Making Clark County Government Better

by lewwaters

CCBGClark County Washington sits in an awkward position at the southern most point of Washington State where the Columbia River separates the state from its Southern Neighbor, Oregon.

Positioned where we are, Washington State often ignores us, except of course when the time comes to want taxes, and Oregon treats us as their bedroom, the hicks to north they like to poke fun at.

All too often our elected officials, seeing Portland, Oregon as that “economic powerhouse” south of us, cater to the whims of Oregon over the desires of Clark County citizens.

Clark County residents end up sitting in a ‘gray zone’ with neither state caring too much about what goes on down here, radio and television centered in Portland and politicians centering their efforts further up north of us.

There isn’t much we can do to convince State Officials we are Washington and not just a dumping ground for Portland, but there is something we can do about locally elected officials seeing us as some little sister to Portland and not a separate community.

A group of citizens, long concerned about us residing in this ‘gray zone’ have come together and formed a new Political Action Committee (PAC) to address local elections and who we elect to represent us locally.

Clark County for Better Government is holding their kick-off this coming Sunday at the Cameo Café, 7703 NE 72nd Ave Vancouver, WA 98661 next to the Green Meadows Athletic Club and you are all invited to come out and share your views and learn what the PAC is trying to do to improve the representation of our local officials.

Cost is $20 per person with all proceeds going to the CCBG General Fund.

Our county faces some hard decisions for our future and for too long those we have elected have gone out of their way to ignore our input on matters of concern to us while they seek tax increases on us, while we still struggle with over 4 years straight of double digit unemployment.

From the Reflector we read,

“CCBG is of the mind that our County’s best days are ahead of us; that there is much more on which our community agrees than disagrees; that there are pragmatic and reasonable solutions to the challenges that face our community; and that Clark County only stands to benefit from a high standard of civility in public discourse and greater educational opportunities in political matters.”

Our best days are ahead of us, but only if we elect people who desire to place our community ahead of what Portland wants.

I urge you to come out this Sunday and meet the Clark County for Better Government PAC and lend your support.

You can print out this flyer as a reminder.

Let’s make our community thrive on our own talents and needs.

3 Comments to “Making Clark County Government Better”

  1. Thank you so much for the blog Lew! We absolutely will invite and welcome all persons who are interested in getting ethical honest candidates elected to local offices. We are excited to have created a place where citizens can come together to promote those who are most likely to actually represent them rather than the union or business pac’s choice. People matter and Clark County matters and each of you matter to us.

  2. Voting is one of the foundations of a democracy. To uphold this responsibility, the Clark County Auditor supervises and administers federal, state, and local elections conducted in the county. The Elections Department advises voters, candidates, political action committees, political parties, cities, special districts, and others about administrative rules and statutes applicable to election laws.

  3. Political partisans are the reason for gridlock, with common sense often flying out the window in favor of a piss poor excuse for policy. Its time for sanity, perhaps for civility, but more than that in SW Washington it is time for the citizens of Clark County.

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