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Acuity Group Releases Sixth Expenditure Analysis Report Detailing Accounting-Related Discrepancies with Columbia River Crossing (CRC) Finances

Expert forensic accountant’s report reveals costs of interchanges are being shifted to cost of interstate bridge – affecting amount necessary for toll collection

VANCOUVER, Wash. (April 8, 2013) – Forensic accounting expert, Tiffany Couch, CPA/CFF, CFE, of the Northwest-based Acuity Group, today released a sixth report detailing discrepancies related to cost allocations of the Columbia River Crossing (CRC) project. The first five reports are available at This report focuses on discrepancies between the CRC project’s detailed budgeted costs and statements and documents provided to decision makers.

The six reports are the result of Couch’s ongoing investigation into the CRC’s expenditure of public funds. This report includes an analysis the project’s detailed budget. The budget indicates costs for Washington and Oregon interchanges are hundreds of millions of dollars more than the amounts being reported to decision makers.  The budget also indicates the cost to rebuild the interstate bridge is hundreds of millions of dollars less than the amounts being reported.  As a result, it appears that the shifting of interchange costs to the interstate bridge increases the burden of costs to toll payers.

Couch releases her reports to select media outlets throughout Oregon and Washington, elected officials and concerned citizens. Many of Couch’s comments on the topic are discussion points related to the transparency and accountability of the CRC project. Couch is on record as recommending that additional investigations at the local, state and federal level are warranted and lists names of agencies whose regulations have been potentially violated.

“As a certified forensic accountant, I’m hired by my clients as an objective consultant to provide clarity about complex financial related data,” said Couch.  “I report on factual evidence to verify whether claims being made can be supported or refuted.”

Couch was retained in April 2011 by a private citizen to conduct an analysis of accounting documents and to provide clarity on the expenditures of the CRC project. The investigation and reports are also subsidized by a pro-bono commitment by Acuity Group.

Couch, a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Fraud Examiner has more than 15 years of experience in the field of accounting. As a forensic accountant she has conducted work for a variety of Oregon and Washington entities and numerous law firms and private businesses throughout the United States. She is a nationally recognized expert and speaker in the field of forensic accounting.

Details at

The five previous reports are available at

About Acuity Group

Acuity Group, PLLC is a forensic accounting firm based in the Pacific Northwest that specializes in fraud investigation, financial litigation support and forensic accounting.



Tiffany R. Couch, CPA/CFF, CFE



Financial Investigation and Forensic Accounting

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Report # 6 CRC Cost Allocation Discrepancies pdf

Report # 6 Cost Allocation Exhibits zip


  1. Tiffany Couch, it is a blessing to have you with your expertise and the fact that with the work you have done thus far, you have opened the eyes of the people regarding this crossing project and the corruption riddled throughout it from the beginning. How fortunate we are!!! Many, many thanks for your diligence!!!

    I’m not sure how much longer the folks who are insistent that we continue with this Rip Off which will clearly surpass WPPSS, but I do believe they are losing the stronghold they’ve held to for so long. Some have already abandoned ship.

  2. I suddenly realize how long it has been since I have heard Justice being so well served. I am in a mood to see it pursued with a vengeance. Excellent job, Folks.

  3. If I were a used car salesman and I pulled off a bait and switch similar to this I would count myself lucky if the customer punched me in the gut and walked away.

  4. C-Tran resolution approving the Locally Preferred Alternative: Page 51
    “4. CRC project construction…costs should be divided between Washington
    and Oregon according to the proportion of the project within each

    Click to access LPA_Resolutions.pdf

    RTC Resolution Page 63:

    “July 22, 2008

    Reflecting prior agreements between Oregon and Washington the costs for the design and
    construction of the I-5 replacement bridge should be shared equally between Oregon and
    Washington. The costs for the roadway and interchanges in each state would be covered
    by the respective state…”

  5. Investigation of the financial irregularities and contract cost increases is a necessary step, BEFORE any more funds are entrusted to the CRC. The no-bid approach for contracts, combined with contract increases is not in accordance with best practices and obviously isn’t serving the public interest. 2 failed bridge designs, and the taxpayer foots the bill for the mistakes?

  6. Again Tiffany another nice job! I believe we talked about this briefly before. I am not sure which meeting I was in anymore but the idea that there are now phases of the project seems to have allowed for fuzzy lines with the math in each phase. I felt that phase one was picking up the largest tab including these interchanges when they have recently been shuffled into phase two and three in order to cut the upfront expense. I did not see the dollars drop appropriately however so now we know why!

  7. Lew,

    Thanks for getting this vital information out and thank you Tiffany for exposing the corrupt CRC again!!!

  8. All the accountants who know anything about CRC oppose it. Same with the engineers. And I haven’t heard any lawyers defend it either. No one with any technical credibility stands up to support this mess. And why don’t they? Because then we could ask questions.

  9. Robert, I’ve noticed from the first day I’d set my eyes on the CRC website information center, that there’s a lot of promises and what should or could be done. Right then and there, I smelled corruption and deception. To see what Dean and Associates has already spent, compared to what the budget number was that was set for them to work with…another grim reminder of uncontrolled spending to support certain special interests in the project. I’m still trying to figure out why the Columbia River Crossing Project…a five-mile stretch of interstate highway improvements…has anything to do with the Hood River Channel Restoration. It boggles the mind!!!

    Thanks to Tiffany, she has brought the deception to the eye level, confirming my suspicions from the get go! (Again, thanks Tiffany for your expertise!!!)

  10. A certain local Vancouver newspaper we all just love, just posted the article on their website about ten minutes before I wrote this comment…well over 24 hours after Mister Lew’s article. Yeah…I know where I can find the latest news in a timely manner!!!

  11. Humor, Goldie?

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