Who Needs to Get a Life, Hanoi Jane?

by lewwaters

Jane Fonda, aka ‘Hanoi’ Jane Fonda for her treasonous exploits offering aid and comfort to our enemy at a time we had Troops in harm’s way doesn’t seem to like that so many Vietnam Vets still despise her. Part of why was stated in Hanoi Jane, It Wasn’t a ‘Mistake,’ It Was Treason

She clings to the canard that all she did wrong was succumb to the moment, posing for a very inflammatory set of photos of her sitting at an anti-aircraft gun. The below video should explain why her actions are considered “treasonous” by us and that it goes much further than those photos.

She expressed “regret” for the photo, but stands by her other actions and today, claims, “I have never done anything to hurt my country or the men and women who have fought and continue to fight for us.”

And now, she says that we need to “get a life?”


3 Comments to “Who Needs to Get a Life, Hanoi Jane?”

  1. There aren’t enough disgusting words for her. When she was talking about planes being shot down – those weren’t planes – they were men who had families…mothers/fathers who loved them – maybe young brides and babies who would never see their soldier father. And these scumbags – including her, were clapping when she said many of our B-52 planes were shot down. Like I said…there aren’t enough disgusting words for her.

  2. I can’t say what I feel. I am sorry there are people like her whose very words are so hurtful to a hero like you Lew. So sad.

  3. That evacuation “speaks well for Socialism”, at the least, Hanio Jane has given us a credible measure by which to differentiate Modern American Democrat governance of say New Orleans during Hurricane Katrena and true Socialist rule of war time Hanoi.
    While unintentional Her statement in Berkley is more than suggestive of a pack or hive mentality, vs the imperative of individual responsibility for individual decisions and actions. She can never accept the responsibility for what her actions and her words caused, for that would require embracing the enlightened view of man as a morally directed social being opposed to the notion of man ruled by an amoral mob.

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