Sen. Benton Rebuttal of Gov. Inslee On CRC

by lewwaters

As was acknowledged by the Columbian, concerning Washington State Governor Jay Inslee’s sneaking into town to hold what can only be described as a Cheerleading Session promoting the CRC, encouraging the hand-picked supporters to “raise the decibels,” meaning to squash struggling middle class taxpayers unwilling to send even more of their dwindling tax dollars to Olympia, Senator Don Benton, (R. 17th) held his own impromptu presser right after Inslee’s.

Part 1

Part 2, interviewed by Vancouver Business Journal’s Managing Editor, Nick Kulmac

Basically, Governor Inslee engaged in a snow job while in Vancouver, encouraging supporters to call friends, raise their voices and create support, apparently realizing that the middle class taxpayers leading the opposition are increasing and making headway. Inslee, Moeller, Wylie, Cleveland and others see their dream of forcing Clark County to accept Portland’s light rail against our wishes slipping away and will be increasing their push to force citizens and businesses into lock-step.

We cannot allow that to happen and we must stand up, speak out, contact our friends and gather everybody opposed or on the fence about the project and show them just how much this project will destroy our community, all so Portland can be bailed out and donors to Democrats can be repaid with our tax dollars.

It is up to you to stand up now, no one will be able to do it by themselves nor will they be able to stop it for you.

16 Comments to “Sen. Benton Rebuttal of Gov. Inslee On CRC”

  1. Thanks so much to Lew! Thanks and good job Senator Benton! He asks that we all write to Senator King and let him know what we want down here. Sen. King needs our support so let’s do it!

  2. Wow! Great job Don. Too bad so many folks in Clark County won’t ever see this.

  3. Tom, we should spread these two videos far and wide.

    And then ask those we email them to to also spread it to everyone they know.

    Thanks, Carolyn. We do need to support Sen. King and more. One other thing I heard yesterday was Inslee, or one of the others saying they would work on Commissioner Joe Oliver, who wrote the op-ed in the Oregonian against CRC the other day.

    We need to express our support to all of these people who speak out.

  4. Governor Inslee has no substance, His was an empty promotional message for a bad idea, a stunted publicity campagne. Why is he Governor again?

    Joe King we have your back on this.

  5. Dang Lew, your posts have been on a roll, someone should nominate you for a Pulitzer, seriously. Great work, and thank you.

  6. Above should read Curtis King, not Joe.

  7. Mister Lew Waters, I first want to thank you for providing the videos of Senator Don Benton’s discussion. I knew there was a good reason why I’ve voted for him and he has proved himself. My email will soon be sent to him as well as to Senator King.

  8. I’m up for changing Inslee’s name to LaPetomane.

    Just sayin’.

    And thank you so much for posting these vids.

  9. Lew — I was in the audience Saturday evening & heard Senator Benton describe what happened on Friday. It’s truly sad that these types of games are being played by our politicians. THANK YOU for the time & effort you put into recording so many of these events, and providing a place for citizens to learn about their government and elected reps. Great job!

  10. Hi John, I remember setting at the same table with you. I liked seeing you taking notes and wish more people did.

    Thanks for the compliment, I really do appreciate it.

    And I agree, these games have to stop and we must have a project that is not only affordable, but actually resolves the problems and serves the community, not just a small number of people.

  11. Who was the jackass tripping the car alarm when Benton started talking??

  12. Was it a car alarm or was it the security system to prevent book or video theft?

  13. To me, the funniest as well as appropriate part of Inslee’s visit was that he chose the 5th floor for his press conference.

    If you don’t know, the Libraries 5th Floor is where they place the FICTION 😉

  14. Libraries are total Dinosaurs and hang-outs for Pedophiles, too. Apparently the Gov doesn’t know that either.

  15. Just got my second email out today…to Senator Curtis King. Already received a response to my email sent to Senator Don Benton.


    Jack, haven’t you been to the new Downtown Library? I actually enjoyed going there. When I visited with my daughter in law and grandkids, there were plenty of parents and guardians watching over the children in the Children’s Book and Activities section.

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