Benton. They pass the mandatory insurance measure regarding paying for an elective proceedure if that proceedure is an abortion but not the parents notification of the whole thing in the first place. These democrats with their lack of common sense would have you believe that abortion at this point is no longer optional and elective. If we do not watch out they will make sex change operations a mandatory form of coverage under the premise that it too is a sexual preferrence that all people should be entitled to receive whether they want it or not and therefore forced to pay for the possibility of services they never want rendered! This is nuts.

  5. There is already a push for transsexuals to be admitted into the military and the VA to pay for such operations.

    As it is now, the VA covers hormones and counseling for them, but not the actual surgery just yet.

    Democrats have just gone crazy in their pie in the sky schemes to fund whatever they dream of.

    Very funny was reading how Stonier, Moeller, and Wylie went on a 24 hour fast to “bring attention to child hunger,” never realizing that it is they who make it difficult for families to even feed their children in the first place with all of the taxes and fees they continually raise and drive companies out of business.

    They remain clueless.

  6. Someone needs to tell Moronica, early education starts at home. How hard is it to read a book to your child. Amazing how such a simple thing can jumpstart a childs willingness to learn. Headstart welfare programs are a joke and a burden.

  7. KJ Hintin, The real RIGHT thing to do is to reaffirm 2nd Amendment protections of self evident rights by removing the notion that any thing can remain free when forcing people to be gun free. The gun free zone is a sad stupid policy knee jerk to gangs at the federal level which causes states to adopt in order to retain federal funding. It is infuriating.

  8. Isn’t the “ATM machine” what licensed panhandlers call the street corners at which folks give them money? Does that reflect more on the “generosity” of Americans or the mentality of big government progressivism.

  9. That’s a part of the equation; that said, it has to be done in steps. Liz’s bill is the first of those.

    Pass the bill, and let the fed try and stop it. That’s what we’ve done with pot, for example. 10th Amendment all the way, since the fed does not regulate school security.

  10. Stonier is actually in the 17th, Lew. Just pointing out an error. Hopefully, next session, we can get these bills re-introduced and hopefully next session is Jim’s last session. Going a bit off topic: Laird announced his retirement today, what do you think of it? Going onto the suspension bill. It’s tough to call. If they passed a “common sense” law, that would work out for this state and wouldn’t cost us. When these “Zero tolerance” policies get out of hand, it makes you wonder who’s running our system? When a kid whose parent works for the district doesn’t get discipline even though MULTIPLE offenses are committed,you start to wonder if having a child in a public school is a good idea. I’ve read reviews on Covington Middle School and when I read things like “They discipline kids based on who they are” or “expect multiple suspensions to include outlandish accusations”,which is true and can testify from experience (I got suspended for writing a girl a note and a girl FALSELY accused of me of harassing her,which the vice principal REFUSED to listen to my witness) I had ZERO offenses before that incident and the SAME principal made ME sign a paper saying I would be suspended next offense.Or how about a counselor telling a 6th grader who is bullied that the child AND mother need counseling and REFUSING to help address the situation, it makes me think “Would I put my child in that school ?” Answer is a huge NO. I’m hoping we can get something like Florida,Ohio or Wisconsin passed in a few years to address the issues.

  11. Thanks, Jacob, I need to proof read better 😉

    As for Laird retiring, good riddance.

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