What Happens in Olympia Doesn’t Stay in Olympia

by lewwaters

washington-sealOnce again we see another legislative session in Olympia, Washington winding down with the usual prospect of going into special session to get important matters finished that for some reason, couldn’t be finished in regular session.

We see prospects of the special session centering around budgeting even though revenues are forecasted to exceed expectations by some $2 Billion, but are still over $1 Billion short of what spending is projected to be.

Last session the budget was put off due to focusing too much on homosexual marriage. Previous years we saw it put on hold until towards the end for a variety of reasons. We saw other pieces of legislation being placed in front of it, from tax increases, selection of a state rock or an official state dirt to drivers’ licenses for illegal aliens, several matters seemed to be placed before working out the budget.

We read of some of those bills as they pass or fail, but much goes on during legislative session we just don’t hear about. From little things to bills that may have a strong impact on our lives, many don’t make the news and unless we sit and watch TVW all day long and into the evening, we remain unaware of much that happens and what impact it may have on us in Washington State.

Our freedoms have been under assault for some time from both the national and state level, with us not realizing how we may have lost some as laws are changed or restricted. It might only restrict what we may do on our own property or our ability to defend our homes.

We don’t always hear of such changes until we run afoul of our increasingly oppressive government, digging deeper into our pockets or placing more limitations on us and our employers.

Be it a deliberate effort by biased media or just their desire to sell their product by promoting some stories over others, we are too often left in the dark of what has occurred in Olympia and how it may impact us.

That is changing. While citizen journalism is increasing through blogs like this one, Clark County Politics and others, we are fortunate in Washington to have a dedicated group watching the goings on in Olympia who are willing to share with us insight into some relevant measures that will have an impact on us and suggestions of how we can push back, the Freedom Foundation.

Their mission springs from their firm belief in three fundamental principles.

Liberty: The foundations of a free society are human liberty and personal responsibility. To sustain liberty, the people must choose to understand it, recognize threats to it and protect it.

Free Enterprise: Human needs are best met in a competitive marketplace where creativity is unleashed, property rights are protected and contracts are enforced.

Accountable Government: Human liberty and free enterprise can be sustained only when government’s power is limited to its constitutionally defined role and is accountable to the people it serves.

May 7 through May 11 will see the Freedom Foundation launch their Free WA Tour where they will be on hand in cities throughout the state to discuss what has happened this year in Olympia and answer our questions, as well as engage us to become greater involved in “shifting power back to the people.”

Southwest Washington will see their experts too in Kelso/Longview and Vancouver on May 11.

Best part, even though registration is required due to limited space, it is free of charge and they ask you to bring your friends and neighbors and questions.

Kelso/Longview will meet at the Monticello Hotel- La Riviere Room- 1405 17th Ave, in Longview from 8 to 9 AM Saturday, May 11.

They will be in Vancouver May 11, 2013 at Noon at Leonardo’s Pizzeria- 16505 SE 1st Street, Vancouver.

They ask for an RSVP at FreeWaTour.com or call 1-800-769-6617 to register.

If you are tired of being kept in the dark while elected officials gradually chip away at our freedoms and pile more and more costs on our backs, you owe it to yourself to come out to one of these free events and learn more.

Abraham Lincoln, closing the Gettysburg Address said, “government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

It is up to us to become informed and engaged and keep that statement true.

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