Illegal Aliens Produce Ad Wanting Free Healthcare

by lewwaters

Unbelievable the gall of someone knowingly in the country illegally and expecting free benefits. How bold that they feel comfortable enough to produce a video ad of their expectations.

Our country is nearly $17 Trillion in debt, millions of citizens remain unemployed, U-6 Unemployment sitting at 14.3% and lawbreakers think they are entitled to freebies.

Not surprising, California, probably the single worse off state in the country, rapidly heading into bankruptcy, losing citizens and businesses daily is set to approve free healthcare for illegal aliens.

Tuition assistance for Veterans in California has been cut and unpaid medical bills just for illegal aliens in California has reached $1.25 billion per year, but California liberals, bleeding heart liberals are poised to give illegal aliens even more benefits.

Read more at Stand With Arizona

10 Comments to “Illegal Aliens Produce Ad Wanting Free Healthcare”

  1. Feel like producing a commercial demanding free deportation.


  2. I never regret having moved up here over a decade ago. OK, the winter weather down there is nicer. Other than that it’s a complete train wreck, and it boggles the mind that their politicos just can’t see it.


  3. These people dont look like refugees from oppression.


  4. I find it quite difficult to accept those who cross the borders illegally to be allowed access to free health care here in the US, especially when we have such a wonderful example of of just such a person…the drug trafficker – Pastor “German” Vargas-Castro who was arrested by the task force last year and deported back to Mexico, according to a news report released by the CCSO. When arrested earlier this week, he had a half-pound of methamphetamine, two loaded handguns and approximately $10,000 in his possession. The dude pled guilty received a sentence of four years in the state pen but was deported instead. And now…at taxpayer expense, the revolving door continues.


  5. One more reason that I moved out of California last year. I only wish I’d done it much sooner.

    Of course, our mishmash immigration policies that favor immigrants based on family connections rather that what’s in the best interest of the country creates these kinds of situations.

    A re-considered immigration policy should:

    1. Arrange to “document” all the “undocumented” illegal aliens by requiring their registration by some deadline.


  6. (hit a wrong key)

    A. The registration process should require disclosure of assumed names and SSNs used during their undocumented period. Then a full background check should be run (including photos and fingerprints to run against all criminal databases).

    B. Any criminals found should be immediately deported or arrested to face prosecution. This includes any who may have voted illegally in any local, state, or Federal election. (Non-citizens are not allowed to vote. Any who have improperly voted are criminals subject to deportation or prosecution.)

    2. Those passing the background check should then be given provisional green cards and work permits.

    A. These provisional documents should specifically disallow receipt of any public benefits — the newly documented should not be allowed to be a burden on the taxpayers. (School age children should continue to be educated as at present.)

    3. After 5 years, the provisional green card may be upgraded to a full resident status. After _another_ 5 years, these residents may apply for full U.S. citizenship, meeting all the requirements expected of other green card holders.

    While deportation and moving to the end of the line for application to be admitted into the U.S. would be preferable, the practical situation is that the government is unwilling to (and probably unable to afford) deporting as many as 10 million illegal aliens.

    However, before any such program is put into place, the borders MUST be sealed with a high degree of effectiveness. And the “family” preference for admission to the U.S. should be limited to linear relatives not exceeding one generation (e.g. parents or children) and any immigrants admitted under this rule should not be allowed to request preferential immigration of any other family members. (Our policies have tended to allow many immigrants who are ‘related’ to primary immigrants, taking up immigration “slots” that might better be used for immigrants who are more likely to benefit the U.S.)


  7. Friend, I agree with everything you say here with the exception that I would like to see refugee status expanded to include economic refugees from oppressive governments. Refugees get assistance and must show independence within one year. That might even be too harsh. Whatever solution should reflect our values as a generous and selfless population while not swamping the very lifeboat that sustains us all.


  8. I find Friend’s suggestions enlightened. Republicans (maybe not Conservatives) may survive after all.


  9. Conservatives will suvive after all of the Liberals have been shot, Martin


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