Jim Moeller Still “Doesn’t Get It”

by lewwaters

Moeller, SilenceJim Moeller, Democrat 49th Legislative District Representative is as liberal and arrogant as they can get. He has long shown that what voters think is irrelevant to what he thinks, between dreaming up ways to stick constituents with more taxes during a deep recession to joining in to sue to invalidate their votes, Moeller marches to his tune, not that of his constituents.

Nothing gives a better example than his continued support of forcing them to accept Portland, Oregon’s ill fated light rail, even with them repeatedly saying they do not want it.

In short, Jim Moeller just “doesn’t get it,” as he told me in comments under the Columbian article, C-Tran seeks direction on light rail

Apparently, C-Tran ‘doesn’t get it’ either as we have been telling them since 1995 that we taxpayers do not want to Portland’s light rail and do not want to pay for it.

But this post concerns Jim Moeller’s comment to me where first I noted how C-Tran asking for “direction” is ridiculous considering they have been ignoring voters’ directions for years.

Jim Moeller • Follow • Top Commenter
You just don’t get it, do you Lew? Drop light -rail (LTR) and go to bus-rapid transit (BRT) or to “no transit” option at all and we all go back to the drawing board. With a new EIS (6 years minimum) or at the least a supplemental EIS (3 years minimum). Why that long? Because it’s not “just” about light-rail. It’s also about all the modeling for the bridge itself that includes design, transit options, congestion relief, freight mobility, etc. Secondly, we lose the federal funding for the light-rail and 850 million for its construction from Oregon into Washington. Maybe you don’t care that 850 million transit dollars will go somewhere else (it will go to another state) but I and MANY others do. Third, and perhaps most importantly, Oregon stated a decade ago when we began serious discussion about the I-5 replacement, that without light-rail there is no bridge project.

SO, we can spend another decade or longer arguing, suing, electing, etc about the transit piece (light-rail vs BRT), tolls (if so, how much?), number of lanes (10 vs.12), the height (lift span or no), etc and end up essentially where we began (only more expensive) or we can build the project we have NOW. That we have a Locally Preferred Alternative with 10 lanes, light-rail and tolls, a final EIS for the project, a federal Record of Decision, on a White House priority list with the “We Can’t Wait” initiative, with Oregon stepping up with it’s share and 450 million dollars and hopefully a Coast Guard Permit for the bridge height mitigating essential business up-river along the Columbia.

So, it is not as simple as you propose. “Dropping Light-Rail” means the end of the project for at least 10 years perhaps as much as a generation and we will end up older, with Light-Rail, and tolls later – just much more expensive.
Reply • 6 • Like • 2 hours ago

As a matter fact, I do get it, but obviously Jim Moeller does not. Clark County citizens have been speaking for several years now that we do not want light rail, voting it down directly by a 2 – 1 margin in 1995 and again in subsequent proxy votes on tax increases even perceived to support funding light rail, the latest being C-Tran’s Proposition 1 in 2012 to fund operations and maintenance for light rail, defeated by some 20,000 votes.

If the project is put off 10 years or so due to redesign, whose fault is that? Surely not the taxpayers who have been very outspoken against this mess for many years.

We have had economists, engineers, a forensic accountant, business owners and concerned citizens pointing out major flaws in the project as designed for too many years and our voices have been ignored. Now, as the chosen design faces problems obtaining needed permits to being construction, we hear in essence, “we’ve come too far to change now.”

There is no such thing. Continuing down the same flawed path knowing it is flawed, knowing it faces strong opposition from citizens who have to pay for it, knowing it will not solve any problems it is supposed to and that it is nothing more than a tax drain on our economy to benefit another community in another state over our own is not just folly, it borders on criminal.

Jim Moeller doesn’t get it either than we no longer fall for the lies used to promote this boondoggle. He claims a “10-lane bridge” that is a flat out lie as shown by the Columbia River Project themselves to still be only 3 through lanes each way as is the old bridges.

With light rail to be suspended under the new spans clearance for river traffic is impeded. In fact, it would be the lowest bridge crossing the Columbia River for miles, if not the entire length of the river.

That will restrict upriver jobs creation as businesses that now ship goods downriver will not be able to pass underneath unless they reduce their manufacturing. Even the Army Corps of Engineers dredge that must travel upriver from time to time would be unable to clear the called for design.

Crying the project is part of Obama’s “We can’t wait” initiative is just ridiculous. So what? Obama neither lives here nor does he travel through here. He has no expertise in bridges and even though dullards like Moeller think he can walk on water, he can’t. He signs what he I told to.

For years Jim and other proponents cry about “losing federal funding” without Portland’s light rail. That too is a flat out lie. The requirement for federal funding, which is also our tax dollars being returned, is for mass transit that buses or even a Bus Rapid Transit would fulfill.

Also not said is that including light rail makes the bridge project cost more than would be received from the federal government. In other words, they want to spend multiple Billions in order to receive a few hundred Million.

As noted, Oregon continues to state “no light rail, no bridge.”

Okay, what’s the problem? Why do we bend over for whatever Portland wants? Thanks to the Oregon Supreme Court we now know that the sole reason Portland’s Metro agreed to a bridge was in order to force us into accepting their light rail after voter resoundingly rejected it.

What is left out is that some 60,000 Clark County residents work in Portland. Portland is dependent upon Clark County for workers as much as we are dependent upon them for jobs, since we have elected officials like Jim Moeller that caters to Portland and does little or nothing to attract decent wage jobs on our side of the river.

But what happens to Portland should those 60,000 employees not make it to work every day? They would falter much worse than they already are.

They need those 60,000 people and the taxes they pay to Oregon while receiving no representation or anything, except demands for more of our tax dollars to go to Portland.

So no light rail no bridge will hurt Portland even more than it will Clark County.

It is well passed time Jim Moeller and others, like Vancouver hopefully soon to be ex-mayor Tim Leavitt, City Council members Jack Burkman and Larry Smith, Clark County Commissioner Steve Stuart, Identity Clark County and several others to realize that they are promoting a project the majority of Clark County have repeatedly said they do not want.

We get it, those Like Jim Moeller do not. And it’s long past time too that those still in office revisit their own words over the years and those who used to be in office, even if they now support this boondoggle.

A March 26, 2001 Oregonian article, “Vancouver Mayor Revives Discussion Over Light Rail” reveals former County Commissioner Betty Sue Morris’ concern if “it would relieve our congestion issues for north and southbound traffic,” and “light rail would hasten the flow of workers from Washington to Oregon and make it more difficult to create jobs in Clark County.”

Vancouver lawyer Stephen Horenstein, a proponent of light rail is quoted in the same article, “If this is to be successful, it has to come not from government, but from the private sector, the business community and the community at large. I think if we are going to be successful, this has to come from the people.”

Campaigning for reelection in September 2010, County Commissioner Steve Stuart, a proponent said, “if Clark County residents don’t support it [light rail], ‘then the states have the wrong project’.”

In the 2012 election, as we did in 1995, 2002 and 2004 voters showed they still do not support light rail.

What part of that does Jim Moeller not get?

9 Comments to “Jim Moeller Still “Doesn’t Get It””

  1. He does not care Lew. It does not matter to him and his party if the people of Vancouver work, if they can afford housing independant of the government sunsidies, if they can thrive and DRIVE! He does not care. It is the voters who are not getting it Lew. They think that because he smiles at them when he is campaigning he cares. He does not care.

  2. Except for his rather unusual proclivities, Jim Moeller and his arrogant, dictatorial meme would have fit right in with the 3rd Reich.

    At some point, he’s going to go too far. And I hope I’m around to celebrate it when he becomes the political footnote he so richly deserves to become…. not unlike Marc Boldt.

    What Moeller in his best Nazi shtick can’t seem to grasp is that the people who are going to get stuck with this crap pile do…. not…. want it.

    And since we don’t want it, then it shouldn’t be built. And since the Senate is going to keep its foot firmly planted on the money pipeline and the CRC isn’t going to get any, it does seem to look like ol’ Jimmy and the special interests that own him like the 13th Amendment is the 13th Suggestion are going to have to go back to the drawing board.

    Next time, Jimbo, you simple idiot, ask us. Until the answer is always going to be “no.” And even if you did ask, the answer would be “no” because this pile of garbage you’re dumping in our yards for the foreseeable future is not needed, not wanted, not affordable and as moronic as you are, Rep. Moeller.

  3. Jim Moeller Says: …
    …. Secondly, we lose the federal funding for the light-rail and 850 million for its construction from Oregon into Washington. Maybe you don’t care that 850 million transit dollars will go somewhere else (it will go to another state) but I and MANY others do.

    This is the most insane argument I’ve heard — but it’s a common argument from Big Government Liberals. Oh, we better get that Federal money for X project whether it makes good sense or not. Look at Oregon and Washington, rushing ahead to expand Medicaid under Obamacare to get those Federal dollars — when in a few years, those dollars will go away, and the states will still be subject to rules that don’t allow any “reduction in effort.” In other words we’ll have to pay the full bill ourselves.

    Likewise the “$850 million for its construction” buys us an expensive trolley car system that we don’t want — so we better get that Federal money. And I thought pot was JUST legalized (in WA) — but has Moeller been smoking it for the past decade?

    That 850 million of Federal dollars comes with a very big string attached — the bankrupt Portland trolley system that will require subsidies for the rest of all time. Note that I lived in the SF Bay Area where Federal dollars were contributed to building the Bay Area Rapid Transit system — a system, that is touted as “highly successful” — yet it only hauls a tiny fraction of commute traffic and has had zero impact in reducing traffic. Indeed, due to “unexpected” changes in population and business distribution throughout the geographic area, the trains don’t adequately serve all the places where people live and work. Frightfully expensive new lines and line extensions have been and are being built — requiring massive taxpayer subsidies (including that wonderful Federal money). It’s a huge waste. Bus Rapid Transit could have been easily adjusted to take in the new areas as businesses and housing were developed in “new” areas.

    I would hate to see Clark County and Washington get itself into the same stupid financial mess that California has created for itself. There’s an object lesson here — and one of them (should be) that building projects that require open-ended commitments for subsidies is, frankly, political malpractice. It’s too bad that we can’t make the politicians personally responsible for the “cost overruns” that they didn’t allow for in their lengthy and expensive planning processes.

    Clark County, has relatively low density housing (with some moderate densities in Vancouver) — and this is the worst type of community for trolley car service. Since laying rails and building stations forces a rather static design that can not account for potential changes in growth patterns in the future. (Looking back at BART, the “plan” was to have high density housing within 2 miles of each suburban transit station — but the cities, under voter pressure, did not want to change the character of the communities, so little if any high density housing was built.) With low density housing patterns, that requires commuters to drive to a station, park, walk to the trolley platform, and then wait for the next train, etc. I can attest (from personal experience) that this method simply lengthens the trip length and does not provide much, if any, advantage to the commuter. It’s usually quicker and more cost effective to drive — especially if the driver takes a passenger along so the HOV lanes can be used. (When I caught a ride with friends after work in San Francisco, I regularly beat the BART train to my suburban station by 10 minutes or more. The only reason I took BART was the lack of inexpensive parking near my place of work.) I note that Portland does not have near the congestion (and high parking costs) of the Financial District of San Francisco.

    With the low density housing rampant in Clark County, a variety of bus routes and possibly (a future) Bus Rapid Transit route or two would more than meet the local needs — and buses do not have the grade limitations of trolley cars that force a too-low bridge (with considerable negative economic impact especially on the Washington side of the river).

    Indeed, to me, it seems as if Jim Moeller’s position regarding the CRC with trolley cars required, almost goes beyond mere political malpractice — it seems as if Moeller has completely lost touch with reality. I suggest that his family ought to immediately get him into mental medical care, before it’s too late.

  4. Jim isn’t really the problem. If he weren’t representing the 49th, some other left wing radical would be. The problem is with imbecilic voters who are addicted to government welfare (I don’t mean in the narrow sense of the state welfare system). Take a look at the income map of Clark County and that will show you why people like Moeller keep winning in that district. The Democrats have trained low income people to expect handouts. Obviously not everyone (speaking from my own experience) who is lower income falls for that Trojan horse, but enough do. In addition to that you have the wealthy liberals who think they need to help “those people”, so go about doing it in the worst way possible. Instead of making it possible through tax reform for businesses to create higher paying jobs, they rather take as much as they can from anyone with a little more than those poverty level income earners, and feed the money into an unnecessary bureaucracy, who in turn dole it out (in direct payments, subsidies, and in senseless and bloated projects) in a cynical attempt to gain ever more control over the electorate.

  5. Has anybody checked out TriMet’s ridership performance for the past three months??? Of anything, this would be a great indicator as to why we do not need MAX in Vancouver (Mr. Moeller, I hope you do read this):

    Trimet Ridership reports:

    December 2012 – Weekday fixed route boardings were 286,410 in December, 5.0% below the prior year’s level. Rides were up on bus and WES commuter rail (+1.1%, +4.1% respectively), but were down 14.1% on MAX. Weekend ridership was up 12.4% on buses and down 6.5% on MAX from the previous year. Overall weekly system fixed route rides were 3.6% below the prior year’s level.

    November 2012 – Weekday fixed route boardings were 315,100 in November, 1.5% below the prior year’s level. Rides were up on bus and WES commuter rail (+2.1%, +5.6% respectively), but were down 7.2% on MAX. Weekend ridership was up 5.9% on buses and down 7.0% on MAX. Overall weekly system fixed route rides were 1.2% below the prior year’s level.

    October 2012 – Weekday fixed route boardings were 336,100 in October, 0.4% below the prior year’s level. Rides were up on bus and WES commuter rail (+2.8%, +10.1% respectively), but were down 5.5% on MAX. Weekend ridership was up 1.4% on buses and down 10.8% on MAX. Overall weekly system fixed route rides were 1.1% below the prior year’s level.

    (courtesy, TriMet’s website)

  6. I have to appreciate that not all Liberal Democrats are like Jim Moeller and see this CRC as designed is not what the region needs.

    Lew Frederick, State Representative for Oregon House District 43

    I may disagree with him on some other matters, but he is spot on about CRC.

    He also spoke at last years Smarter Bridge Committee Conference at the Vancouver Landing

  7. Ok, guys. Let us analyze Jim Moeller. Why is he acting so cocky (and damn NO, please don’t answer with because it’s just normal Jim?) this late in the session. I believe coming up real soon is the last date for legislation to be out of committee soon?

    I know Jim has his own parroting parody on his left shoulder, but why is he so combative and pushing the envelope, if the legislation will be supposedly DOA over in the washington state senate? I’m starting to wonder private if some has “cooked’ the books or financially fed the right campaigns to force this issue some where or some one wrote a key piece of legislation letting the governor or the new head of the washington state department of transportation the a ok to move forward with this project.

    Jim is the second or near one of the more power house members from what I know. And is speaker pro-tempore. Just under that wonderful caucus member he would just so LOVE to kick to the cure and helicopter parent of the washington state legislature, Frank Chopp. If any thing gets done in Olympia, it must got through Frank or it is dead from what I know.

    I would like to hear more of what you all think. I have watched this project and attended so many meetings for and against this project since 2004. Some thing just does NOT feel right!

  8. Moeller, being the local version of Mussolini, can’t help himself. There will be no deal on the CRC; the Oregon bill loaded more poison pills into their scam that there’s no way that the Senate here will pass the Washington version of the bill.

    Moeller acts the way he acts because, it’s claimed, of genetics. Possibly. But his genetic arrogance can’t be learned. There’s no doubt: he was born that way.

    And, BTW: Speaker Pro Tem has precisely zero power. None. It’s purely ceremonial, and usually pawned off on a senior democrat they don’t want to give a committee to.

    Second most powerful is Ways and Means Chair, 3rd is Transportation, 4th is Capitol Budget, 5th is Finance (taxes.)

    It’s on the same level as, perhaps, deputy whip… only for those who’ve been there longer.

  9. If only we could get Lew Fredrick for Jim

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