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February 24, 2013

Jim Moeller Still “Doesn’t Get It”

by lewwaters

Moeller, SilenceJim Moeller, Democrat 49th Legislative District Representative is as liberal and arrogant as they can get. He has long shown that what voters think is irrelevant to what he thinks, between dreaming up ways to stick constituents with more taxes during a deep recession to joining in to sue to invalidate their votes, Moeller marches to his tune, not that of his constituents.

Nothing gives a better example than his continued support of forcing them to accept Portland, Oregon’s ill fated light rail, even with them repeatedly saying they do not want it.

In short, Jim Moeller just “doesn’t get it,” as he told me in comments under the Columbian article, C-Tran seeks direction on light rail

Apparently, C-Tran ‘doesn’t get it’ either as we have been telling them since 1995 that we taxpayers do not want to Portland’s light rail and do not want to pay for it.

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