Stop CRC Rally

by lewwaters

Stopping the CRC Now – A Rally for Businesses and Citizens

Why you should care . . .

Will your business survive the massive CRC disruptions to downtown Vancouver, Hayden Island, and beyond?
Devastating $5 to 10 Billion debt bomb on region
$2000/year in first year tolls for commuters will rise steadily for decades

Date/Time: Friday, March 29th, 2:30pm to 4:00pm; Post-Rally Social Gathering is 4:00pm-6:00pm.
Location: Grand Ballroom at the Vancouver Red Lion at the Quay. 100 Columbia Street, Vancouver, WA 98660
Let us know if you are attending:

A large and growing portion of the business community is now aware the CRC project is very broken. Our team and others have uncovered a wealth of information about how this CRC project was generated and guided by special interests that plan to profit either politically and/or financially.

In reality this CRC project devastates the local area with generational debt and will not contribute to solving regional transportation issues.

Come see the following speakers talk about the damage this CRC project will cause to our community—and the go-forward process to properly address transportation issues. This is an opportunity to meet your fellow business owners and citizens who are standing up to the small group that is attempting to force this boondoggle upon all of us.
We invite you to attend.


Local Political Leaders:
• Ann Rivers – State Senator – 18th Legislative District
• Liz Pike – State Rep. 18th Legislative District
• Tom Mielke – Clark County Commissioner
• Jeanne Stewart – Vancouver City Council
• Bill Turlay – Vancouver City Council

Local Business People:
• Chris Girard – Plaid Pantry Stores
• Ty Baxter – Baxter Auto Parts

Topical experts on:
• Our I-5 bridge’s good structural status
• How I-5 bridge lifts can be reduced by up to 90%
• Environmental impact of the proposed CRC project
• Impact to our quality of life from this massive project
• The planning process going forward – after the CRC

9 Comments to “Stop CRC Rally”

  1. This crossing project could very well be the biggest rip off to the people in Pacific Northwest History if allowed to continue!!!

    I hope the union supporters are poised and ready for the fact that if this project construction was to begin soon, chances are that the companies involved in construction will already have the positions filled, leaving union leaders with a lot of unanswered questions and a lot of local highway construction workers still out of a job. As it stands right now…the CRC promoters are getting desperate with their propaganda filled with lies, discrepancies and misleading the people because they’re losing ground on this project. They’ll have nobody to blame but themselves for whatever result we will soon witness (end of September, this year). Hopefully…that the CRC will admit failure.

  2. Nice Job! I will be there. We should also encourage participants to exchange their emails, etc. so that they can stay informed. Social networking is a huge benefit in our fight against not only 2 State Governments, but the Federal Government, Mr. Obama and Mr. Lahoud and members of Congress. We should never forget that out local power is greater than the power of our Opponents when it comes to this CRC thing of theirs. Let’s stop them NOW!

  3. Lew I sent a email to Mark that I can’t make the first part.I plan on closing at 5 and will make it then.We have to stop this thing.

  4. Also did you send a personal invite to Mike Yancy?

  5. See you all there!

  6. LOL, Tim. I doubt Yancey could find his way out of his Mommies basement to be able to attend 😉

  7. I will probably be there Lew. I am going to Hooters of Jantzen Beach after the rally which isn’t that far from Red Lion (about 2 miles). Hopefully, I can get some photos of the event if it is allowed.

  8. Lew, Will Tiffany be there?

  9. I don’t know what Tiffany’s schedule is, Jacob. I do know she has been busy lately working.

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