Gun Control Advocates Decimated, by a 15 Year-Old

by lewwaters

An unidentified 15 year-old girl speaks before a legislative body, I believe in Maryland and with a little bit of common sense, deconstructs every single strawman argument currently being promoted by gun grabbers in America.

Well done, young lady.

We must ask ourselves, how is it a 15 year-old can so easily see the fallacy of the current cries of gun-grabbers and is willing to speak out to protect her future rights, yet so many others sit back quietly and hope there are sufficient numbers of other people willing to take stand and protect our rights?

Don’t be fooled by the current arguments on “reducing gun violence.” As this young lady so aptly points out, with some of the strictest gun control laws in our country, the city of Chicago has seen more gun violence that has been seen in the country of Afghanistan, where our Troops have been righting for 11 years.

H/T Maryland Minuteman Org

20 Comments to “Gun Control Advocates Decimated, by a 15 Year-Old”

  1. I don’t worship guns, hell, I don’t even own a gun or want to own a gun BUT the anti-gun fervor going on with Democrats seems totally illogical and self-defeating, especially Obama spending his political capital on such a loser issue UNTIL I heard an interesting piece of political strategy… It turns out the anti-gun meme is a big hit with women voters, and even though Dems get the women vote by a big margin, they think they can pull even bigger numbers if they can cast Republicans as villain child-killers. So, this whole cynical, incredibly divisive issue that will actually achieve NOTHING in the short term WILL in the long term cement Democrats in power. You know, guys, Obama is kicking your ass.

  2. Don’t believe everything you hear, Martin. If you haven’t heard, Democrats are getting quite upset that Obama is “kicking ass” for Obama, not the Democrats.

    Don’t bank too heavily on women opposing guns either. They are the largest group left undefended and they know it.

    Spread propaganda if you wish, but you should be too smart to begin believing it yourself.

  3. I’m a big-time Obama Democrat and that McClatchy article is one of the reasons why! When Obama was running, the “establishment” Democrats backed Clinton (big, big, big time). He had to form his own fundraising organization just to get any money and he was able to duplicate 100 years worth of Democratic backroom dealmakers in just a couple years. Awesome! Also, I know YOU think Obama is a Progressive (because you can’t tell the difference) but he’s a Liberal – my kind of Liberal – and I would much rather he back Liberal ideas rather than Progressive candidates. I know you don’t like the guy but he is a barrier against the worst kind of envious, Marxist bullshit that infects a lot of the Democratic party.

  4. No Martin, I don’t think Obama is a Progressive. I think he is an outright communist dictator in waiting.

    Even a liberal ought to be able to follow the constitution, not always seek ways to bypass it.

    It amazes me that you have repeatedly claimed to abhor Marxism and such, but praise and wet yourself over someone like Obama who is quietly implementing the very thing you say you abhor.

    I can’t figure out if it is white guilt driving you or just plain old fashioned partisanship blinding you.

  5. Dude, you just called me out, now it’s time to go over to my forum and defend your words (if you can?):

  6. Dude (?) I’ve tried to get into your forum and for some reason, none of my info works any longer.

    But I do what I do here where all can see without having to register.

    You seem to enjoy taking potshots at me, Jack and several others here and we have adequately defended ourselves right here.

  7. Sign up again. (The forum software I used got so hacked I had to replace it.)

  8. In a read of the Declaration of Independence one can see how this administration and perhaps those before it, but definitly this one is on a seriously plotted “fundamental” path that alters our society completely from its foundations. Point by point you can read the reasoning for the declaration written so long ago and relate almost all of them to this current president. Label anything you want but the action is itself defining.
    All around us we see the continued decline of the economic stability and the social structures that held our hopes high and our fellow countrymen bound to each other with complete loyalty. The answer to the degradation is not futher spending us out of any reasonable comfort zone of balance with the GDP and it is not through the creation of more rules and regulations. It is not through the banning of any form of a weapon one could ue to defend one’s rights with. It is only through the removal of these chains that hold us back an bar us rom the exercise of self gratification based on individual achievement that we can be again a healthy nation of individuals.

  9. sorry for the typos. I think I am in need of a new keyboard!

  10. Carolyn, The Constitution is a flawed document written by flawed men copying the ideas and thoughts of other flawed men – but I still like it!

    America was properous because of the state of the world at that time. We built our success on the backs of the countries we exported to or exploited, just as Britain did before us, and every other economic powerful nation has ever done. Plus, our demographics were right – lots of young people after the war that consumed stuff. Yes, The Constitution allowed liberty which allowed science which allowed ever-increasing productivity which is why we were Top Dog. Now China has the timing to be Top Dog – not because they are socialist.

    Guns are just a sideshow.

  11. Does it not escape you how the constitution, flawed as you may think it is, has served us well and is now being twisted and misused to actually deny us constitutional freedoms, Martin?

    Do you think China would be doing so well if there a free country and were paying their people what our unions have demanded for so long?

    Or do you not realize China’s unions are state controlled? Would any of our people even be willing to work for what China’s state controlled unions pay?

  12. Lew, I’m currently reading “Triumvirate,” the book about the ratification of The Constituion, and how it’s author, James Madison, INSISTED it did not need a “Bill of Rights.” In fact, you would have sympathized with the anti-Federalists (against The Constitution) because all of their arguments are the Conservative arguments of today. What you now defend you would have then detested. (So far in the book it looks like The Constution will fail ratification but I’m hoping it passes 🙂 )

  13. I welcome Mr. Hash to the debate. It is much needed. My personal definition of Liberal would be those who take a liberal reading of the Constitution. We have experimented with this over this last 100 years, and must soon start drawing some hard conclusions to the wisdom of doing so.

  14. Actually, Martin, thee was much disagreement over those rights, not because the founders didn’t believe we were entitled to them, to counter arguments of the anti-federalists. So they were left out of the initial ratification in order to get the constitution passed, but always with the intent they be added by amendment.

    “They successfully countered most criticism. As for the lack of a bill of rights, Federalists argued that a catalogued list might be incomplete and that the national government was so constrained by the Constitution that it posed no threat to the rights of citizens. Ultimately, during the ratification debate in Virginia, Madison conceded that a bill of rights was needed, and the Federalists assured the public that the first step of the new government would be to adopt a bill of rights.”

    Maybe you should get out in the real world some more, Martin. Nowhere did our founders believe we were not to be given our rights and to restrain government, regardless of what any revisionist historian has to say.

  15. Lew, read your own Wikipedia excerpt again – Madison caved and FINALLY added a Bill of Rights. Dude, exactly what qualifications do you have to be making your assertions? Don’t you ever feel self-conscious about how certain you are about everything even though you have no qualifications, knowledge, or experience to back it up?

  16. Apparently Martin, you didn’t even bother to read the link or you would see it is not wikipedia, but US Government Archives.

    As for what qualifications do I have to make my assertions, I am a combat Veteran, a United States Citizen in what I hope to remain a free nation and educated in how to read and fortunately, someone blessed with common sense.

    Your having read socialist/Marxist/Communist books along with your misused education grants you no more rights to an opinion than those granted to a high school drop out.

    If you think your education makes you better then I am, you’re wrong.

    You may hold an arrogant view of better than others, but the very document we are discussing grants us each the same level of rights to an opinion.

    Do I ever feel self conscious? No, I don’t. What I do feel is extreme pity that someone like you, with your apparent intelligence and level of education you sought and obtained is so easily deluded by the very system to keep proclaiming you abhor.

    If my opinions disturb you, Martin, or you feel inadequate because you fail to refute what I believe, since I am obviously just some poor dumb schmuck in your mind, well, don’t the door hit ya where the good lord lord split ya on your way out.

    Your choice.

    But don’t ever make the mistake that you are somehow better then I am.

  17. Lew, guy, when you get yourself out on a limb I try to wave you back in. One Kim Jong-un is enough.

  18. LOL, Martin, now you’re getting funny.

    Give up while you’re ahead.

  19. See, that was funny. 🙂

  20. Martin secretly really wants a Chia Pet?Why Martin, you old softy you.

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