As the Columbian Squirms

by lewwaters

Monkey, EmbarrassedIt is well known now that the CRC is a very unpopular project among citizens and many business owners. We know it, elected officials know it and of course, even though they try to deny it, the Columbian knows it.

We also know the Columbian is in the tank for the light rail project and instead of investigating numerous concerns reported over the years about the CRC, will run damage control trying to minimize those concerns.

They also have shown themselves unfriendly towards candidates running for office that openly oppose the CRC light rail project and many can attest, do not treat those candidates very equitably, digging up dirt, casting aspersions and opposing just about any candidate who runs against the CRC.

And yet, the Columbian was puzzled when some candidates began bypassing them during campaigns, seeking other outlets to reach voters.

So I was very pleased to see John Laird understudy, Stephanie Rice pen a piece today, Anonymous Craigslist ad seeks Vancouver council candidates addressing a Craigslist ad Mayor and City Council Positions (Vancouver).

It appears that it is that “anonymous” that irks her since they chose not to make themselves known just yet, preferring to try a different approach in electing people to office.

I know I irks them more that I know who it is as Editor Lou Brancaccio wasted no time messaging me asking who they are after I said in comments, “By the way, Steph, the people behind it aren’t so anonymous, when you know who they are.”

Speaking with one member this afternoon, it was expressed that they have seen candidates trashed by the Columbian when they oppose the CRC or wish to change the direction of Vancouver. We saw them do it with David Madore, Josephine Wentzel, Carolyn Crain, Debbie Peterson and others.

Realizing how people will be trashed by the Columbian should they announce an intent to run for Mayor or City Council, it is felt that letting the Columbian have prior knowledge of that person intending to run prevents some very good citizens from throwing their hat in the ring.

Likewise, fore knowledge of just who is seeking good people opens them up to similar treatment by the Columbian, so the people behind this prefer to remain in stealth mode for the time being.

Rest assured, these are not the everyday named people you have seen commenting or running for office before. But they are professionals and business owners wanting to see a change and in due time, who they are will be known.

One concern I did pass along to them was to be sure they contact the PDC to ensure they remain within the rules. But for now, they are not a wholly organized group, not a Political Action Committee, just a number of citizens who put their heads together and decided to work to attract some candidates who stand a good chance of changing the face of Vancouver’s City Council.

But seeing them squirm at the Columbian, realizing a lowly blogger has information they want and won’t share, puts me in a good mood.

If you are interested or think you might be interested in running for office this year and meet what they are looking for, feel free to contact them through the Craigslist ad: Mayor and City Council Positions (Vancouver)

10 Comments to “As the Columbian Squirms”

  1. This group is probably the folks I talked to last week. They are decent people and bi-partisan (from multiple political parties in case some one does not understand that) I hope that through their efforts and the group that 13 of my fellow citizens formed which is a pac, we can do a strong job of promoting good candidates into the council seats in towns around our county.

  2. Anything that causes democratian heads to explode can’t be all bad.

  3. On the forum side of the Columbian (what we refer to as the basement for anybody who doesn’t use FB), some thought it was a practical joke. Guess the joke will be on those who don’t take it seriously…about the same time Mayor Leavitt will be going back to his prior full time job. We do need fresh faces and civic-minded people who listen to the voters who intend to lead our city (AND state for that matter) through the voice of the people rather than doing a turnabout by kissing up to those with vested interests in projects which lead to nowhere and economic destruction if we want to turn things around and pull it out of the doldrums!!!

    As far as the Columbian is concerned…they cannot afford to take sides on anything about now.

  4. The Columbian likes to get an early start with it’s Hate Campaigns As Soon as they find out who placed the ad they will start their Hate Drums.

  5. Hey Lew…who is the ape in the picture?

    Jack…if the person is a member of ICC, chances are they’ll be greeted with a warm welcome and a great write. (oops…did I really say that??? Shame on me.)

  6. Scott Campbell and John Laird placed the ad at Lou Brancaccio’s Suggestion.The idea was to create “controversy” on The Columbian’s Blog, Goldie. NOTHING is beneath The Columbian.

  7. Sorry Jack, but it is a legitimate ad placed this group of professionals and business owners wanting to see things change in Clark County.

    I’m not at liberty to say who they are just yet, but they will reveal it when they actually organize into a group.

    For now, they’re just a group of citizens testing the waters

  8. So what do you folks think about the issue with Madore, Mielke and Senator Benton and the Director of Environmental Services application process??? Seems to me there’s a lot of uproar on the C regarding this issue, yet it’s okay for Governors and even Presidents to hire who they want and nobody blinks. If they did something wrong, an apology would be warranted. Otherwise…it’s just another smear campaign destined to denigrate the efforts of those who oppose the TriMet Loo Rail from coming into Washington State. Maybe I’m wrong…but that’s how it looks to me.

  9. We find it humorous that the Leftist sonsabitches finally got a well-deserved punch in the nuts., Goldie. It was about time.

  10. I would note that we are currently exploring another round of charter options for our county. The last one I was staunchly against because it had language that allowed the “chair” commissioner to literally appoint all the other positions including other commissioners. The fact that it was voted down was probably based on this detail. People know that too much power in one set of hands is not okay as it can corrupt. When we have good men/women in office such as now with Madore and Mielke we are usually okay but there is no guarantee that the people will always elect good candidates as witnessed by our city council. Bill Barron needs to go in my opinion. I for one am glad to see Don being the natural resources admin. I think it is a great appointment. He has had to work with the people who have had to deal with the regulations that have been imposed for over a decade. He understands the issues and the funding that is required is also his very experienced skill coming from Olympia. The wetlands banking is a huge scam. I watched as the drylands out by the quarry were deemed wetlands and fees that were astronomical were imposed upon the developer. Some private entity gets very rich on this sham shuffling money from one “banked credit” to purchase another plot and reate a wetland that did not exist at all. I think Don will be a much more honest administrator of this assignment and a good steward of the beautiful county he loves too.

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