Kitzhaber Puts On His Bully Pants

by lewwaters

Kitz BullyJust as opponents of the Columbia River Crossing light rail project have been saying all along, Portland, Oregon is calling the shots while Clark County Washington will be bearing the lion’s share of expense.

We have been saying for some time now that this is not a bridge replacement project, that is only the carrot used to force Clark County into not only accepting Portland’s financially failing, deep in debt light rail against our wishes and now we once again see the truth of that coming out of Oregon.

As published in the Columbian evening online edition, Kitzhaber: Without light rail, new span across Columbia is history and Kitzhaber: Removal of light rail will kill CRC project as our state legislature is going back and forth over funding and light rail on the project.

Even opponents agree a new bridge would be great, but as was indicated in the Columbian’s recent poll, 87% of county residents want a third bridge first.

But, Oregon is having no part of it, as Tim Raphael, a spokesman for Kitzhaber, said, “Governor Kitzhaber has been clear from the start: No light rail. No project. No kidding.”

Kitz isn’t the first to try to bully Clark County into accepting their outmoded, 19th century choo choo train. We’ve been hearing it for several years now from past Mayor of Portland, City Council Members, legislators and even some sell outs on our side of the river who place Oregon above the people in Washington they have been elected to represent.

All it has done is increase the opposition and strengthen our resolve.

We have voted down your light rail directly once and by proxy 3 or 4 times since.

You can belly ache, threaten us, try to bully us, it isn’t going to work, Kitzie.

You see, you may have the Washington House in your pocket with the likes of Jim Moeller and Sharon Wylie, you might have Tim ‘the Liar’ Leavitt in your pocket and even County Commissioner Steve Stuart over a barrel, but you do not have Don Benton, Ann Rivers, Curtis King and the Senate Majority Coalition fooled into licking your boots.

Nor do you have the citizens of Clark County.

We’re wise to the lies and deceit surrounding this boondoggle since day one. We know it is first and foremost to force your light rail on us, your own Supreme Court told us that last year.

We know it is a lie that the bridge is in danger of collapsing. If it truly were, you and everybody else would be getting it built, not playing games with us on light rail.

We know commute time is not going to greatly enhanced and we also know of the efforts of your legislature to stick us with a bridge height inadequate to meet river commerce needs while they are seeking to encourage those companies negatively affected to pack up and relocate deeper into Oregon.

You have nothing left to bribe us with or to bully to us with, just your hollow words.

horses ass 2So you plan on pulling out of t he project if we don’t accept your outmoded 19th century light rail along with its $1.6 Billion in unfunded liabilities?

Please, feel free to pull out. Go right ahead.

You see, we also know you’re lying there too. You need those 60,000 Clark County commuters to not only fill jobs in your area but to pay in the millions of tax dollars you hit them for every year while giving them noting in return.

So you go right ahead, try your bullying and strong arming.

Put on those bully pants.

They only make your ass look bigger than you already are a horses ass.

6 Comments to “Kitzhaber Puts On His Bully Pants”

  1. 1. Facebook just told me it thinks your blog was “spam.” I had to mark that it wasn’t. Weird.

    2. Does Johnny the K understand that he has just single-handily undercut the CRC Scammers over here who’ve been lying to us about “safety,” and “Earthquakes” and “freight mobility” and “congestion?”

    None of those issues are reason to replace this bridge accordi9ng to Kitzhaber… the ONLY reason in his world… oddly… is…. well… loot rail.

    Just like the Oregon Supreme Court said. Just like you and I have been saying for years.


  2. You know the State of Oregon is getting desperate when they have to resort to bullying Clark County in order to get their loo rail here…or no new bridge at all. As far as I’m concerned, keep the existing bridge…retrofit it, maintain it and leave it be. The empty threats of imminent destruction from an earthquake have been proven as false information, thanks in part by Oregon’s own Transportation Department and their Seismic Report. Claiming CRC with loo rail will increase traffic mobility…with a gain of ONE MINUTE reduction in traffic (if even that is right) is ludicrous at a cost of $170 million per mile for the loo rail…and they want to cut back on the project by eliminating improvements on interchanges??? What about Hwy 14??? Will they increase the congestion issues in order to gain yet more mileage in loo rail throughout the county??? What is their motive?

    The truth is…their bubble is bursting all around them and they have nowhere else to go…nowhere to gain additional transit funding other than Clark County. They’ve hit Gresham. They’ve hit Washington County and Clackamas County (with a second loo rail nobody wants in ClackCo)…and they’re still in deep doo doo as they’re working in the red. They’re diligently working on a TRIMET bridge over the Willamette which BTW, the other I-5 Bridge…the Marquam Bridge was closed down due to the truck which spilled the multi-ton I-Beam for the Milwaukie loo rail line. Oregon officials are getting desperate and they’re pulling out the stops. They’ve buffaloed people like Jim Moeller, Ann Cleveland and Sharon Wylie and they’ve buffaloed people like former mayor Royce Pollard and current mayor Tim Leavitt.

    Holding that bait over the heads of those who are blinded by an empty dream…

    They should be ashamed of themselves. Shouldn’t they be focusing on bringing jobs to Clark County?


  3. Kitzy should be working on improving the surfaces of their own roads before trying to push loo rail into Vancouver. He should be working on improving the schools for the children who are our future. His threats are just a burst of hot air coming up from the south…much like a Heat Low in weather terms. They come and go…just as he has and will, come next election.


  4. To hell with that asshole Kissoffer. Don’t come around here telling us what to do, you F-ing Jerk.


  5. We weren’t stupid enough to have elected him for another round of terms! Taxhaber can keep his threats. I don’t car! Don’t build it then!


  6. No CRC if No light rail? Fine with me. As a letter writer to the Columbian (Democratic Daily Newsletter) stated today: the real congestion is in north Portland — not on the Interstate Bridge. That’s an improvement that Portland and Oregon are responsible for … and it’s not up to Clark County citizens to fund that (except as a share of the Federal dollars that support most Interstate Highway projects.)

    Frankly, having moved here less than a year ago, I can observe that the I-5 commute from Vancouver into Portland is slightly congested — but compared to other metropolitan areas, it’s not so bad. Even on the day that the wrong way truck closed the Glenn Jackson Bridge, I was able to get to the Portland airport in less than an hour via the Interstate Bridge during the peak of the commute hour. (My extensive experience in highly congested traffic did help.)

    (I once had a 55 mile commute in the SF Bay Area that took 2 hours to get to work … and 3 hours to get home every day. Outside of commute hours, the trip would take a little over an hour to drive.)


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