Liberals Go Berserk Over GOP Auctioning an AR-15

by lewwaters

AR-15We have long referred to Liberals as “looney” and nothing shows this more than the reaction of Liberals in regards to the Washington State Republican Party auctioning off an AR-15 rifle for fundraising.

That an AR-15 functions absolutely no different than any other semi-automatic rifle, one shot per trigger pull, mean nothing to Liberals. It “looks scary.” That it fires a relative small diameter bullet means absolutely nothing, it “looks scary.”

In an obvious attempt at a hit piece, the Friday April 12, 2013 Columbian includes a reprint of Jim Camden from The Spokesman-Review article AR-15 sale will raise GOP funds after editing the title to State Republicans to auction Newtown-style assault rifle.

“Newtown style?”

Obviously an attempt to connect every AR-15 ever manufactured to Adam Lanza’s horrific slaughter of 20 children late last year in Newtown, Connecticut at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

But, when did any article take on the title of the location used as part of its description?

When the Liberal media decides to go along with Liberal Democrats agenda currently being debated to seek yet another “compromise” to whittle away at our second amendment right to defend ourselves.

Comments by Liberals at the Columbian hit piece are predictable.

“Hand a untrained idiot or mentally unstable person an AR-15 and see how much damage they can do before being subdued,” said Eric Zimmerman.

Mike Dalesandro, hopeful to win a seat on the Battle Ground City Council this year’s chimed in with “Classy.” A stand that surely will not endear him to long time Battle Ground residents.

Fran Hammond says, “They must be so proud of themselves. It’s not a ‘fund-raising’ statement, it is a statement that they don’t give a sh*t about the families that have lost their loved ones due to the lack of regulations that they support.”

Fran remains silent over the local Honda Dealer advertising and selling Honda vehicles the day after an innocent person was killed in an auto accident by an intoxicated driver in a Honda.

Tiffany Lathrop spews, “republican gun nuts have no compassion,” and “These republican psychopaths see nothing wrong with publically auctioning off the weapon that recently butchered 20 children and their 6 teachers in a mere 5 minutes,” ignoring that many Democrats also own guns.

Also ignored by all of these Liberals parroting the talking points of leftists push to disarm innocent Americas is the frequent use of AR-15’s in self defense.

New York Students ward off home invaders with AR-15

Tennessee Home invader killed by AR-15 ruled Self Defense

15 year-old Texas youth protects 12 year-old sister from burglars with fathers AR-15

Korean Shop owners defend stores with AR-15’s during 1992 LA Riots

Security Guard wards off robbers at Michigan Tax Preparer office with AR-15

Georgia Gun Store Owners thwarts smash & grab with AR-15

This is but a few examples where the weapon used in self defense was identified as an AR-15. Several other examples out there are with other home defense weapons and I can only imagine how many others have been by an AR-15 and were not identified in the articles.

Clearly, there are legitimate self defense needs of a “scary looking” AR-15, in spite of one being misused in a school shooting.

But that means nothing to Looney Liberals who falsely believe banning such weapons will eliminate them.

They refuse to do anything to increase penalties against criminals, often blaming others for their crimes and refuse to look back that the worst High School Shooting in our history, Columbine Colorado occurred in the middle of the previous Assault Weapons ban or that so-called Assault Weapons were not even used then.

The NRA’s Wayne LaPierre once said, “The only thing that will stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”

Whether it is with an AR-15 or a Mossberg 500, our Founders saw the wisdom of writing in a right to self defense in our Bill of Rights.

We must not allow Lunatic Liberals to deny us that right because they fear how something looks.

We must not fall prey to emotionally laden, biased media headlines like “Newtown-style assault rifle” to wear down our resolve.

Reality must triumph over emotionalism.

6 Comments to “Liberals Go Berserk Over GOP Auctioning an AR-15”

  1. I wish I could go and bid on this at the local one on April 27th as I understand it they will be doing this as well. Unfortunately this year the event is being held on the very day of my parents anniversary. With them getting up in age I feel the need to make sure that they have the “taxi driver daughter” and favorite son-in-law escort them out to dinner.


  2. I am upset over this whole thing. There is no indication whether it was a real colt or a wanna be bushmaster AR-15.


  3. Would it make the libs feel better if it were a Russian/Chinese AK-47?


  4. There were 15000 reported gun sales violations last year and only 44 of them were prosecuted. How about Holder and Obama resigning for not prosecuting the laws we already have.


  5. I’m fired up that our local GOP Lincoln Day Dinner on 4/27/2013 will also have a brand new Colt AR-15 up for auction. Generously donated by Linda and Tracy Wilson. There is also a Remington 870 tactical shotgun with a custom red,white and blue cerakote, and even classes at MK Tactical. Tickets sales are brisk — so to avoid finding it sold out, get your tickets now at: I can’t wait to hear from Sheriff Richard Mack, Shahram Hadian and others!


  6. Hopefully Sharam Hadian will stick around and come back to be governor


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