Troutdale Teen Among Heroes to be Honored by the Medal of Honor Society

by lewwaters

medal-of-honorMost of us know what the Medal of Honor is and why only a few receive it. Unfortunately, many receive it posthumously, having sacrificed their life to save others. Recipients still alive are few in number and like real heroes, wish to honor others who deserve recognition for heroics.

This blog was among many that posted last year of the Medal of Honor Society search for others in civilian life who have bravely risked their own lives to save or benefit others. Hundreds of heroes were recommended, but only a few selected as semi-finalists and now, four have been selected to receive the Citizen Service Before Self Honor from the Medal of Honor Society.

Amongst finalist is 15 year-old Marcos Ugarte of Troutdale, Oregon who risked his own life to rescue a smaller boy from the second floor of a burning home last year.

The story of his heroic rescue made national news and was even a feature in the March 2013 edition of Readers Digest Everyday Heroes.

Also selected for honors was Father Joe Carroll of San Diego, California for his “developing and running a multi-faceted homeless support center offering assistance, counseling and job training, that is now modeled throughout the U.S.,” father/son Jesse Shaffer III and Jesse Shaffer IV of Braithwaite, Louisiana for “during Hurricane Isaac, this father-and-son team used their boat to rescue 120 people from their flood-ravaged town after official rescues were called off.”

Their story was also featured in an April 2013 edition of Reader’s Digest.

Recipients will be presented with their awards on Medal of Honor Day, March 25, 2013 at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia.

Perhaps it might be perceived unfair for me to single out Marcos Ugarte, but what with the generational friction often seen, I cannot help but note that there are teens who act selflessly, who care deeply about others and their communities and one day soon will be the adults responsible for caring for our country.

We should be proud of each of these four honorees as well as any who were recommended. It is everyday citizens who act selflessly towards others who keep our country and the world running.

I can only end with, Well Done. Well Deserved

One Comment to “Troutdale Teen Among Heroes to be Honored by the Medal of Honor Society”

  1. Fabulous! Hopefully others will role model after him and his courage.


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