Gov. Inslee Deflects Questions In Front of the Media

by lewwaters

Two brief exchanges with Governor Jay Inslee today, March 22, 2013 shortly after he wrapped up his CRC Rah Rah session down at the Library.

First, Dick Sohn

Gov. Inslee had just finished speaking of how citizens will have to be convinced to “invest” (read accept high tax increases) to pay for the lemon CRC.

Second, Your faithful blogger

The Columbian’s soft ball coverage here

An added bonus, the question asked of Inslee as his aide was tying to silence me

19 Comments to “Gov. Inslee Deflects Questions In Front of the Media”

  1. Wow. He doesn’t handle pressure all that well.

  2. He sure didn’t like being asked a couple simple questions that people want answers to.

  3. Was there any Media allowed intothe meeting afterwards or was did the governor violate open meeting laws and twist arms in a closed door session. What an empty suit. This is not leadership, the answer of many voices is a cry for pure demogogery.

    Governor Jay Inslee what is so important about this project that you and other democrat leaders refuse to have an open and honest discussion. Are you still afraid of Vera Katz?

  4. Media was in the closed room, but not media like me who they know oppose it.

    Hence, them trying to silence Dick and I at the press conference

  5. what a bunch of back-handed bastards.No wonder that the general public hates politicians.

  6. I’ll also add, after Inslee finished his dog & pony show, Don Benton went around to every one of the media taping Inslee to tell them he was holding an impromptu news conference to refute Inslee’s claims.

    All packed their camera’s and left, except a reporter from the Vancouver Business Journal, two with audio for the first half and me.

    Both of us have Don’s full rebuttal on tape.

  7. I do like the idea it’s “one shot.”

    After the senate kills this thing, that will be the end of it.

  8. Benton brought out in his rebuttal that Sen. Curtis King does hold veto power as chair of the Transportation Committee and that unless the height of the bridge is corrected and light rail comes off, he will not approve the funding.

  9. Hopefully Jay will be one and out like Perdue and Corzine

  10. Unbelievable that the current governor was elected, especially since his predecessor had screwed up on so many other transportation project approvals, increased gas taxes and everything else that went with it and he was right on her coat tails, following her like a puppy dog. Now we’re facing yet another ten-cent a gallon gas tax increase to pay for Gregoire’s mistakes…only to build upon the mistakes of Inslee – CRC included.

    It’s sad…but I’m almost ashamed to say I live in the Evergreen State. Our democracy is going down the tubes.

  11. Lew…will you be able to share the session with Sen. Don Benton? I know I’d love to see it.

  12. I was thinking about posting some excerpts, Goldie. If I do the whole thing it will take hours to upload onto YouTube.

    But I’ll see what I can do.

  13. Thanks in advance, Lew.

  14. You’re the only real source of news this community has, Lew thanks so much.

  15. Thanks Jack, I appreciate that.

    However, I don’t feel like the only alternative source. There are other blogs out there, Clark County Politics, Reality Clark County, NW Patriots,, Cry Beloved Country and more.

    Check some of them out on the blog roll to the right side of the blog sometime.

    Incidentally, the Willamette Week has been doing a real good job exposing the CRC too.

  16. Oh Tom! I am laughing too hard! Thanks for the work Lew… sorry anyone felt like they had the right to shut you up. How wrong of them.

  17. The same aide did it also to Dick Sohn, after he asked Inslee if he would accept a question from “the peanut gallery.”

    Obviously, the only wanted certain questions.

    But I did enjoy telling the dude that I was the media 😉

  18. Tom…the video…

    Tell me…

    Is it..??

    Are you..???

    Clue me in, please. You aren’t suggesting our governor has no brain now, are you??? (yes, a tease)

    A classic remake which reminds me of the reaction of those who have supported the project for a long time and are just waking up to realize what it is they’re trying to do to us and have turned to join the opposition.

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