Lt. Col Allen West (Ret) – CPAC 2013

by lewwaters

12 Comments to “Lt. Col Allen West (Ret) – CPAC 2013”

  1. Keep them coming Lew. Conservatives are grounded in values.

  2. Empty rhetoric. Not original, not consistent, and not sophisticated. That’s the Republican Party right now fellas.

  3. Martin, stop the racist attacks on a poor defenseless minority.

  4. Post Rand’s speech. I know you despised his ol’ man but the kid’s gonna to be the future face of Republicans.

  5. Don’t bank on that too much, Martin.

    Rand has everybody’s attention now, but sooner or later his re-branding of Ron’s ideals and views, as he admitted to in 2009, will be recognized.

    You see, it was never a case of Ron Paul’s message not being heard, but it was heard all too well and rejected.

    Rand just sells pretty much the same, but repackaged to “make it more appealing.”

    You may fall for it, most others won’t.

  6. Former Congressman Allen West. A victim of the electorate.

  7. Schuyler, you might not understand this, but I grew up down in Broward County Florida and played a lot in surrounding Dade and Palm Beach Counties.

    That one area is likely one of the most corrupt regions in the country. Has been for decades and likely will continue to be.

    And much of that time, it’s been a Democrat controlled region. The more Yamn Dankees moved in and took over from New York City, the more corrupt it became.

  8. I’d like him except he caved on earmarks. Not good when he and so many others ran to end them.

  9. Seemed like a lot of losers were giving advice at CPAC. What with the results of Nov 6 and 10th anniversary of Iraq fiasco one might have thought the event would be cancelled in an effort to preserve a little dignity.

  10. Nathan, stop your racist smears of a Black American.

  11. Right after that scumbag in the White House cancels all of his golf trips at our expense and the weekly, lavish, White House parties.

    Leave it to a leftist to confuse “dignity” with slime like Obama.

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