Rally Excerpts

by lewwaters

Clips from Fridays rally held at the Red Lion’

See and Clark County Conservative Archive for more information on why opposition is growing and the Columbia River Crossing Project, as currently designed, must be stopped.

As speaker Ty Baxter, owner of Baxter Auto Parts coined, “it’s the economic equivalent of the Berlin Wall.”

UPDATE: Full videos now available at

4 Comments to “ Rally Excerpts”

  1. Well done, to the speakers and to Lew for putting this up.

  2. Very good presentations … topical, factual, and well organized. Big thanks to all the speakers and, especially Lew Waters, for all he does, tirelessly.

  3. I have posted videos of all of the speakers at:


  4. There are still two important aspects that have not gained traction:
    1) The bait and switch that the local contribution is 1/3. Even if you accept that such an important West Coast corridor for commerce should have a 1/3 local contribution it’s not happening that way. Both Oregon and Washington are planning to toll to raise their shares and the feds under MAP 21 also. And this is only the first phase. The SR500 and Fourth Plain interchanges will be added later as will Delta Park and the Rose Quarter – all paid for with tolls on Clark County commuters. Folks, if you pulled off a bait and switch at a used car lot you’d get a punch in the gut or go to jail.

    2) Tiffany touched on this and Brent Boger is begging for the information about Washougal – but what is the cost to the local community? The latest benefits analysis breaks out benefits to the Portland Metro area but does not mention actual local costs. Washington legislators should not approve funding for this project without knowing what it will cost local Washington residents.

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