UPDATE: Facebook Pulls Heterosexual Appreciation Page

by lewwaters

KissingFacebook is likely the premier social networking site, having grown immensely since it was first brought online years ago. Millions of people have joined and promoted several causes, many quite controversial and of questionable taste, without even a bat of the eyelids from facebook.

Some have been very objectionable such as a page labeled “Ann Romney’s Magical Mormon Cunt” depicting Mrs. Romney with vampire fangs.

Complaints on that offensive page received a reply from facebook of, “we were not able to confirm that the specific page you reported violates Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.

You judge if the page would be considered objectionable to you in the screenshot below.

Romney Facebook Hate

That particular page is now gone, presumably because the election is over and whoever set it up took it down. But there are others people find objectionable like, Wolf Butchering, Cooking and Recipes seen by many as an animal abuse page.

Facebook sat idle while two men shared child porn on their pages.

There have been pages demeaning our Troops and Veterans that facebook let stand.

So why would they find a page promoting heterosexuality objectionable and pull it down?

A few months ago a page was created called Heterosexual Awareness Month that stood for heterosexuality and approached the subject with humorous cartoons and images. It did not bash homosexuals, but said there was nothing wrong with being heterosexual, since we are male and female for a reason in nature.

As we all know, agenda driven homosexual activists despise heterosexuality and want their lifestyle promoted over any other, even though they cannot reproduce amongst themselves. They cry hate and homophobia any time someone speaks up in appreciation of heterosexuality, even though those people never say anything about homosexuals.

To those types in the homosexual community, and not all homosexuals buy into it, any mention of heterosexuality is enough to send them in a frenzy.

I would have to think that is what was behind the creation of the facebook page, Stop “Heterosexual Awareness Month” that bills itself as

“dedicated to stopping LGBT HATE GROUPS on facebook like the so-called ‘Heterosexual Awareness Month’ page.”
“They are not spreading awareness… they are spreading animosity.”

While these sort of groups have no problem promoting the made up word “homophobia,” they have made up a derogatory definition of the term “heterophobia” of

“a neologism used as a snarl word to delegitimize the gay rights movement’s campaign for equal treatment and an end to anti-gay bigotry.”

Standing up for the natural order of male & female is anathema to them and must be silenced. No tolerance or acceptance given at all. None, just their agenda is all that is to be promoted today in the new politically correct times we live in.

The creators of “Heterosexual Awareness Month” were equally astonished to find their page removed without warning or notice and sent out the notice,

“We did not approach the protection of marriage as many others have done in the past, but with a humorous and more satirical point of view. We had almost 6400 fans, we kept our posts as clean and fun as possible, and we were shut DOWN. How’s that for First Amendment rights? Someone remind me again about equality. Being a heterosexual and pro marriage is now considered ‘in violation of policy,’ apparently.”

They have opened a new “Heterosexual Awareness Month” page and will continue to promote our lifestyle, the natural order if you will as the struggle to stop the bashing and demeaning of heterosexuals continues.

As for facebook, I can’t say how disappointed I am that they would do this while letting obvious hateful sites remain.

It may be popular to follow the idiotic P.C. nonsense, but to actually shut down the promotion of heterosexuality while allowing homosexuality to reign throughout their site doesn’t endear me to them and might make me reassess my involvement with facebook.

At the very least, they should be ashamed of themselves.

UPDATE: It looks like facebook caved to SHAM (Stop Heterosexual Awareness Month) again. As stated in the post, these homosexual activists will not tolerate anybody not in line with their views.

Some examples taken from SHAM’s facebook page


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  1. “As we all know, agenda driven homosexual activists despise heterosexuality and want their lifestyle promoted over any other”

    Exactly. They will never be satisfied until their lifestyle is considered the “preferred lifestyle”, superior to heterosexuality. Your post is part of the reason why I don’t have a Facebook account.

    The left continues to abridge the rights of those opposed to their worldview. I’m wondering how long you’ll be allowed to continue this blog.


  2. This blog is independent of facebook, Craig and even though I can link it to facebook, I have not.

    WordPress seems very tolerant, even though I know there are those who would like me shut down.

    I also know that the Clark County Democrats have tried to recruit others to open a blog to counter me, but so far no takers.

    So I’ll keep blogging away 🙂


  3. Speaking without seeing the page in question, I’m with you on this, Lew. Goose-gander, all that.


  4. Yes, I realize that it’s hosted by WordPress, but the way things are going it won’t be long before pressure is put on them to silence voices like yours. The irony is, Facebook will claim that the 1st Amendment doesn’t apply to them, therefore they can ban whatever they choose to ban. But when WordPress is shut down, the Progressives will claim that it’s due to the ‘hate speech’ allowed on the WordPress site. Merely suggesting that you personally believe that homosexuality is wrong, for example, will be classified as hate speech.

    Just as the bakery in Oregon was targeted for their refusal to provide a ‘same-sex’ wedding cake, churches and religious organizations will be targeted for their refusal to provide clergy and venue for same-sex weddings – despite the fact that there are plenty of churches ready and willing to provide those services already. The only way churches can protect themselves from litigation from this point forward is to limit weddings to church members only.


  5. Wow. Didn’t know that page existed. As an ex-Mormon, and a human in general, that’s a offensive page. Craig: I’d be really surprised if any pressure was put on WordPress to silence any voice. WP is an “open source” blog creating site, with 10’s of thousands of programmers, content providers, and designers contributing to it. I’ve met and been to events where the founder (Matt Mullenweg) has spoken. While he probably isn’t politically aligned with Lew, he very much understands the value of free speech, and how using social media (like WP) is critical to getting information to everyone.


  6. You realize that they were in fact derogatory. They promoted beating homosexuals. That is not humorous,nor representative of any heterosexual but a bigoted judgmental hypocritical fool.


  7. Strange how you expect tolerance and understanding, but promotion of traditional lifestyle impresses you as derogatory.

    I never saw any calls for beating homosexuals or anything other than promoting heterosexuality.

    If you wish tolerance, perhaps you should show some yourself.


  8. I’m pro equality and I wouldn’t want you shut down. This blog post is too funny. Do you actually believe what you’re saying, or am I missing the satire?


  9. What you miss and don’t know, primarily because I don’t mention it a lot, but I was molested by a homosexual when I was about 11 years old. So I have a little experience in the area.

    If you expect live and let live, you need to learn to offer it instead of targeting anybody you perceive as not embracing and promoting your particular lifestyle.

    You can laugh as you wish, but your very comment shows equality is of not interest to you. If it were, you would be tolerant of Heterosexual Awareness.


  10. Maybe HAM would be taken more seriously if they stopped contradicting themselves. They claim that they are not a religious page yet so frequently it’s followers turn to the bible to support their position. Anyone posting an opposing opinion on their page whether it be civil or not are having their comments deleted and permission to post anything else blocked, while blatantly offensive comments by their supporters remain and they go unblocked. I questioned their stance and after I requested documentation to support their stance that was not derived from religious text my comments were removed and I was blocked. As for the derogatory definition of heterophobia, HAM was promoting it and encouraging it’s followers to add it to online dictionaries. A supporter of HAM claimed “They won’t let us celebrate our heterosexualness…” Were the events HAM held in July 2012 Cancelled against their will? They seek to preserve traditional marriage and claim homosexuality is to blame and promote that point, yet celebrities getting married for publicity, Infidelity, loss of faith due to the misdeed of spiritual leader barely get mentioned. They have proven to me that they do not wish to discuss anything, they believe they are right and that is final.


  11. Are you trying to be serious? “Heterosexual Awareness Month” hardly did anything to promote Heterosexuality.

    That page primarily tried to stereotype and insult the ENTIRE LGBT Community, with posts and pictures that try to paint them ALL in a bad light. Not all Gay Men are feminine, just like not all Gay Women are butch. And yet, if you look at that page, you’d see that they would have you believe just that.

    Let alone all the harmful comments about “All the Homosexuals” wallowing in feces, and how “God will doom them to Eternal Hell.”

    That page was not about “Heterosexual Awareness” or “Pride.” It was about demonizing the Homosexual Community. And it truly was a hate group, whether you believe it or not.


  12. It would be okay if they were ONLY promoting heterosexuality and heterosexual marriage. But in addition to that, they are posting very hurtful lies about homosexuals, hate speeches and discriminatory pictures against homosexuals. They are believing that homosexual people are child molesters and that is not true. People will start believing them and this is dangerous for the society ! They remade their page but until now they haven’t posted anything bad about homosexuals, which is okay for me. I think Facebook did a good job with deleting their page because they were taking this too far. I hope this time they will know where to stop, promoting their lifestyle is okay but not to spread lies and hate.


  13. Heterosexual Awareness Month keeps talking about how their “First Amendment rights” are being trampled on.

    The First Amendment prohibits GOVERNMENT from interfering in free expression. So if you want to say that gays are disgusting, disordered, one step away from paedophilia, or any of the various other such things that HAM and many of their supporters have said over the past few months, you are free to do that without fear of arrest or suchlike.

    Facebook, however is a privately-owned company, with its own rules, terms and conditions regarding hate speech. Rules which, incidentally, all of you on HAM, admins included, agreed to when you signed up to Facebook.

    The First Amendment does not give you the right to a Facebook page, any more than it gives you the right to enter a classy nightclub wearing ripped jeans, a T-shirt, and flip-flops.


  14. the page was taken down because they got to many complaints even from the hetero community they are in fact a hate page they have posted pictures and statuses depicting members of the lgbt being beaten and run over by cars abd crushed by heavy machinery they are the verey definition of hate so are you lew watersyou were not molested by a homosexual but by a pedophile. homosexuality does not equal pedophilia get your facts straight


  15. Homosexuals don’t want to be a preferred life style they just want to be accepted. No one hates yoü because you’re straight. Heterosexual Awareness Month posted several subliminal photos on their first page calling people ‘fags’ and sometimes they commented telling people to kill themselves for being gay. I have screen shots of it and it’s totally uncalled for. They deserved what they got. They never answered simple questions either. What rights are being taken away from you by homosexuals existing? Why do you need an awareness month? They never answered. Just called yoü a homolover and banned you from their page.


  16. Oh, the mental gymnastics the writer lewwaters is displaying here. The images in question did not promote heterosexuality, they promoted homophobia.


  17. As expected, the homosexual community is turning out in droves to counter the post and spread more of their vicious unsubstantiated allegations.

    Not one of you has presented anything other than your own perception of wild accusations. Not one of you has shown any actual proof of your allegations.

    While it is true that the first amendment only applies to government, it is obvious by the onslaught of homosexuals and their supporters that they wish to silence anybody who dares speak out contrary to their agenda.

    Unwittingly, every one of you proves the point of this post.

    Otherwise you would have just ignored it.


  18. Banana, you say homosexuals do not want a preferred lifestyle.

    Are you willing to give up the “protected class status?”

    Compared to how homosexuals were viewed in my youth, they are already largely accepted.

    When was the last time you heard of anybody going to jail just for being homosexual?


  19. Homosexuals need to get the Hell out of our affairs. It’s a crock of **** that it’s “equality”. They wanna keep acting like dogs, treating people like dogs? I guarantee you it is not going to end well for them. People have had enough of this LGBTyranny. I absolutely do promote the beating of a Homosexual: if he was being an arrogant, ignorant, disrespectful, filthy little person to me.


  20. This is bull. I have proof that heterosexual awareness month posted pictures saying that homosexuals were pedophiles and child abusers. And just so it’s clear. The page “stop heterosexual month” wasn’t the page that is responsible. Your going after the wrong page. 😀


  21. Nick, what would you call the homosexual that molested me at 11 years old?


  22. Lew, Nick would sooner call you a liar than admit homosexuals can do anything wrong.


  23. You on HAM agreed, when you signed up to Facebook, that you would abide by the terms & conditions regarding hate speech. You breached those conditions, and thus you were banned. With freedom comes responsibility. I have seen HAM’s posts over the past few months, and they have consistently posted things comparing homosexuality to paedophilia, saying how homosexuality is un-natural, and that homosexuals are disordered and disgusting. Such material is in breach of the terms and conditions WHICH YOU ON H.A.M. SIGNED UP AND AGREED TO. Again, with freedom comes responsibility.


  24. Calling people liars after screen-shots have been captured of the kind of intolerant pictures have been posted doesn’t do anything to promote your view point.


  25. And again, my post is proven.

    In spit of years of efforts, science has struggled to make homosexuality “natural.” False claims of a “homosexual gene” fell apart when geneticists were unable to replicate it. But that did not stop activists.

    And as expected, just saying it is “unnatural” and apparently you fail to understand why nature is male & female and is the only way nature survives is instantly labeled “hate speech.”

    But, you don’t seek a “preferred status.”

    And the mere fact that you all flock here to counter this small post shows again my point that anything said not supportive of the homosexual lifestyle is anathema and must be countered, if not silenced.

    Ya’ll just can’t help yourselves.


  26. And again, Josh cries screenshots of hate and intolerance, but gives N-O-T-H-I-N-G

    Hate to tell you, but actual photos of homosexuals taken at Pride events is truth, not intolerance.

    The real intolerance is that you all take pride in such displays.


  27. Grow up and take some personal responsibility, mate. You want to be proud of who you are, that’s fine and dandy. But attacking other people, in derogatory terms, for their gender, race, or sexual orientation is AGAINST THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF FACEBOOK. Terms which YOU AGREED TO when you signed up to Facebook. You breached those conditions and thus you were banned.


  28. Also, judging an entire group of people based upon one experience you’ve had isn’t fair. Being molested by someone isn’t something that I, a gay man, would wish on anyone. The person who molested you when you were eleven is not a representative of who the LGBT community at large. Each of us are individuals. In my opinion, those that are actively fighting for our rights aren’t doing so for acceptance, necessarily, but to be respected as human beings.


  29. I think you should stop living in the past and move on. I’m sorry about what happened when you were 11, but it’s no different then having a heterosexual molest a child. You need to step out and look at the world today, it’s much different now. You can’t label someone just because they are black, white, yellow, rainbow, straight or gay. Just because a homosexual molested you doesn’t mean you should start blaming all the homosexuals. What someone chooses as their sexual orientation is their choice, who they choose to be with is their choice, but it doesn’t mean they are bad people just because they don’t want to be with their opposite gender. That being said, anyone of any race, sex, sexual orientation can be good or bad, as we are all human. I urge you to read the last sentence again, that we are all human and start promoting equal human rights instead of spending your time writing this garbage on wordpress.

    If you are still stuck in the past about your molestation I suggest you get help and see a psychiatrist because your work here is clearly not healthy for your emotional state.

    Heterosexuals have dominated culture for centuries, and are clearly not the ones being undermined here. Homosexuals just ask for equal rights and peace, equality is the key here, and no one is asking for one group to be placed above the other. If heterosexuals face discrimination as you have claimed, then homosexuals have faced the same, if not more, discrimination.

    Who are you to say what is natural and what is not? If others want to discriminate against a certain group, that is their problem but now you have shrunk down to their level by discriminating against a certain group of people just because of a past even that happened to you decades ago that you can’t let go. You should go see the outside world for once and move on in life.


  30. Haha josh, looks like we posted about the same thing at the same time.


  31. How can science prove if hetero or homosexuality is equal? Life is all about choice, and you have made the choice of being intolerant of other people’s choices. Can you truly judge someone if they prefer chicken over steak? Can I condemn you for eating steak in front of me if I deem it as “disgusting”

    And it’s not the homosexual community that come out in droves to counter your post, its everyone of both sides that come to counter your intolerance of other people’s choices.


  32. Really Michael? Pointing out that heterosexuality is natural and there is a reason for it is intolerance?

    Of note, I have not used the terms queer, faggot or dyke, but you perceive those words are used to cry hate speech and intolerance.

    But as I said, and I freely said not all homosexuals agree, there is a very vocal element that cannot tolerate others disagreeing with them or advocating the natural order, male & female.

    Your own vehemence betrays you.

    And thank you for also showing a real lack of understanding or tolerance for an adult survivor of sexual molestation.

    As I said, ya’ll just can’t help yourselves.


  33. So lew if you being molested by a “homosexual” means that homosexuals are all pedophiles then what about the 2 men who molested me, I am female btw, does that mean all heterosexual men are pedophiles? Also most pedophiles self identify as heterosexuals whether they molest boys or girls.


  34. Hate to tell you, Johnno, I am not behind Heterosexual Awareness Month nor am I banned from facebook.

    Better luck next time.


  35. Wren, to make your point relevant, first you should show where I ever said all homosexuals are pedophiles.

    Contrary to what you try to portray, I never said all homosexuals are pedophiles, but said some are to correct claims of no homosexuals are pedophiles.


  36. I find it hilarious that you believe the garbage flowing from your mouth can foul the air to the point of defeat for traditional value holding people. Here’s some Febreeze to counter you. For one, the State cannot interfere in something unless it has a secular interest.
    From the perspective of homosexuals, marriage literally is about a romantic relationship and love, I provide an article to validate this: http://www.freedomtomarry.org… .
    Now in this article, they claim gays can establish a family. This is entirely false. Biologically, a man and a man cannot have a child. A woman and a woman cannot have a child, regardless of artificial insemination, it is requiring a man. No man, no woman, no child.

    Now, from what I can discern, the State does not care about a “romantic relationship founded on love”. What benefit is there for the state in that? You cannot ad-hoc another individuals child and claim this is your production of a family, as you did not create said child, this is a fact; if you did not create the child, the family is a matter of opinion to you, but not fact in reality. The State never has an interest in friendships. In roommates. And they can have the same “romantic relationship on love”, but the State doesn’t grant special status to friendships, there is nothing of value to the State. What IS of value, is the creation of a child. By definition of homosexuality, children are not a possibility to create by homosexuals. Marriage was never a legal matter, it was instituted by religion and defined by religion as a union between one man and one woman, under God for the purpose of reproduction. Ironically, DOMA would be legal since it only acknowledges this, true it would need revision for benefits, yet government chooses what it can acknowledge, but regardless.

    There is no gay gene, science has not provided it, therefore it is not there currently for us to proclaim its existence. It is not a matter of discrimination for one to have reasonable doubt on the validity of the claim that one can be born homosexual, as it has not been proven. Nor is it discrimination to disagree with a lifestyle, regardless of why, that is covered by our First Amendment and Freedom Of Religion, you cannot force someone to approve of you.

    The State has an interest in reserving marriage for heterosexuals, because only heterosexuals may create children, and to be perfectly honest, adoption costs the government, a straight couple caring for the child they created does not. Children are the States’ interest as they will be paying taxes, contributing labor, reproducing as well, they are the next creators and leaders in society. Since gays cannot create them, the State has no interest in Gay Marriage.

    In order for Gays to claim discrimination because of heterosexuals having marriage, they must prove it was allowed to them by creation. It was not, it was created by religion for straights. Nor is there ANY right to marriage for ANYONE in the Constitution of The United States of America, because it is not a right, it is a religious privilege. The argument many Gays use is that the 14th Amendment ensures equal treatment. Except (1.), Gays are not a suspect class currently under said Amendment, their argument is they should be. The United States Supreme Court has not granted them suspect class, and the House of Representatives presents a valid argument: with the amount of political power gays have garnished in the past decade alone, they have proven themselves out of the jurisdiction of judicial protection, not only that, there are already anti-discrimination laws in place against LGBT individuals. http://washburnlaw.edu… (2.), Nowhere in the Constitution is anyone entitled to marriage. I cannot provide a link to something that does not exist. (3.), Homosexuals have proven enough is never enough. There are cases after cases of heterosexuals being sued and prosecuted for moral objection, this is tyrannical and even criminal on the part of homosexuals: you cannot rob an individual of Free Will, especially on their own properties and violate their Freedom of Religion. http://www.wnd.com… . Having said this, they cannot prove discrimination or suspect class.

    Another argument homosexuals use is that infertile men or women should not be allowed to marry. This is false, because it is not the effect itself, it is showing the parameters for survival of the species, a necessity predating government and politics. You cannot ever compare a homosexual union to a heterosexual union simply because they are two different identities, one can create the States’ interest; children; and one cannot. This is blatantly obvious. Why should the State grant a status that would then become worthless? The law of Supply and Demand dictates that when something is rare, it is valuable, and when something is of abundance, it drops in value and eventually reaches no value. That is the effect of Gay Marriage, it has well beyond the potential of actually removing the interest of the propagation of the species and effectively bleeds marriage into oblivion.

    Under Lemon V Kurtzman, http://en.wikipedia.org… , The Court’s decision in this case established the “Lemon test”, which details the requirements for legislation concerning religion. It consists of three prongs:

    The government’s action must have a secular legislative purpose;
    The government’s action must not have the primary effect of either advancing or inhibiting religion;
    The government’s action must not result in an “excessive government entanglement” with religion.
    If any of these 3 prongs are violated, the government’s action is deemed unconstitutional under the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

    Adding a definition to marriage, which is what including homosexuals is, is NOT a secular purpose in the slightest. How is adding a definition to a religious institution a legal matter?
    The idea of adding a definition to marriage has ALREADY unduly entangled everyone in the nation, Church and State.
    And incorporating a definition by way of government, into a religious institution is a horrific infringement upon the Church’s rights and Freedom of Religion.

    And so for these reasons, I submit that there is no Legal, Religious, or Biological mandate for Gay Marriage.

    There is no exception to homosexuals who treat people like crap. If you wanna lie, and spit on our honor, equality comes at the price of physical confrontation.


  37. When I was 14 I was raped by a straight guy. Straight guys are evil pedophiles. See how stupid that sounds?


  38. You sir, need help, soon.


  39. I am tempted to no longer support Civil Unions with all the same benefits as marriage, due to the sheer disrespect, ridicule, and hate the LGBT has shown straights.


  40. And why do you assume that all those who comment on your post is a homosexual?


  41. It’s dominance or destruction for you people. LGBT, I hope you realize you got a big mouth on you. Because if you don’t, it will be the biggest surprise you will ever know when this festering cesspool of hypocrisy, ignorance, and arrogance erupts. You can talk a big game. We however can walk it. I don’t care if you’re gay or straight. If you disrespect me or my family, I put you down.


  42. Grow up, omg i was touched, i hate everyone now


  43. Your comment is irrelevant.


  44. @LewWaters, I would call the person who molested you when you were 11 years old, a Child Rapist. He may have been Homosexual, he may have been Bisexual, hell, he may have been Heterosexual.

    Notably, just because there ARE people who do such terrible things, does not mean that everyone does terrible things. Just because one Homosexual has done terrible things, does not mean that ALL Homosexuals will do terrible things.


  45. A problem for you, Banana. No one says straights aren’t rapists or pedophiles. We deal with them by prosecutions, imprisonment and such.

    To the contrary, homosexuals and supporters try to portray no homosexuals as pedophiles, even rapists. And yes, males have been raped by males.

    But again, I defy you find anywhere I’ve said all homosexuals are pedophiles.


  46. Comprehension isn’t your strong suit, is it, John?

    Numerous times I have said homosexuals and their supporters.


  47. I’m straight and in no way has a gay person ever done something to make my life hell. No one has disrespected me. I haven’t had any rights taken away. Nothing bad has happened.


  48. And others testify they have, Banana. Where is your tolerance of them?


  49. “Just because one”, incinerate that excuse already, you clowns! ALL of you want ONE thing, and ONE thing only! You want the utter acceptance of everyone. All of you call anyone who disagrees a bigot. All of you are hypocrites. Not a single one of you has told Lew that you’re not like the others, because you’re all full of lies and garbage! You cannot subvert people into liking you, and ESPECIALLY when you speak like a guttersnipe!


  50. @LewWaters, Well, I’ll endeavor to correct you, right here and now.

    There ARE Homosexuals that are Pedophiles. There ARE Homosexuals who are Rapists.

    There, you officially have a Pro-LGBT person who has said these things.


  51. Alarikum, the man was definitely homosexual living with another homosexual.

    But I find it telling that you do not label him a pedophile. Does saying child rapist somehow make it sound better?

    And again, false equation if you cannot show I have ever said all homosexuals are pedophiles.


  52. I have no claim that you “said that all homosexuals are Pedophiles.” I do not believe you believe that.

    I am simply saying that there are infact Homosexuals who are Pedophiles and Rapists.

    If you want to hear it, sure. I’ll give that statement to you too. “The person who raped you when you were 11 years old was a Homosexual Pedophile.”

    There you go. ^_^


  53. I am a heterosexual female, and I have no problem with equality, whatsoever. Had the page simply promoted being proud of your heterosexuality and celebrated everyone’s (healthy) sexual orientations than so be it. However it is masked, and is a hate group, trying to promote intolerance. You can’t be a group that is specifically trying to demean and exclude another group – yet claim you are the one being persecuted.

    I am very sorry that a pedophile molested you. However, pedophelia is not homosexuality, Lew. I can tell you are very bitter and hurt by that event, I am the victim of date rape myself, so I can somewhat understand. A woman could have just as easily molested you, or even a slightly older child. If a pedophile molests someone, I am ALL for them being prosecuted.

    The big division here, is mainly religious orientation and the idea that it is wrong. Well, shall I direct you to the Pope and priests that are doing these atrocious things but are getting away with it, not because of the LGBT community but because of the brain washed RELIGIOUS community. The sooner we wake up and realise it is all a massive lie and that they use it to keep us divided and in control, fighting eachother, the better for everyone.

    I want to extend love to you Lew, where you pursue hate for what that man did to you. By being angry at someone who is a genuine kind, loving homosexual you are still allowing that man to ruin your life. If you are a Christian, then you know Jesus said to love God, and love your neighbour, and that he who has no sin cast the first stone – so even if you THINK it is a sin, it is not your place to hate or judge nor condemn. And if you aren’t a Christian, then I see no reason why you would persist to surrender your life to hate and pain.


  54. You insinuated that homosexuality and pedophilia were interchangeable with your comment “What you miss and don’t know, primarily because I don’t mention it a lot, but I was molested by a homosexual when I was about 11 years old. So I have a little experience in the area.” Your comment seemed to be in response to the comment “I’m pro equality and I wouldn’t want you shut down. This blog post is too funny. Do you actually believe what you’re saying, or am I missing the satire?” Now as I did not see ANY mentions of pedophilia or molestation and only mentions of homosexuality what “area” of experience were you speaking of? Also pedophiles are as a majority heterosexuals since homosexuals tend towards older post puberty boys, usually early to late teens, as they have the physical features such people are attracted to. The person who molested you was either an actual pedophile, who are ONLY Attracted to prepubescent children regardless of gender, or child molester who identifies as heterosexual unless you were already well into puberty. Now, while the likelihood that a homosexual is a pedophile is small, there is roughly the same percentage of child molesters between homo and heterosexuals, with all other factors, such as mental illness and prior abuse of the offender.


  55. Before you get too congratulatory of your comment and acknowledging that not all homosexuals support pedophiles, I should direct your attention to an article printed by the International Lesbian and Gay Association many years ago addressing why they should no longer support NAMBLA. In case it is missed, they were supportive of a pedophile group until threatened with losing their consultative status in the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

    NAMBLA: Out of the Movement’s Bounds

    The question remains, why would they have been supportive of a pedophile group in the first place?


  56. Because they were misguided. Terribly misguided. And thankfully, the error of their ways was seen, and they have separated themselves from such a group. They’ve been trying to fight the stigma of being attached to a group like that for years. Because people (such as many members of the HAM Initiative) continue to associate them, even though they are now separate.


  57. Pressuring the Boy Scouts into allowing Gay members is the exact same thing as supporting NAMBLA. You won’t call THAT misguided though.


  58. Again Wren, your perception and a false one at that.


  59. They don’t help their cause by attacking any who may disagree with their lifestyle or targeting businesses who say they are Christian to set them up to file complaints against if they do not agree to cater to homosexual marriage ceremonies.


  60. @Ted95 How is asking the Boy Scouts to allow Gay Members the same as supporting NAMBLA? They don’t want in so that they can take advantage of the Boy Scouts. But I will ask if that is what you are insinuating?

    NAMBLA stood for essentially legalizing Pedophilia. Boy Scouts allowing Gay Members (both in scouts, and as chaperones) is not condoning Pedophilia. It is allowing people with a different Sexual Orientation to experience Boy Scouts, as any other boy.


  61. Meghan, have you missed all of the condemnations and lawsuits against Priests and the Vatican?

    But you show your own intolerance with the emphasized “brain washed RELIGIOUS community.”

    You see, I have not mentioned religion and do not base my position on religion, although I can argue it if someone so chooses.

    On the contrary my position is wholly secular.

    You say you are a heterosexual female and I have no reason to doubt that, but do you realize why nature is set up male and female? It wasn’t happenchance that nature is organized as such.

    If you wish to drag in God, Jesus and the Bible, I would first ask that you at least know it and not just selected talking points lifted out of context to suit your need.

    After all, if thee is to be no judgement, why do we have courts, prisons and why do so many of you object to this post and the Heterosexual Awareness Month facebook page?

    You can’t have it both ways. You cannot judge and then tell others they may not.


  62. You really enjoy egging these people on, Lew. Stop it. Everytime a Conservative takes a defendable position, they then undermine it by getting ridiculous. Learn to take your trophy, smile, and go home.


  63. Alarikun, you must be one terrible parent (assuming you have children). No, it is allowing boys to be put in harms’ way, even if in sporadic intervals. You are upping the chances to scar children for life. How dare you people. You sit there, you filthy pigs. And you claim you want “acceptance” and “equality”? But you think social murder and peer pressure, insults and intimidation, bribes and lies is the way to get it. Let me tell you something. I hope you are haunted eternally by the spirits of every boy ever molested. Ask them if it matters who does it. See how happy they’ll be to know YOU were the reason even one child got molested in the Boy Scouts.


  64. A liberal admitting defeat, but of course under an irrelevant and false premise, what a shock. Martin, you want to debate someone, debate me.


  65. Alarikun, they are no asking he Boy Scouts to accept homosexual leaders and members, they are demanding and coercing.

    Not to be forgotten was the scandal that the Boy Scouts were hit with in the 1990’s of leaders molesting younger boys. They adopted the policy to protect the boys and themselves from a repeat and now homosexuals are demanding to be placed back in authoritative positions over young boys.

    And no, not every homosexual is a pedophile, but why would one demand to be placed over young boys?


  66. Not only that, but it’s a GENIUS idea to put homosexual teens in with straight teens, because we ALL know teens respect authority and approve SO much of gays.


  67. Sorry Martin, but you should know me well enough by now to know I will not just sit back and not counter these comments with truth.

    Go back and read the post, it was not against homosexuals for their lifestyle, but against facebook for catering to on and shutting down another.

    Every one of the comments were made by choice to counter that and drag in other points to counter a perceived disagreement with homosexuality.

    And as I said in the post and they prove, something they do all of the time, flock to counter and silence any perceived disagreement instead of just moving on and living their life.


  68. @LewWaters, Why wold a Heterosexual demand to be placed over young boys in an Authoritative Position? Same reason for Homosexuals.

    @Ted95, I am not a parent, and I really don’t mind that fact (given that I’m all of 23 years old). But one does not need to be a Homosexual to be a Pedophile. Nor are all Homosexuals Pedophiles. As far as I’m concerned, banning ALL Homosexuals from participating in Boy Scouts (Either as a Child, or as a Leader) is wrong. It is punishing a whole group of people for something only a few of them have done.

    How is that fair? That is like saying “Because a few Heterosexuals stabbed people, ban them all from having knives!” Perhaps that is a bit overboard though. Either way, I think my point is across, and I hope you can understand how this is unfair.


  69. Ted, dude, I’d LOVE to! Come on over to my forum, bring your creditials and your debate chops, and let’s have at it.


    p.s. Pick any topic you want but I suggest going to your strength.


  70. No, I can understand how you are stupid however. Yes, I said stupid. Because had I continued to argue civilly, you would have pulled the “ignorant” card. It is absolutely fair to ban them. Just like it is absolutely fair to ban Jews from the Nazi Party (and I’m a Jew). Just like it is absolutely fair to ban a 3 year old from Harvard. Just like it is absolutely fair to ban girls from the Boy Scouts for the same reason: SEX. How dare you be so selfish as to endanger even a single child, because you want to watch BrokeBack Mountain in real life with young boys? Seems like you do INDEED support pedophillia.


  71. No Martin, verified mutual ground where both sides can see what is posted. Here is fine. I pull no strings, you pull no strings.


  72. Again with the sweeping generalizations. I have a diverse group of friends that come from many backgrounds, including Christians that support LGBT equality. My beef is not with people who say they are Christian. It isn’t even with people who say they support traditional values. My beef comes with people that believe that everyone else should live by those traditional values.


  73. @Ted95, … Really? I… I just don’t understand how someone can support sweeping generalizations, and stereotyping like that. Honestly… I don’t get it. So you are one who would pull sweeping generalizations on it all… for instance, if a Heterosexual Man took advantage of one of the Boy Scouts… that would mean that all Heterosexual Men should be banned from Boy Scouts, right?

    If your answer is anything except “yes,” then I would say you are being unfair. But you have the right to be, right to free speech and all. I just hope your eyes can be opened one day. Not all Homosexuals are bad people. Maybe you’ll learn that.


  74. And Josh, you ignore your own intolerance of demanding everybody accept what you live by.

    Don’t bother trying to say you don’t because if you didn’t, you wouldn’t be here arguing.


  75. Name one Christian who actively “supports” gays. Christians tolerate gays, we do not “support” gays, nor do you phonies! You don’t “support” gays! If I placed a foot to the back of a LGBT “supporter”‘s head, over another man or woman’s crotch, let’s see how much “support” they’d have then. If you’re not a martyr, you’re not a “supporter”. You’d gp insane before you went all the way, phonies.


  76. No Heterosexual man takes advantage of a boy. That is a homosexual pedophile. Little girls are heterosexual pedophiles.


  77. I don’t want your acceptance. I demand to be respected.


  78. Alarikun, heterosexuals are not demanding to be in an authoritative position over anybody. Plenty are refused for a variety of reasons from being selected as Boy Scout leaders. But only homosexuals have made a national campaign of demanding they be given positions over young boys.

    By the way, Boy Scouts can lose their right to carry a knife.

    Try basing your argument on relevant facts, not hyperbole.

    You are entitled to your opinion, but by what right do you demand that others adhere to what your views?

    That is the very definition of intolerance.


  79. Dude, that is the quickest way to get banned from my blog.

    Post under your own name, not mine. The real Lew


  80. Okay, Ted, who are you and why should I listen? Your legal jargon and reasoning is wrong, so you’re obviously NOT an attorney. (I am.) You don’t know biology or medical science so your obviously NOT in the field. (I am.) You’re debating style is overbearing and misanthropic so I’d pass on much of it. (Dude, we could do this in my forum where I’d help out because I like a good “debate.”)

    p.s. Lew is actually GOOD at this, you’re cramping his style.


  81. Josh, respect is not demanded, it is earned.


  82. Alright alright… you guys win. It’s not really worth wasting my day arguing with you guys. You’re welcome to your opinion, and I’m welcome to mine. I’m heading off.

    You all have a wonderful day, and life. ^_^


  83. And the homos follow us here as well. They are pests. It’s about time to bring out the insecticide for their species. All they’ve done is make us more determined than ever. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Go HAM!!!!


  84. Disagreeing with someone’s point of view and demanding respect from them are two different, things, Lew.

    I respect the right for people to have and speak their opinion, up until the point where that opinion is how other people should live their lives.


  85. Ironic Josh, I guess the fact you want to teach my children that a man sliding his penis into another man’s rectum, marrying him, and performing analingus is normal must not be an invasion into my business. See, when you teach my kids something like that? Your “opinion” is destroyed.


  86. Josh, no one has told you to live your life my way in this post. But as I said, nature is male and female for a reason and a reason homosexuals cannot fulfill.

    If that is your lifestyle, that’s your business. But homosexuals have made it everybodies business and as Ted says, indoctrinating very young children that homosexuality is acceptable and by some, preferable is telling others how to live their life.

    If you had no problem with others living their life to their manner of choosing, you would be here complaining about Heterosexual Awareness Month and you would understand why the Boy Scouts began their policy of denying open homosexuals within their organization.

    It is not us who are so intolerant, it is the activists from your side who feel they must silence, challenge or shut down any who speak their view.

    And again, respect is not to be demanded, it is to be earned by deeds and actions.


  87. @Ted, then I feel really bad for your kids for having an unsupportive family
    @Josh, you have my full respect for standing up to trolls


  88. Mandy, suggesting gay people are some other species that need to be delt with by poisoning them with insecticide is a homophobic comment and does nothing to further Lew’s argument or this conversation.

    Lew, her comments are exactly the type of thing that got “Heterosexual Awareness Month” removed. Do you approve of her comments?


  89. Baron, apparently you do not know what a troll is.

    You see, since this is my blog, set up, authored and paid for by me to express my opinions, that makes you and your cohorts the trolls here.

    If I visited your forum, if you have one, to counter your opinion, then I would be the troll.

    But just remember, on this forum, you are the troll, especially since you have never visited it before and came by solely for a drive-by.


  90. Lew, clearly you’ve run out of arguments.


  91. Josh, comments are the responsibility of the commenter. It’s rare that I delete or edit comments as I strive to have differing views.

    If you condemned HAM due to comments then you did yourself a disservice by not complaining about the comment instead of the whole page.


  92. Is there anything we can do to encourage facebook to return the cancelled Heterosexual page? I like facebook, in general, but this is very upsetting to learn they have decided to censor a heterosexual page! Not cool, dudes!!


  93. Son, I haven’t even started.

    May I suggest you look over the comments left by those in agreement with you?

    If I am to delete Mandy’s, shouldn’t you be asking me to delete others, especially those derogatory towards me and my blog?

    So far the only one deleted was the one where someone tried to use my name, not cool by any means.

    Instead of calling for Mandy to be censored, why not try to show her where homosexuals are not as perceived?

    Maybe because you can’t?


  94. Josh, explain to me that by way of “coming out”, which is free will, that the decision not to, or the decision to live a straight life is not free will.


  95. Again Martin, either you be an idiot, or you debate here. Your forum means you call the shots. Everything I have provided regarding why there is no mandate for Gay Marriage is valid.


  96. Ted, you’re talking out of your ass. When you get a life, look me up.


  97. My ass doesn’t talk, however if it did indeed talk, the flatulence would sound more intelligent than you, stubborn oaf.


  98. haha high five to martin

    and you guys might want to look at this


  99. and lew, you pay for this? may i suggest you save your money and maybe get a lady or something


  100. Really Baron? What are you, 8 years old? My grandson gives more adult insults than that.

    By the way, I have a lady, thank you and we fit together very nicely, and naturally.

    Incidentally, while I will let these comments stand, your other comments went to the circular file as will all of the rest of your comments.

    As I said before, that is the quickest way to be banned here, trying to steal my name to post under.

    Can you get more juvenile?


  101. Homodexual behavior is “Queer” because it isn’t at all “normal” and it will never be “normal” no matter how many tantrums that the Queers throw.


  102. Wow. Brought ’em out tonight Lew. But, you do realize @ted95 is a troll right? Even the biggest homophobe (which I’m not, gays, “do your thing”, mines not to judge), isn’t that big an asshole. Dude’s just trying to get into a fight.


  103. Some people fire back with what they have been faced with, Don.

    I don’t know Ted or why he comments as he does, but I have seen some pretty vitriolic comments directed towards any who may not agree with homosexual marriage or even the teaching of homosexuality in grade school.

    In fact, it was some time ago, but I received some pretty explicit threats directed at me. I gave them .357 reasons to reconsider 😉


  104. Heterosexual awareness month got what they deserved. As Nick had Said the page that hosted the event to shut them down has proof of their hate and has many of their pictures posted on their own page to show it. And as for you Lew I’m sorry that happened to you, I think all pedophiles should be shot but not all homosexuals are pedophiles as you would say.
    I myself used to be a welcome guest on HAM I would have debates with their fans and almost every fan I debated with always thanked me for being respectful and not calling them a bigot.
    HAM did not support traditional marriage they supported hate. What else would you call a steam roller running over a group of homosexuals? It’s not funny because of by the way they and many of their fans talked they would do it if given half the chance.
    And speaking of “traditional marriage” it was created thousands of years before Christianity was created. It was meant for a man to be able to say he possessed a woman. It made it so that the woman was not allowed to breed with anyone else. To insure that she gave birth to only that one mans offspring. Eventually it EVOLVED and people started doing it for love, and it is evolving once more.
    The page that did organize the event, (not SHAM I really wish you would stop giving them our credit) doesn’t bother with most traditional marriage pages. Or heterosexual pride pages. Because we feel everyone has the right to be proud of who they are and have a right to their own beliefs. However HAM was going too far. If one of you came up to me and said you didn’t agree with gay marriage because it’s against your beliefs I would leave you be. I wouldn’t understand it but I wouldn’t try to make you change your mind because I know in most cases if wont happen. But if you come up to me and say you don’t believe in gay marriage because you think all gays are pedophiles who spread aids everywhere we go I may punch you in the face. See the difference?


  105. And for everyone’s information it wasn’t SHAM who set up the event. It was me. Im getting sick of not getting the credit damn it. My page did it, so hate me if you must. SHAM just joined us in our efforts.


  106. Hi Lew. Here’s a handy ‘TROLL INFORMATION GUIDE’…

    A Troll is a low-level cyber terrorist who targets regular internet users and internet platforms (like Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, etc…) with crudity, profanity, inane arguments, verbal abuse, outright lies, veiled threats and huge quantities of pointless posts.

    A Troll typically has no life and no regard for the opinions or feelings of others and ALWAYS exhibits a distinct lack of civility.

    Trolls use many aliases on-line and have little fear of retribution (although cases of trolling have resulted in jail time for trolls whose on-line harrassment resulted in suicide by their victims).

    Trolls are motivated by the voyeuristic nature of posting anonymously on the internet. They get a thrill from their ability to annoy reasonable people that they themselves secretly consider to be better human beings. A yawning void of social acceptance in their real lives drives a troll’s primal need to anonymously revenge themselves upon decent people.

    Trolls have NO MORAL COMPASS. Neither do they experience feelings of regret or shame as normal people do. But for sheer cowardice, their time would be spent in more aggregious criminal activity…which makes cowardice their one redeeming quality.

    Trolls, like terrorists, rely on the high costs in time and trouble required for good people to punish or get rid of them. Unfortunately, trolls understand that most people would rather just put up with their bottomfeeding methods rather than to risk direct confrontion and the probability of being personally targeted ad nauseum.

    Trolls also resemble terrorists in that they rely on the willful ignorance of those whose causes they espouse while perpetrating their abuses. These ‘quiet enablers’ stand mute while all manner of foulness is heaped upon the innocent, the unwary or those who opinions may differ.

    Trolls thrive on NEGATIVE ATTENTION. They usually hover around internet platforms where they can provoke the most heated replies. The more negative the feedback, the more likely the Troll will continue squatting and dumping on visitors there.

    Trolls usually project a ‘dismissive’ attitude towards those who employ logic and reason. When confronted with cogent thinking, trolls just question the sanity of the respondent or the veracity of their cited sources. Trolls play endless games using nonsensical comparisons, false accusations, straw man tactics, feigned shock, mindless melodrama, regurgitated rhetoric, insulting inquiries, caustic commentary, frivolous subject changes, emotional pleas & platitudes and eventually just outright denial.

    Trolls ALWAYS resort to personal attacks. Their main goal is just to harrass, villify and drive decent people from the internet in order to restrict coherent posts and lower the conversation standards to their level. They belittle others incessantly and mock any efforts at reasonable discourse.

    What Trolls cannot acheive by quality of reason, they seek to despoil with quantity of accusation, craven crudity, profuse profanity and INCESSANT LABELING. They relentlessly label others as: sad, comical, laughable, ignorant, ridiculous, pathetic, paranoid, inane, moronic, bigoted, homophobic, rascist, hurtful, hateful, childish, meaningless, delusional, disturbed, psychotic, etc, etc.

    Typically, Trolls just throw their imagined dirt and derogatory remarks (often laced with profanity) in order to evoke a response. When they receive the requisite outraged replies, trolls then begin a tiresome regimen of inane arguments, vacuous observations, repetitive insults, ludicrous labeling & childish analysis designed to wear the recepient down.

    Trolls usually post limited replies designed to waste the time of decent people whose time would be better spent replying to other decent people. Trolls just throw out an outrageous accusation or two and expect you to spend hours posting pertinent facts, insightful links and logical, well thought-out replies which are completely wasted on them. They laugh at those who get sucked into long, time-intensive replies and consider it a victory over the respondant.

    Trolls vent in whichever way the political wind blows. Conservative, liberal, religious or sacriligious…whatever flavor the media serves up as morally superior. The ‘liberal bias’ of today’s media spurs most trolls to assume a liberal/atheist bent in order to align themselves with the perceived direction of public opinion cultivated by the media.

    Trolls are not persuadable by facts, logic, decency or courtesy and manners. They are only put-off by unemotional replies with a considerably smaller word count…or if they’re ignored altogether (which they hate).

    Trolls hate mirrors or anything that reveals them for what they are. For that reason, copy this post and paste it wherever and whenever it’s needed to mark and repel trolls.

    Have a nice troll-less day Lew.


  107. Gee Lew, your blog is getting imposter sockpuppets, the Queers and Faggots are becoming really hysterical and desperate, aren’t they?


  108. Wow! I left a comment or two can come back the next day to find over 100 additional comments! Busy blog Lew.

    As I mentioned earlier, I don’t have a Facebook account so didn’t see the content of the banned page. Apparently it was more that just a parody of pro-gay sites.

    At any rate, I wasn’t even defending that particular page, just defending their right to be heard, as those on the other side are heard. The Progressives are intolerant of dissent. That’s clear to everyone who cares to think about it.


  109. As a heterosexual follower of HAM, I witnessed firsthand numerous posts and comments by the LGBT community threatening to find and kill the admins of the page. They freely posted on the HAM wall, before their comments were deleted, suggestions that the admins should commit suicide and worse. The heterophobes posted disgusting gay porn on the HAM wall. My understanding is the Admin has numerous screen caps of messages and comments to their inbox that will repulse any sane person. Heterosexual Awareness Month was a page started to identify the hypocrisy and intolerance of the gay community toward straights; a place that despised and poked fun at political correctness; a place that mixed real news with satire; and was a strong supporter of traditional marriage and values; where like-minded heteros who were tired of the fake ‘victim status’ constantly portrayed by the gay community. The first posts back in June and July 2012 were strictly pro-hetero but the gay militants quickly found the page, perceived it as a threat, and began an organized effort to shut it down. The good news is, my understanding is, it will be back at the end of March, and one Admin has stated that a new website is in the works. Let’s hope so, they are an unrepentant voice of truth in an increasingly nutbag world.


  110. I have been watching this unfold very carefully and quite frankly,i have never been more disgusted and saddened at Facebook.The anti-religious pages are extremely graphic,nudity,profanity and threatening,yet,Facebook allows these pages to flourish and thrive.Heterosexual Awareness Month never came close to the hate and bigotry found on anti religious pages,nor did it come close to the pro LGBTQ pages that spat violent hatred toward any Christian and pro traditional marriage pages.I will certainly be taking this issue further,one rule for the LGBTQ community and silencing for those who have legitimate objections.


  111. You guys should check more popular forums than just this closed minded wordpress “blog” http://www.reddit.com/r/atheism/comments/19df51/we_got_heterosexual_awareness_month_banned_from/


  112. Lol I think some people here calling other people queers and faggots might actually be secretly hiding in the closet, what are you going to do if your son/daughter decides to spend the rest of their life with the same gender?


  113. “secretly hiding in the close” Please, bring something more original to the conversation. We’ve heard that lame line a thousand times. I know it’s your wet dream that all heteros harbor gay fantasies but sorry, in reality we see you for what you are–abnormal sexual deviants.


  114. Wow Magnus… so you are able to respond for all heteros ?!?! That is pretty amazing….. You might find it quite astonishing how many folks that sit next to you at your church are closet gay…. sons … daughters… Yup Magnus and many in this thread still clinging to biblical “rights and wrongs” … so.. 50’es….


  115. Well, now, look at this. The Homosexual Mafia is here to harass and intimidate, as usual. How surprising! See where this is going Mr. Waters? Do you see how they always press you and debate you and cajole you, until you either acquiesce to their demands or they shut you down? That is what fascists do. These people are fascists………homosexual fascists. It’s either their way or no way. I am a huge fan of HAM, and their page is always so entertaining, funny, lively and the debates rage all day. So what? We, as heteros, NEVER sought to shut down their ‘Gay Pages’. Even though they post disgusting pictures of pornography and demeaning and nasty comments on religion. Neither I, nor anyone I know, ever tried to shut THEM down. They are hypocrites and LIARS, and they are being USED by the left to further their agenda to control and disseminate information.


  116. Furthermore, Progressives are very intolerant of being reminded that they are intolerant of dissent….judging from the comments on this topic alone. They want their utopia and they don’t care who they have to shut up to get it.

    Imagine there’s no heaven
    It’s easy if you try
    No hell below us
    Above us only sky
    Imagine all the people
    Living for today…

    Imagine there’s no countries
    It isn’t hard to do
    Nothing to kill or die for
    And no religion too
    Imagine all the people
    Living life in peace…

    You may say I’m a dreamer
    But I’m not the only one
    I hope someday you’ll join us
    And the world will be as one


  117. Sorry to disappoint you again Troll, but I don’t go to church. Your Christian-bashing won’t work here. And the latest survey by Gallup puts the number of gays at about only 3%. If I did go to church that would mean maybe one other person in my SECTION was gay. Next.


  118. Yup. Facebook is very one sided. Glad to have found this group. Hello all hetero supporters.


  119. Obviously Magnus you have misunderstood what the term “Closet Gay” means… Obviously if they are in the closet about being gay they aren’t voting as such on the Gallup poles…. Also… Not part of the “Homosexual Mafia”… in fact not gay at all… have 5 kids and a very happy wife. I did have a gay uncle and I do respect those that decide to live an alternative lifestyle… unlike the rabidly straight and homophobic in this forum.


  120. ‘Alternative Lifestyle’……………. XD XD XD. That gets me every single time. Some dude sticking his junk inside some other dude’s trunk constitutes an ‘Alternative Lifestyle’. Sounds like Russian Roulette to me.


  121. Ok… Michael Radcliff… Explain to me how that is so much more dangerous than straight men putting it in the same location on a female? Is it just simply your moral compass that is having a problem with it? Or can you show me definitive proof that it ‘s like “like Russian Roulette” when gay men do that….


  122. Well, Mr. Troll, you are assuming facts not in evidence. Never did I say the hypocritical comment that sodomy is ok for straight people, but, bad for homosexuals. It’s bad for anyone who does it. I do not and WOULD NOT perform such an act. CDC statistics: ‘Gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men (MSM)1 represent approximately 2% of the US population, yet are the population most severely affected by HIV. In 2009, MSM accounted for 61% of all new HIV infections, and MSM with a history of injection drug use (MSM-IDU) accounted for an additional 3% of new infections. That same year, young MSM accounted for 69% of new HIV infections among persons aged 13–29 and 44% of infections among all MSM. At the end of 2009, an estimated 441,669 (56%) persons living with an HIV diagnosis in the US were MSM or MSM-IDU.’. Pulled right from the CDC’s website, so, ya know…….


  123. @Michael If only 4% of the US population identifies themselves as homosexual, why is there a need for a Heterosexual Awareness Month? Surely 96% of the population is aware of their own sexuality. I wouldn’t be surprised if the other 4% were aware as well…? I’m not a troll, I just really don’t understand what is going on? Is this all just satire and I just don’t get it?


  124. “sodomy” a biblical term…. so I assume your judgment against homosexuality comes from a religious perspective not a big surprise…

    HIV is not a Homosexuals only pathogen… it is caused by having unprotected sexual contact with someone that is already infected. And yes the homosexual population does seem to have a large number of HIV infections. But that is due to it starting in that population…. If it had started in the straight population I imagine that the numbers would have been much different to say the least. But what I find interesting in those numbers is obvious sexual contact between the two populations. Otherwise known as the bisexual orientation… you know the ones that swing both ways. How many of those are counted in your Gallup poles. … not at alI I imagine… Something you missed mentioning from those CDC statistics… is that for the last 10 years the HIV infection rate in the straight population is rising … quite dramatically. If it keeps going at it’s current rate it wont be to long before more Straight folks will be HIV positive than Homosexual….

    I guess ti will be kind of like playing “like Russian Roulette” wont it….


  125. Red, you can see CDC statistics on HIV/AIDs at http://www.cdc.gov/hiv/topics/surveillance/basic.htm#hivinfection

    Be sure to scroll through and you eill see that in America, it remains largely within the homosexual community.

    That is not any religious group, not a telephone poll, it is the Center for Disease Control.


  126. Wow good link… I am stunned at how heavily hit the Black/African American communities are hit by this… I am quite surprised… they are quite homophobic…. Diagnosed in 2001: 15,958, Total population till 2011: 486,282…. While whites are at 8,304 for 2011 and total population 435,613. If you take into account the percentage of the total population…. that is stunning.


  127. My guess on Blacks is due to promiscuity and drugs, dirty needles. But that is only a guess. There are also homosexuals within the Black community as well as if you combine the categories of MSM and MSM on drugs, the numbers are extremely lopsided.

    That tragic part is that HIV/AIDs is maybe the easiest of all diseases to prevent.

    Older charts that are no longer shown indicated among the lesbian almost no incidence of AIDs. I have to believe that is due to they do not exchange bodily fluids as do other categories.

    We have to wonder too, given how easily HIV/AIDs is to prevent spreading, why is among the top categories of research to receive funding? http://report.nih.gov/categorical_spending.aspx

    It easily receive more than does Diabetes, Brain Cancer, Breast Cancer, Heart Disease and several others. Those diseases affect a much larger percentage of the population, but don’t seem to merit what is spent on researching cure & treatment of AIDs that affects a smaller portion of the population.

    And again, that is a government report, not a telephone poll.


  128. HAM represents the scientific reality of heterosexual under Evolution.No Hetero ..no species Cetrainly we dont promte Downs syndrome under Darwinism as a thing of “pride”


  129. Everybody hijacking black civil rights struggles force feeding society all sorts of abominations. Shout the name Martin Luther King and Obama but the second you disagree quick to call you the N word, monkey and slave. When did homosexuality become a race, how dare anywone associate the horrors of slavery and brutal civil rights struggles to people playing feces all day.


  130. Lies. I saw that page myself. They posted memes calling homosexuals nazis and pedophiles. And anyone who doesn’t agree gets banned, regardless of how politely you speak your point of view. But there were plenty of derrogatory statements towards gay people that weren’t deleted.

    Gay people aren’t trying to “push their lifestyle” on anyone. If you don’t like homosexual relationships, don’t be a part of one. But you have no problem with straight people forcing their lifestyle on homosexuals. Like a meme that H.A.M. Posted said: “Gay people can get married. Jut not to someone of the same sex.” (Granted that’s not verbatim, but that not an exaggeration.)

    If you’re going to report a story, at least practice full disclosure.


  131. Good evening Lew and all others. As someone that found the post on HAM quite entertaining, I found it quite disturbing when it was shut down. I now see that it’s been restarted as a LGBT page so it cannot be brought back in a similar form.


  132. Like little commies, Tony, it’s anything to shut up opposition. They won’t debate or discuss or show any merit to their position, they just silence those who live differently.


  133. Kristen, get over yourself.

    I was one of the 6,400 who liked that page and you are full of crap. Yes, they showed photos taken at “Gay Pride” events an perhaps you do not like seeing yourselves as the world sees you. Your problem.

    As for “Gay people can get married. Jut not to someone of the same sex,” does the truth hurt? Homosexuals have always had the right to marry someone of the opposite sex, just as everybody else has had. That is equality. And isn’t equal what has the been the cry? Of course, it isn’t about equal, we all know that.

    When you promote doing away with “Protected Class Status,” come back and discuss “equality.”

    It isn’t “equal” when a small group is more equal than others.


  134. Put away the claws, Catwoman.

    And I’m heterosexual.


  135. Also, you said this:

    “It isn’t “equal” when a small group is more equal than others.”

    That makes exactly zero sense. The whole point of *equality* is that no one group/person has more or less. Allowing gay people to marry will not in any way present straight people from getting married. The only way legalizing gay marriage will affect your marriage is if that’s an option you’d be interested in trying. Otherwise, there’s no reason for not allowing it.


  136. It doesn’t make sense to you because you don’t want it to make sense. Homosexuals had the same exact right to marry that everybody else had. Any member of the opposite sex that would have them.

    But they want to force society to recognize abnormal as normal by claiming they can marry, but at the same time opposing marriage by others who would be considered abnormal.

    But let me ask you, now that door is open with homosexuals legally allowed to marry, how do you keep that door closed to others who want to be legally allowed to marry as well?

    Or do we just do away with all societal norms in order to appease less than 5% of the population?


  137. Situational.

    Also: your definition of normal isnt going to be everyone’s definition of normal.


  138. How about a little reality check here — I was on that page – it had nothing whatsoever to do with “heterosexual appreciation” and everything to do with hate speech toward homosexuals. As for the other things that should have been taken down, and weren’t — at least not in a timely manner — they should have been. But the misnamed “heterosexual awareness page” wasn’t taken down quickly either — it was there spewing is hatred about something that, by their own claims of heterosexuality actually had nothing to do with them in the first place — gay marriage.


  139. Likewise Kristen, your redefinition of normal isn’t every bodies either 😉

    Pacidair, we all know by now that anything in disagreement with the agenda is automatically labeled “hate.”

    Give it a rest, nobody buys it any longer. Ya’ll over played it.


  140. Eh. As usual, there seems to be a bit of selective reading going on here. That’s the biggest issue when it comes to emotional debate topics: both sides see the worst examples of their opponent’s view and spit them back out as if they were the only examples.

    I’m sure HAM’s posts were not all anti-gay; I can say with certainty, however, that some of them were. If the page had not been removed, retrieving examples of that behavior would be a simple matter.

    If HAM’s admins received death threats or comments encouraging suicide, those should have been reported and deleted. Hateful words are unacceptable, no matter who the target may be.

    Neither side is innocent of foul play; those who are offended by the worst examples should endeavor to rise above by presenting calm, thoughtful, non-condescending/dismissive counterpoints. Holding up those ugly examples as reason to spit hate back solves nothing.


  141. We overplayed it?


    Your kind overplayed trying to control people where you have no business doing so.


  142. Yes Kristen, ya’ll over played. From quickly labeling anything in disagreement with your agenda as hate and homophobic to cries of we are trying to control people.

    After all, it isn’t us going around silencing web sites or facebook pages we do not see eye to eye with nor do we target businesses we think might be owned by a homosexual to set the mup for a discrimination claim.

    If that isn’t trying to control people I don’t know what is.

    That’s your side and hate to say it, there will be a backlash coming. I don’t know when, where or how, but I know it won’t be pretty. For all I know, ya’ll will do it to yourselves.


  143. I really hate for sexuality to become an issue from either side. Militant-ism is not productive and I consider “couter-productive” to any cause. http://uploadsociety.com/No-Quarrel-with-Gay-People_v25451 God Bless.


  144. I am a 56 yo female gay. I am appauled by numerous offensive comments made by many LGBT BUT do understand their angst. There are always appropriate ways to respond to conflict without disgracing yourself. It seems all gays are being lumped into one category. That’s the old sterotypical attitude such as “take a look at a pride parade and see what gay’s are really like”. I wish there were more productive ways for both sides to communicate.


  145. It is an outrage that Facebook has impose this sort of CENSORSHIP.
    Bring back HAM or I will leave Facebook.


  146. Looks like HAM is BACK! Too bad for the folks who are slobbering at the mouth for them to be censored, eh? Oh, and if you look at their status update, they are on a ’30 day ban’, that ends on March 30. So, for all of your reporting, complaining, whining and crying, you managed a 30 day ban……….and it looks like they have an external page. GOOD. All of you ‘Tolerant’ folks can just stew on THAT.


  147. I do support the gay community…. But being straight person married 19 years with 5 kids, I do support the straight community. I don’t think the is any need of censorship on either side. Censorship silences a point of view… and that is not good at all. After reading what lewwaters writes in many of his posts he seems like a pretty level headed man and represents his point of view quite well. But some posts from other folks though do seem to go over the top a bit… That is probably why you are seeing so many negative responses … and the fact that your site got posted on reddit is bringing in all the crazies from the other side of the argument.


  148. Do I detect the smell of burning vagina?
    …nope, just you.


  149. Classy Seamus Ruah …. Classy…..


  150. You were molested by a child molester not a homosexual. They were a child molester and most child molesters have no sexual preference beyond children. You should be against child molesters not homosexuals. Hating homosexuals because you were molested is like hating fish because a bird pooped on you once.


  151. Aaron, feel free to explain how a male on male assault is not also homosexual. As a matter of fact, this particular molesting homosexual resided with another adult homosexual who was either asleep or passed at the time it was happening.

    Contrary to what you think, I do not hate homosexuals. They are free to booger each other as much as they want. That does not make it natural, though. I am against their constant never ending cries of discrimination, their effort to silence those who do not embrace their lifestyle and the lies they spread about homosexuality to fool others into believing it is natural.

    I fully supported civil unions, but it was they who decided legal rights were not good enough and demanded marriage be redefined to suit them.

    Since you don’t know me at all and assume much erroneous thoughts about me, allow me to correct you. If it were left up to me, child molesters, be they heterosexual or homosexual would be put to death, right away. If we cannot execute them, I would ship them off to a desolate island like Devil’s Island.

    If you want to think I am making it up, please read what I wrote back in 2009 at https://lewwaters.wordpress.com/2009/02/24/alycia-nipp-did-not-have-to-die/


  152. Excuse me, Mr. Troll, if I DID get the term I use for homosexuals in referring to what they do as ‘sodomy’ and it did come from the Bible, so what? You point it out like it is a bad thing. Homosexuals perform a sexual act called ‘Sodomy’. That is a FACT. Whatever you want to call it: Sodomy, anal sex, buggering, it is all the same, right? That said, you think that bi-sexuals count with the straight population? Is that why you are pointing them out as a weak link in spreading HIV/AIDS? We all know that there is no way that AIDS would have spread, had their not been a cross over effect from hetero to homosexuals. That is because bisexuals are sexual deviants………..Oh, there is that word again: deviant. They are ‘deviating’ from the norm. Just because someone is bisexual, does not mean they are normal, since part of the time they sleep with women. Don’t ever lump a bisexual in with me, who is 100% hetero, 100% of the time. Just as you should not lump a thief, murderer or slothful person in with me, because they are human. It seems like all of the apologists for the homosexual community want to point their finger back at heteros for all of the wrong that we are bringing to light. The reason for proliferation of homosexuality goes to the destruction of the family and public school indoctrination. Men are rapidly becoming feminized, and parents are increasingly marginalized in favor of the state’s dictating over what their children learn and are taught. Progressivism IS the problem, and you and your ilk point the finger at traditionalists? There was a pope from the middle ages who once said, ‘Give me a child until he is 7, and he will be a Catholic for the rest of his life’. Adolf Hitler knew that, and created the Hitler Youth just for that purpose. What makes you think homosexual indoctrination is not being instilled into the youth today? Because, IT IS. We are not stupid.


  153. WOW. That is the biggest load of conspiracy theory bs I’ve ever seen.


  154. BS Kristen? Do you ever actually read anything besides talking points provided for you?

    ABC News: Chicago Passes Sex-Ed for Kindergartners

    “For the first time in Chicago, sex-ed instruction will cover sexual orientation and gender identity. Students will be introduced to terms and definitions associated with sexual identity, including those related to heterosexual and LGBT populations, in an effort to bring awareness, promote tolerance and prevent bullying, said the school board.”

    New York Times: Lessons on Homosexuality Move Into the Classroom

    Muskegon school board approves new elementary sex ed curriculum

    “The new curriculum expands the information provided to fourth- and fifth-graders to include sexual intercourse and homosexuality. That concerned some people, who said the curriculum was inappropriate and usurped parents’ roles in educating their children.”

    Gay Curriculum Proposal Riles Elementary School Parents

    “The proposed curriculum will include a 45-minute LGBT lesson, once a year from kindergarten through fifth grade. The kindergartners will focus on the harms of teasing, while the fifth graders will study sexual orientation stereotypes.”

    Now, I suspect you will switch from it being a “wild conspiracy theory” to “what’s wrong with that?”


  155. BS, huh? Well, Kristen, it is time for you to open YOUR eyes and know that companies who sell books to schools are motivated by public service and because they are nice people, right? WRONG. They SELL products to make money……..M-O-N-E-Y. It has nothing to do with what is right or what is moral or what children should learn. It is a money making venture, and a place like Houghton-Mifflin makes a TON of money off of text book sales. So, here is a test question for you: How many text books will they sell if ‘Intelligent Design’ and ‘Abstinence Education’ are for sale? The answer………..ZERO. Why? Because the secularized, P.C., perverted and atheistic state has no interest in teaching things like that. THOSE books are only reserved for nut jobs like me and a few others, you see. So, if a public school wants people to learn about Timmy’s two daddies or Suzy’s two mommies, that is what they will right. Not a conspiracy. It is a FACT. Read more than the Huffington Compost, if not for your sake than your posterity.


  156. Your writing is terrible. Like your ideals. Embarrassing.


  157. It’s good enough to draw you in, hon 😉

    By the way, I’d like to thank all of those who feel they must try to silence me and counter this post with several critiques of homosexuality and not the subject, feacebook pulling someone for their opinion while allowing much worse pages to remain.

    In 2 days ya’ll made this the single most commented on post in the history of my blog.

    Come back anytime, Penny, glad to educate you a little.


  158. S.H.A.M. and H.A.M. recently blocked a couple of transsexuals who are not identified with the LGBT.


  159. I’ve been in the pro-family pages, and I’ve seen gay people wish AIDS, cancer, and sexual assault on everyone else.


  160. Gay people post the most sick and twisted comments and pictures on ANY site or page that does not embrace 100% of their ideas 100% of the time, without apology or reservation. From what I can see, homosexuality is not some kind of natural anomaly. It is a mental illness that is projected through their words and actions. They are sick, damaged and disturbed people who need help in healing. However, they are intent on destroying themselves and bringing down the rest of society with them.


  161. Facebook concluded there was no hate speech. They said HAM was accused of abusing the Like feature.


  162. That is nonsense. HAM has said over and over that they NEVER bought likes or anything of the sort. They never even knew it was an option. Facebook is just being spineless and can not admit that they are bowing to the will and wishes of the Homomafia.


  163. Michael, I agree. However, that bogus finding gives credence that it was not a hate page. If FB would have thought it was a hate page, they would have said that. However, they didn’t find it hate speech and only suspended the page for a month.


  164. That is EXACTLY right, Donna. The homosexuals are crowing over their ‘victory’. Utter bullocks and B.S. Facebook either lied, or, they could find nothing to shut the page down with, in which case……..they lied. Facebook backed itself into a corner.


  165. Lol. I assure you that H.A.M. posted plenty of hateful pictures and statuses. Such as comparing homosexuality to Naziism. Which is just ignorant. Or saying all homosexuals are pedophiles.


  166. LOL, Kristen. I assure you that you are relying on your perception of anything not supportive of homosexuality is considered “hate.”

    No one has ever said ALL homosexuals are pedophiles, but you continue with that false narrative. Why?

    Open your eyes.


  167. Yea, Kristen, ‘LOL’. HAM is neither ignorant nor hateful. It is a satire page and links accurate information and articles that expose the TRUTH about homosexuality. The fact that homosexuals can not take a joke is quite apparent there. They are trying to extort, intimidate and threaten all who oppose them into silence. ‘LOL’ on that, fool.


  168. That’s a bold-faced lie, Lew. I saw hateful posts from H.A.M. with my own eyes, otherwise I wouldn’t have made the comment.

    And Mike, I have met many people who were capable of respectfully disagreeing with homosexuality, but many people of H.A.M. made disrespectful, hateful, and violent comments toward homosexuals and homosexuality in general and were not deleted. Meanwhile I didn’t curse or insult, but I was deleted.

    I know you like to paint us with a broad brush, but not all of us are offended by people simply disagreeing with homosexuality.

    But whatever. I’m done.


  169. As I said, Kristen, your perception. I’ve seen way too many ready to cry discrimination and more over anything not supportive of the homosexuals.

    As for painting with a broad brush, may I suggest you review your own comments. You do a pretty good job of that yourself.

    We’re still waiting for that tolerance ya’ll are always demanding for yourselves.


  170. I have Proof Mr Lew. I have been documenting HAM’s hatred since it’s inception. Calls for Gay folks to kill themselves, Jokes about Iran executing Gays. Swastika’s, and every concievable stereotype imangined. I for one rejoice in thier brand of hatred being pulled from FB. I know you will quickly choose to not believe me, it’s what most people like you do, but your article is pure HogWash! Pun Intended……


  171. LOL, you’re grasping at straws. Must really irritate your butt that not everybody agrees with you.

    As I said, your perception.

    And, whether you like or not, others have their perceptions of you.

    Love the title of your website (your link was edited out by me) “Heterosexism Exposed”

    I guess you will ignore your own hatefulness.

    Tough buggers. (pun intended)


  172. If I may share with you some words from others within this kind, loving and oh so tolerant queer community, from last years election locally, 2 emails that were sent to a female candidate from a 50 year old homosexual, Gary Owen;

    “I do not know how you got my name and address but I would rather put a bullet in your stupid pathetic republican cunt brain than vote for you. Being a republican and a woman you have no right ever speaking or having an opinion about anything. Please go kill your pathetic cunt ass!”

    “If you ever send me one more piece of mail I will personally return it by shoving it up your cunt with a hot poker!”

    Followed by;




    “You republicans do not care one fucking bit about people or the rights of others other than christians, and do not lie to me and try and tell me you do.”

    The “offense” was a standard campaign flyer candidates from both parties frequently mail out and the rest of us throw away.

    Of these “friendly gestures” received from this particular queer, A Drew Rosa offered, weakly defending his actions,

    The quote [from his emails] was taken out of context… he goes on to say that she stands in the rights of the woman’s right to choose. His the flyer he received was in context to gay marriage, and since he is gay this affected him. Granted the way he responded was out of hand, but its only because of years of oppression that his anger for the issue is what it is.”

    I won’t bother to mention the threats that came my way of violence and bodily harm because I oppose homosexual marriage and the intent of making public on pro-homosexual websites the names, addresses and signatures of everybody who signed a petition supporting a vote of the people (that ended up winning, by the way) to expand “Domestic Partnerships” and eventually homosexual marriage.

    Some came from a John Bisceglia from Bellingham, Washington who once had a blogsite and posted,

    * The phrase, “Take our anger to the streets” may or may not refer to violence against property, depending on how the person feels about expressing his or her anger.
    We cause them absolutely NO HARM.
    They are CONSTANTLY causing us irreparable harm, loss, mental distress, and suffering. And all the while – NO ONE – government, police, society, church, family – NO ONE – defends our own precious family and children.
    AMERICA – You say that,
    I AGREE.
    So you better BACK-THE-F*CK-OFF and leave our spouses, our children, our jobs, and our homes alone!
    You would fight back too…..
    ….IF you were actually under attack.
    I’m not saying that I plan to lead a mob of torch-wielding, gasoline-carrying, baseball-bat swinging, lawn-destroying “nut jobs” behind me in a county-by-county bitch-slap of “christian” hate-group facilities (i.e. – churches). I know that it would be VERY WRONG for gays to cause irreparable suffering and loss to those who are working tirelessly to do the very same thing to us.
    But I would be surprised if some parts of our state didn’t see some empirical evidence of a SERIOUS GAY RAGE brewing in this country.


  173. Heterosexual Awareness Month (HAM) was the best page on Facebook. It was funny and fresh and full of pride.


  174. Heterosexual Awareness Month is more than just a Facebook page. They are going much bigger. I appreciate their hard work.


  175. the author here needs to make full disclosure of their interests. Any perusal of the page will notice that these gentlemen aren’t promoting heterosexual in any significant positive way, however, they appear to have an unhealthy obsession with homosexuality as is evidenced by the content of at least 90% of their posts. They also aren’t big on free speech, just post a reasonable argument contrary to their beliefs or introduce humour and see how quickly you get banned. P wraps they wouldn’t be so cranky if they indulged in more of that heterosex that they are making the world so aware of.

    For the record, I am heterosexual and married


  176. In full disclosure, nobody cares whether you are hetero or homo, it gives your personal perception no more credibility.

    You are not interested in “reasonable arguments” against homosexuality or you wouldn’t be making the baseless allegations you are.

    Instead, you side should presenting “reasonable arguments” on why the world must change to accommodate such a small percentage that demand to be equal, when they know they are not on the same plane. NO one has yet to present any societal benefit of open embracing homosexuality either by marriage or just acceptance.

    I have, several times in the past, presented evidence of the potential harm to society that is promptly ridiculed, ignored and of course the inevitable “you’re a homophobe” instead of any “reasonable rebuttal.”


  177. With regards to Facebook’s tolerance levels they refused to remove photos of merchandise an Islamic page was listing that showed airplanes hitting the twin towers with the name Al Qaeda in bold Adidas style writing, clearly glorifying terrorism.. Sadly can’t find the page now, but that’s the level of FB..


  178. Heterosexual Awareness Month is back…. check us out on Facebook.


  179. I think if you can’t find a page anymore, it means that Facebook decided to get rid of it…

    Anywho, I heard a lot of anti-HAM people pressing Facebook for taking so long to take down a page that equated gay people with Nazis. So it does go both ways (is Facebook leaning harder one way though? Probably).

    HAM is a ridiculous, and possibly poe page. The main argument for their veracity is that people actually agree with them..


  180. That you felt the need to leave your comment shows the effectiveness of heterosexuals standing up for our rights too.

    Funny you mention HAM comparing homosexuals to Nazi’s, ya’ll have been saying that about us for several years.


  181. Please, spare us the platitudes of how fair Facebook is, Bread. They are not. You know it. I know it. They know it. There is a page called ‘Bigot.Vanquisher’, which makes no pretense to its hatred of Christianity…..under the guise of being homo-friendly. The woman that runs it is an angry and vicious psychopathic atheist. The pictures there are awful. Facebook allows that page to remain. They protect their anointed, and the sodomites are among them. You people have taken the moral ground, for which you have no place. You are not moral, but are probably high to think you are. HAM is back. It is not going anywhere and it is EXPANDING. Go cry in your beer now.


  182. There is nothing “satirical” about comparing any group to Nazis. There is nothing satirical in anything they do, unless you are referring to the Juvenal style of satire, which uses less humor and more criticism. I would call it juvenile Juvenal, since Nazi references, poop jokes, “butthurt” jokes, and the like, are beneath contempt. You are clearly biased in this argument, Lew. You have either never actually looked at their page, or you are an administrator, or friend of someone who is. It’s a hate page, and it is hate speech. If you can’t see that, it’s because you don’t want to see it….and that makes you part of the problem, not the solution. If they stuck to articles that promoted heterosexuality without denigrating any other group of people, they’d still be up and running. But, here we are, May 11th, and they are shut down once again, and not because Facebook is evil or biased, but because the administrators and followers of Heterosexual Awareness Month can’t help themselves, and continue to break the rules. They cry foul and discrimination all the time, playing the martyrs, while purposefully thwarting the rules they agreed to when they created the page. They are down for a reason, and the reason is: They never learn. So, let us venture over to their backup page, The Daily HAM, and see if they have learned anything from this latest shut down….. nope. Same garbage.

    I’m all for an alternate point of view when you have your facts straight, but when you puke distortions and lies to demonize a group of people just because you don’t like what they do in the bedroom (which isn’t any of your business, by the way), and you don’t like the fact that this isn’t the 1950’s anymore, where you could yell words like “Faggot”, “Dyke” and the like, and get cheered and back-slapped by your fellow manly-men, then that makes you (and them) a bigot who promotes hate speech. Sorry, fella….thems the breaks, and that’s the real reality, and no matter how hard you try to twist it using your 50’s mentality and conservitard logic, it’s not going to change. Cheers & Good Day.


  183. AJH, you are a little uptight, my friend. Maybe you like it that way;-)

    Clearly you allow your bleeding heart to interfere with common sense, something sorely lacking from your side. The double standards displayed by you people is amazing, especially considering how much you refuse to see it.

    Ya’ll are hardly tolerant or all encompassing as you expect others to be towards your deviance.

    Your anger should best be directed at yourself.

    Be what you want, stop trying to force others to embrace you.

    Especially considering you refuse to accept others who see things differently.

    Cheerio & ta ta


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