Jim Moeller, Time To Come Out Of the Closet

by lewwaters

CRC RobberIt would appear that Jim Moeller, Democrat so-called Representative of Washington State’s 49th Legislative District still tries to hide in a self imposed closet. No, I don’t mean his homosexuality, he’s very open about that and in fact, wears it like a badge of honor on his left sleeve.

I’m talking about his disdain for constituents, especially any who do not immediately jump up to agree with his communist positions and even more so, his advocacy for Portland, Oregon over the district he has been reelected to represent 5 times now.

That my fellow 49ers remain so blind to Jim Moeller’s advocacy for Portland over the well-being of the 49th Legislative District is astonishing to me. What will it take for these people to ever open their eyes?

Moeller has shown himself to be a real enemy to the middle class families of Washington State by advocating higher taxes, higher fees and higher costs all to be piled on the backs of the struggling middle class families.

From his ill-fated ‘candy-tax’ that was soundly overturned in the 2010 election by a margin of 64.89% to 35.11% in Clark County, 61.5% to 38.5% from within the 49th Legislative District, to his suing constituents to invalidate their votes for I-1185, the 2/3 majority requirement for the legislature to increase taxes (the 4th time it was approved), Jim Moeller continues to show that the will of the people he is elected to represent means nothing to him.

From his arrogant insults and snarky comments hurled towards constituents to his gaily embracing of insults directed towards his constituents by Columbian editorial page editor John Laird, we see a disdain for those people within his district that who would dare expressing a different view than his or desire to retain a little bit of their own paychecks to care for their own families.

Nowhere is this better seen than in his blind approval of the Columbia River Crossing project and efforts to bend over constituents and stick with Billions of dollars of debt to pay for a light rail extension repeatedly rejected.

Recently, we see a quote from Moeller in the Oregonian concerning constituents traveling to Olympia to testify at a hearing on the proposed transportation budget that “his colleagues weren’t exactly thrilled to listen to the project’s opponents say their pieces, adding “They were bored to tears. They were quite honestly disgusted with the testimony.”

And somehow, Moeller expects us to believe that he is not who was “bored to tears and disgusted” even though the citizen in question expressed hearing heartfelt thanks and complimentary comments from those very legislators Jim Moeller said were “bored to tears and disgusted.”

Further indication of Moeller’s disdain for citizens in his district comes from his silence, even though repeatedly asked for comment, on the efforts of Oregon State Representative Caddie McKeown, (D. Coos Bay) to encourage businesses upriver of the CRC project and who will be negatively affected due to the inadequate bridge height, hampering their ability to ship products they manufacture under the new bridge, to relocate 200 miles south of Clark County, taking hundreds of family wage, middle class jobs with them.

I can’t help but wonder if the thought of drawing such businesses away from Clark County and into Oregon is partly why this project, that will be primarily paid for on the backs of Clark County citizens, received such strong support from many in the Oregon Legislature,

More importantly, why doesn’t Jim Moeller seem to care that hundreds of good paying jobs are in danger of being removed from his district because of a project he too strongly supports and says will be “mitigated?”

Since we all know mitigating means tax dollars used, is he planning on helping those businesses move hundreds of miles away with our own tax dollars too?

I can’t help but wonder, since we frequently read comments made by Jim Moeller of Portland being an “economic powerhouse” we in Clark County must be connected to by use of their light rail forced upon us, even though it is facing $1.6 Billion in funded liabilities, why he supports a community outside of his district and in another state over the one he is elected to represent?

Why is he so quick to bend us over to stick it to us so Portland, Oregon can see a better economy at the cost of his own Legislative District?

I also can’t help but wonder why so many keep voting for him after he openly works against the interests of his own district and holds constituents in such disdain?

If Jim Moeller is not stopped, there will be no middle class left in the 49th Legislative District. We’ll all be struggling to survive while Portland basks in all of the tax dollars confiscated from Clark County.

Make no mistake about it, Jim Moeller is waging a war against the middle class taxpayer.

Surely we can do better and find someone who will place the needs of their constituents over the wants of “keep it weird” Portland, Oregon.

We have a very short time left where we can stop Jim Moeller’s war on the middle class by plunging us deeper and deeper into debt to bail out Portland’s light rail empire. This coming Tuesday the 8th, representatives in Olympia will be voting on whether or not to grant additional funding to the CRC. They should not. Below is information asking you to reach out to those who will vote on our financial future.

They need to hear your voice, call them tonight, tomorrow and tomorrow night. Let your voices be heard. Tell them they need to stop the CRC and Light Rail until we have a viable project.

Attached is a pdf copy of a script you can use to speak to them as well as their contacts.

Make the calls and let’s stop this in its tracks.

Your added voices will do much to tell legislators that the people do not want this project as currently designed.

2 Comments to “Jim Moeller, Time To Come Out Of the Closet”

  1. I live in the 49th and I won’t be voting for the arrogant bastard.

  2. Thanks for keeping the pressure on Jim here Lew! I was in Olympia at the senate hearing on Thursday but had to scoot back before the house hearing. I plan to attend it this week again.

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