If You Value the Right To Bear Arms UPDATED

by lewwaters

Monday, March 11, 2013: A facebook comment by Rep. Liz Pike said HB 1588 has been tabled, unable to attain the needed votes for it to pass.

Taurus 2As always happens after a tragic shooting, our Second Amendment right to bear arms for our own self defense comes under fire by misguided, shortsighted people who think no one should have a gun except Police and the Military.

We have successfully retained that right so far, but the anti-gun people have grown in strength and have learned to wrap their message in a manner to make it appear helpful instead of infringing on our rights.

Washington State is facing such a move with HB 1588: “AN ACT Relating to requiring universal background checks for firearms transfers.” An innocent enough sounding bill title, but a precedence setting law that would actually will do nothing to curtail criminals obtaining illegal guns.

Under the false premise that we gun owners just sell our guns to any and everybody, HB 1588, should it become law will require EVERY transfer (not just sale) of a firearm to be subjected to a background check with an unspecified time restriction to obtain ‘permission’ to sell or give your personal property to someone, even if a relative you wish to have it.

Already having a Concealed Carry License showing you have already had a background check, as is currently required to obtain a firearm at a gun show, each and every transfer would be subject to another background check to be conducted by the Sheriff’s Department for a fee.

Criminals, who already ignore the law, will likewise just keep ignoring this one as well when they obtain a stolen or smuggled illegal firearm from a black market source or out of the trunk of another criminal’s car.

As first mentioned, the onslaught to bills to infringe our right to self defense came under fire immediately after the tragic Sandy Hook shooting in December. All over the country gun grabbers organized and focused the public’s attention on the gun, not the perpetrator or his mental condition, not even the psychotic drugs he might been prescribed and stopped taking.

HB 1588 was one of the early bills and has survived to make it to the floor of the State Legislature, tomorrow March 11. While it might not make it through the Senate’s Philosophical Majority, there is no guarantee as we read in the Seattle Times of intense lobbying efforts on behalf of the anti-gun people in the legislature.

The Seattle Times labels the effort as “a weekend lobbying blitz of seven members of the state House who may control the fate of a contentious bill to require background checks for all gun purchases.”

The ‘seven’ includes three Democrats and four Republicans indicating the readiness to infringe our right to bear arms in Washington State crosses party lines.

You may have been lulled into the thought of what harm could a background check be, but don’t let yourself be fooled. After all, what harm is there in a background check that supposedly would keep a firearm out of the hands of a criminal?


As we see in other states now contemplating the universal background check laws, they amount to a De facto Registration as unlike when you purchase a firearm through a licensed dealer and the record of sale remains with the seller, County Sheriffs will now have a record of your purchase in their files. A record now that you have a gun in your possession.

Even if you inherit one from your grandfather, a record of that transfer will now be in file with the Sheriff’s office.

In effect, should our government ever decide to disarm the public, as happened in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and as was the rule right here in Clark County during times of “crisis” until last summer, Deputies know where to find them to confiscate them, leaving us defenseless when we would need one the most, during a time of emergency when looters and other unsavory types would prey on us and our families.

Time and time again we have seen those not comfortable with our constitutional rights infringe on them, or effect societal behavior changes by small incremental steps. We agree to what they claim is “reasonable” and before long, they want another “reasonable” control on us and before we know it, we have lost a right.

We must not allow that to continue. We must push back and push back now.

I urge you to contact the offices of the seven legislators being lobbied heavy to vote for HB 1588 and tell them not to. If they do not answer, leave a message and call them back tomorrow, letting them know, in nice and reasonable language, to not vote for HB 1588.

Here are the names and numbers of the seven;

Rep. Linda Kochmar (R, 30th LD)

(360) 786-7898

Rep. Mike Hope (R, 44th LD)

(360) 786-7892

Rep. Mark Hargrove (R, 47th LD)

360) 786-7918

Rep. Steve O’Ban (R, 28th LD)

(360) 786-7890

Rep. Cathy Dahlquist

(360) 786-7846

Rep. Hans Zeiger (R. 25th LD)

(360) 786-7968

Rep. Drew MacEwen (R, 35th LD)

(360) 786-7902

Rep. Chad Magendanz (R, 5th LD)

(360) 786-7876
Rep. Maureen Walsh (R, 16th LD)

(360) 786-7836

Rep. Terry Nealey (R, 16th LD)

(360) 786-7828

Don’t be threatening or sound angry, that is how the gun grabbers are training people to believe we are. Just ask them in a reasonable tone not to vote for it.

It’s our right to bear arms at stake.

10 Comments to “If You Value the Right To Bear Arms UPDATED”

  1. Dahlquist (R-31 LD)

    Hope is a hopeless cause; he’s already indicated he doesn’t want to run again and is staying primarily, I’m told, to make sure his LA has a job. But we had an email exchange that shows the guy is both arrogant and clueless.

    Just sayin’.


  2. Walsh has been a militantly pro-gay marriage GOP’er, she was one of the turncoats back in the day. She switched from the dems because her boss (Dave Mastin) did at the time: the buzz is she was a county dem chair.

    Think RINO and expect her to vote for it. (We were LA’s together back in the day)


  3. Nice pic of a good Model 19 or Model 66 S&W?


  4. Done! left msg at each office.


  5. by the way Hans is a great guy I’d be shocked if he caved.


  6. Sean, it’s a Taurus Brasil 22 Magnum. Not sure of the model, maybe I’ll get it out tomorrow to see 😉


  7. You can email them directly without going through their websites. Firstname.Lastname@leg.wa.gov

    I read the bill. It’s ridiculous to assume that those who want to purchase weapons (who would be disqualified under current law) will be prevented from purchasing by this bill. Anyone can get a weapon who wants one bad enough. The only people this bill will help is those who are already in the business of supplying weapons to felons. With the help of this bill, they can raise their prices.


  8. Good news from Rep. Terry Nealey. One of the good guys.

    “Thanks for your email, Mr. Sayre. I voted against HB 1588 in Committee and plan to do the same if it comes to a vote on the House Floor. It is difficult to find language in a bill that really will succeed in stopping unnecessary shootings. Bad guys can access guns. We need to concentrate on the mental health side of these issues. I intend to vote to protect our 2nd amendment rights.”


  9. Another good guy: Drew MacEwen

    “…. I am a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and Article 1 section 24 of the Washington State Constitution. I will not support additional gun control legislation placed before me.”


  10. Okay Sean, contacted Taurus through their website and found out it is a Model 941 manufactured in 1994. I bought it about 5 years ago.


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