CRC Supporters Scurrying Like Cockroaches

by lewwaters

Barking CockroachThis past Sunday, April 3, 2013 saw yet another insulting editorial written by soon to be retiring Columbian Editorial Page Editor, John Laird: We should all live as long as the Third Bridge Cockroach.

Laird, a strong supporter of the Columbia River Crossing has now added “cockroach” to his repertoire of derogatory titles assigned to taxpayers that dare actually look behind the shroud of secrecy long enveloping the CRC and stand against it.

BANANA (Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything), Ankle Biters, Hounds of Whinerville, NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard), CAVE (Citizens Against Virtually Everything) and now Cockroaches to describe those who they also want to buy their newspaper.

What Laird misses is that term cockroach is better suited to those who blindly support this bloated plan to force Portland, Oregon’s financially troubled light rail onto Clark County Citizens as it is they who are now scurrying around like cockroaches when a light is turned on, preferring darkness. As opposition grows to the CRC, people seeing it for what it is, supporters are scurrying to silence critics, demean opponents and as Governor Jay Inslee called for “increase the decibels” while ignoring the why of citizen opposition skyrocketing.

As Washington State Legislators lean closer to citizen opposition, we see 49th Legislative District Rep. Jim Moeller claiming, “We are using everything in our bag of tricks to bring everything to bear,” as he too sees the likelihood of citizen opposition killing the project as designed, opting for a more transparent project that will actually serve the region.

One of those “tricks” seems to be bringing in the U.S. Transportation Secretary, former Illinois Congressman Ray LaHood to try to sell the faltering project to Washington State Legislators.

Relying on faulty logic, LaHood says,

“We need to have people with vision step up and say: ‘Those who have worked for 12 years on this project deserve to have this project move ahead, because they’ve done all the hard work’.”

Having spent 12 years ignoring the voices of the people, trying to silence critics, shrouding the project in secrecy and “using everything in our bag of tricks” is not a good justification for moving this bloated project forward against the will of the people.

LaHood continued,

“We are prepared to put millions of dollars into this project because it’s important to America.”

Unfortunately, America isn’t paying the lion’s share of the $5 to $10 Billion this boondoggle will end up costing after interest on the bonds, cost overruns and expense of constructing this monster. That will fall squarely on the backs of Clark County Washington’s struggling middle class as they attempt to recover from over 4 straight years of double digit unemployment.

18th Legislative District State Senator Don Benton released a statement today relating to LaHood’s efforts,

“I guess the governor thought he could strong-arm the Senate Majority Coalition into rolling over by bringing the D.C. folks in to give us the same ‘this bridge or no bridge’ lecture he’s been delivering. Instead, the transportation secretary had his hat handed to him, and I have to believe I will find even more support now for my efforts to force a redesign of the CRC project.”

“I was very proud of how our coalition joined me in standing up for the people of Clark County. The governor and the CRC supporters are obviously getting more desperate by the day; they see how time is running out to get the Legislature to go along with this boondoggle.”

Indicative of changing attitudes opposing this project, we see center left Democrat Mike Dalesandro, who has announced his intent to try to gain a seat on the Battle Ground, Washington City Council released the statement,

“We need a functional bridge that will serve the primary needs of communities. We need a project that places those needs, commuting, freight, and river commerce first, above all else. Look at I-205. Longer bridge, built without tolls, and much cheaper. Sure, inflation, costs of materials, labor, etc. have all increased, as well as environmental concerns, but we can do better than the current project.”

“It’s not responsible to have taxpayers buying the Cadillac when all they need and can afford is the Taurus. It’s not responsible for our region to be held hostage by Oregon’s “light rail or bust” philosophy. We don’t need light rail and a bridge project without a clear idea of what the tolling costs are going to be. The proposed CRC project just isn’t right for Battle Ground.”

Even though Battle Ground is several miles outside of the CRC Benefit Zone, Dalesandro can see that the project will negatively affect taxpayers in that city just as the Washougal, Washington City Council did recently when they voted in a resolution in opposition to the light rail project.

Also indicative of Clark County’s opposition to the CRC was last year’s County Commissioner Election where we saw a two-term incumbent who supported the CRC defeated by a very large margin by a novice political candidate opposing it.

We also saw another incumbent commissioner opposing the CRC retain his seat after facing a well-funded and experienced challenger who expressed support for the CRC.

Outside of the 49th Legislative District, we saw candidates winning their bid for office running against the CRC and pro-CRC candidates fall by the wayside with few exception.

Clearly where John Laird claims of opponents being like “the indefatigable insect that crawls out as the lone survivor of some nuclear holocaust” and refuses to die, his description of opponents and advocates of Third Bridge instead being “cockroaches” is much better suited to the CRC an supporters as it should be obvious to most ardent supporter that they are grossly outnumbered by opponents who see the project is not what it is being sold as.

Indeed, if it were even half of what proponents claim I would sell on its own merit and those like Jim Moeller would not need to rely on their “bag of tricks” to sell it.

Opponents haven’t had to rely on tricks, we’ve just relied in the truth of what is written in CRC documents, thanks to the many efforts of Forensic Accountant Tiffany LeMay Couch and her husband Rusty.

12 Comments to “CRC Supporters Scurrying Like Cockroaches”

  1. The problem with Dalesandro is his motivation is political opportunism. He’s not fighting this now, because it’s right to do so, he’s trying to capitalize on the Mielke/Madore formula… otherwise, he would have been out front on this like we’ve been, literally for years.

    Just for one example, he was a rabid supporter of pro-CRC scammer Marc Boldt in the last election, one of the many democrats who trashed Madore for using his own money to run on (While staying silent about democrats who did the same)

    His position on gun-grabbing is also problematic; he also supports that idiotic Obamacare rip off, the Government Motors bail out, rabidly supports gay marriage and that gay’s in the military stupidity, lies about the jobs Obama “created,” OBAMA “increasing domestic oil production,” ending ANY war, REDUCING payroll taxes (Really? Mine just went up. Didn’t most people’s?) he’s a stone-cold Bush-blamer, incapable of understanding that Obama is destroying our economy and burying us in debt, and so on.

    He’s a kool-aid drinking leftist and when it comes to this, I don’t believe a word out of him.

    His past partisanship and support of leftist positions remains otherwise unassailed. It’s just too much to be a coincidence, and it smells too much of a Tim leave-it -like scam.

    The CRC Scammers are definitely in the hurt locker… and the end appears to be near for this massive, almost unfathomable theft from the people of Clark County… including many in Battle Ground.

  2. Since I can’t vote in any of the city council races, I’m likely to stay out of them, except for ousting Tim Leavitt as mayor of Vancouver.

    So while I’m not taking a position, Dalesandro first came out against the CRC last March before the Mielke/Madore win.

    It will be up to voters to determine whether or not they want to elect him based on his platform, but by all account, the CRC is one he has seen the light on.

  3. John Laird can call me a cockroach, if he wishes. I’ll be surviving long after his leftist rag is rotting on the ash heap of history. Starting from the top, the Federal Government is bankrupt (if spending 40% more than they take in means anything) — it should not spend money it doesn’t have on this particular CRC design. The CRC design with trolley cars is too low (due to the trolley cars) to accommodate existing river traffic and is thus an economic disaster for Clark County. Trolley cars are expensive and inflexible. They will not efficiently serve the needs of the relatively low density residential development in Clark County. In contrast, busses, that do not need a special bridge, are less expensive, more flexible and can be added to the system piecemeal as needed during the future.

    As for the Columbian … I don’t (and won’t) subscribe. I don’t support newspapers that simply parrot the Democratic party line and only support liberal policies. The circulation of newspapers continues to shrink as readers are finding online sources of news that is without the biased slant so obvious in much of the so-called main-stream media.

  4. Preach on Brother Lew. Preach on. “Those who have worked for 12 years on this project deserve to have this project move ahead, because they’ve done all the hard work.” Absolutely crap. This man simply said those who hard to get this bridge are trying to get paid. And the only way they can get paid is to get the deal closed. This reminds me of a real estate broker who does all the work finding buyers and sellers only to have them reach a stalemate. This deal could have resulted in a great commission for the broker. He/she worked hard. Made all types of sacrifices. Now the broker is getting a little ticked because the window on closing escrow is nearly shut. He/she is starting to panic because some of the commission is needed to pay BILLS! If the escrow does not close in time, the Lender will recall the money and it may take another 20 years for the opportunity to come around again. The broker becomes desperate, even offering to have sex with anybody who will close the deal. Even pondering sabotaging the Bridge like the Hotel that miraculously caught fire, right in the line of fire. What about a major 18-wheeler pileup on the bridge? This is the CRC Project. Lahoud and the Governor showed this same desperation. If the money does not go to the Project, then it cannot be skimmed or manipulated. So Lew, this came to mind: “Desperado, why don’t you come to your senses? You been out ridin’ fences for so long now. Oh, you’re a hard one… I know that you got your reasons… These things that are pleasin’ you…
    Can hurt you somehow….You better let somebody love you, before it’s too late….” But all is not lost, they still have the 2B’s: Biden and Bama. As soon as they finish with the gun issue. :-).

  5. Whatever the CRC Cockroaches do, I’ll have them listen and heed the following 😉

  6. Ray LaHood said that the federal department of transportation was prepared to spend millions on this project? He is NOT! The federal department of transportation is only offering LOAN guarantees these days people! This is not even going in with federal money for the bridge itself. So if we have to pay for it all (the primary foundation which is a bridge) then I say NO LIGHT RAIL! Damn lifting the weight of this project just got a whole lot lighter.

  7. I love the theme by the way! I told that to Ray LaHood myself as well as Leavitt and Moeller in the last year. When our cause it is just then stand like a strong wall we must!

  8. CRC Cockroaches aren’t going to be living much longer. – That’ why The Columbian is in a Total Hysteria mode right now and also why John Laird is foaming the mouth again

  9. Don’t be too hard on John, Lew. He is horribly misunderstood most of the time. People read his weekly column and think he’s just an idiot and dismiss him out of hand. But, you see, what most people don’t realize is that he has a lifelong learning disability called Malapexia.

    Malapexia is a rare condition that causes those suffering under it to always use the wrong word; even though they don’t mean to. For instance, try as he might, John will always use the word “coalition” to describe the self-interested CRC boosters when he means “cabal.” “Snakes” comes out as “stakeholders.” He tries to write “elites” but all he gets is “alliances.”

    And don’t question his motives, either. You might think he is pandering to his boss, Scott Campbell, and responding to the call to “raise the decibels.” In fact, he is secretly screwing his boss and the Newspaper by spiking his retirement; working overtime.

    As you say, John will retire soon. I can’t imagine he’ll get much true love at his send-off. Maybe, Clark County Conservative could pitch in and buy him a leather-bound and embossed thesaurus – give a little speech and explain to him that it’s not an extinct reptile.

  10. Robert, John is about as “misunderstood” as an endangered HummingSquirrel. Anybody can see what that ass is all about.

  11. For anybody who’s interested, the CRC promoters are at it again…this time inside the downtown library next to the community room. They’re really getting desperate.

  12. The State Senate said NO! to any CRC Money, Goldie. Prepare for at least two years of Anger & name-calling from The Columbian much worse than when Pollard got his miserable ass run out of Shitty Hall.

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