Cleveland, Wylie & Moeller Vow to Screw the Middle Class

by lewwaters

screwedIgnoring the concerns of their constituents in the 49th Legislative District, all 3 Democrats elected to represent us have now vowed to cast our concerns aside, continue ignoring our voices and work as hard as possible to screw us over to ensure funding of the highly unpopular Columbia River Crossing light rail project.

An email received from rookie Senator Annette Cleveland today says, “We are working hard to fund the Columbia River Crossing”, concluding with “Rep. Moeller, Rep. Wylie and I will continue to work on CRC funding throughout the special legislative session to ensure that our state meets the September deadline and qualifies for the $850 million in federal funds. Anything less would be fiscal lunacy and a terrible mistake for our community’s future.”

That voters have rejected every funding measure proposed and outright rejected light rail itself back in 1995 doesn’t enter into the equation.

Apparently none of the 3 Democrats have noticed Clark County is well into its fourth straight year of double digit unemployment, prolonged by over a decade of total Democrat rule in Washington State, nor does it seem to matter to these three.

From the email we read, “we are working to provide those funds in a major revenue package that would generate money for transportation projects across the state.”

That “major revenue package” was revealed earlier to include a 10 cent per gallon increase in gasoline taxes, create a car-tab tax equal to 0.7 percent of a vehicle’s value and a $25 fee on purchases of bicycles costing $500 or more.

Additionally, Ms. Cleveland proposed bill, SB 5923 that she boasts in her email, “provide up to $650 million in toll-backed bonds to cover our share of the CRC in case we run into any problems with the revenue package.”

That’s right, you read that slapping middle class working families who have to travel to Oregon for a job with as high as an extra $2,000 a year to pay to cross the bridge, Cleveland wants to slap you with an additional amount to fund Washington’s portion of the initial funding to begin construction.

Every dime being proposed is slated to be placed squarely on the backs of the still struggling middle class in Clark County, even though we are told how this project is a federal project.

Also ignored by Cleveland and her cohorts are the many discrepancies’ uncovered by forensic auditor Tiffany Couch, who’s findings have been confirmed by a second forensic auditor up state and now, also by Portland Television station, KGW News, exposing several questionable pork add-ons Ms. Couch first made known.

Cleveland also makes the laughable claim, “the heavily trafficked north-south I-5 transportation corridor is vital to smooth, safe travel and the efficient movement of freight from all over our state. In that light, the CRC is vital to our state economy and the creation of the kinds of middle-class jobs that fuel it — not just in the short term, during the construction of the bridge, but in the coming decades as a result of the economic development this project will spur throughout the surrounding communities.”

As we also know, the sole driving factor of this project is Portland, Oregon decision to force their financially failing light on Clark County against our will, confirmed by a ruling from the Oregon Supreme Court early in 2012. How that will benefit freight is left unexplained.

The CRC is likely to reach $10 Billion once interest on bonds and cost overruns are factored in, all being placed right squarely on the backs of the middle class in Clark County through tolling and other revenue increases listed above. How bankrupting struggling middle class families “is vital to our state economy and the creation of the kinds of middle-class jobs” is also not explained.

Apparently, Cleveland continues the smokescreen long used to hide the real intent of the project, light rail.

As for jobs, she joins the rest of the 49th trio in ignoring the efforts of Oregon Representative Caddie McKeown in encouraging hundreds of jobs to leave Clark County for Reedsport, Oregon once the bridge is finished, since the preferred design will create a bottleneck for river commerce with the lowest clearance on the river for 190 miles.

All to ensure light rail can make it across the bridge once built, any steeper grade to provide sufficient height making the bridge impassable for light rail cars.

What we see is a willingness to sacrifice hundreds, maybe thousands of good paying middle class jobs on the hopes and whims of new businesses willing to come in, knowing their taxes and license fees are going to increase above what they now pay wherever they are currently located.

Of course, that won’t happen, businesses working to keep expenses lower.

But Cleveland, Moeller and Wylie ignore that so they may answer the call of Oregon over the voices of their own constituents in Clark County Washington.

What we are also seeing is response to Governor Jay Inslee’s call of “increase the decibels” to drown out concerns of struggling middle class families facing bankruptcy over this for Portland, Oregon project.

We don’t need nor do we want to be further burdened with higher taxes and fees to pay for a project we have rejected and special interest groups have decided to force on us anyway, personal profits being their motive over concern of middle class families.

We must continue pushing back and raising our voices to keep our community free of Portland’s folly and affordable for families wanting to move here and those established here and still struggling to get by.

It makes no sense to continue confiscating paychecks of middle class families while claiming to benefit middle class families.

Let the elected officials know we are on to them and will not stand for this any longer. We deserve the freedom and ability to care for our families, not richen their fatcat campaign donors.

Stop this madness and start over with something the public will support.

Vote these scoundrels out as well.

One Comment to “Cleveland, Wylie & Moeller Vow to Screw the Middle Class”

  1. I keep saying that we are going to pay for all of it over the amount from the feds for new starts funding on light rail. That amount is not guaranteed but they are hoping for $850 million. Of the money that they get roughly$86 million will go toward other projects not directly related to the crossing bridge so at least 10% off the top! I know we will pay Oregon’s share since they have not determined where it will come from stating that they will promote a funding package after Washington passes theirs. Something stinky around here? I’ll say! A huge scam and we had better elect smarter more ethical people starting this year everybody.


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