Benton Vows Protection of Natural Resources and Restoring Balance

by lewwaters
Senator Don Benton

Senator Don Benton

Liberal heads have been exploding all over Clark County Washington ever since it was announced that the County Commissioners desire to streamline the process and by a 2 to 3 vote, selected 17th Legislative District State Senator Don Benton to head the County’s environmental department.

County Administrator Bill Barron suddenly decided to retire by September 10, likely out of disagreement with the selection. The Columbian calls it an insult and liberals are incensed and flooding the County Commission with emails expressing anger.

The County Democrat party has even gotten into the act by issuing a call for people to flood Council Chambers Tue May 07 at 6:00 PM at the Public Service Building, 1300 Franklin St. to “discuss the error” of hiring Benton.

As this blog and others have posted for several years, Sen. Benton is likely one of the most hated officials in Clark County, largely due to his critical look at things like the middle class bankrupting CRC light rail project Democrats and the Columbian want built on the taxpayers backs.

Benton has not even been given a chance to show how he will manage the department before liberals went berserk over his being hired.

To that end, Sen. Benton sent out a news release this evening, below;

Benton looks forward to heading Clark County’s environmental services,
Says new position will not interfere with service as 17th Legislative District senator

VANCOUVER – Sen. Don Benton announced today that he is the new Director of Environmental Services for Clark County.

“County Administrator Bill Barron called me this afternoon and offered me the position. I accepted, we had a very productive conversation, and I will be on the job Monday morning.”

“I am honored to be chosen for this important position. I look forward to protecting and enhancing our precious natural resources here in Clark County while at the same time streamlining our permitting process to expedite job creation for our neighbors. I thank the many people who have already emailed and phoned with their positive support and encouragement as word of my new public-service position has traveled through our county.”

Benton said his new job will not require him to step down from the state Senate, where he is in his fifth term.

“In Washington we have a part-time citizen legislature. I’d guess the vast majority of the senators and representatives – 147 of them in all – have a ‘day job’ if they’re not retired. Some of my colleagues are county-government employees, and some are otherwise employed in the public sector, in addition to those with private-sector occupations; I expect to wear two ‘hats’ as well as they do and as I always have since first elected,” Benton said. “It is a privilege to serve my neighbors and friends in the 17th Legislative District and across Clark County, and I fully intend to continue being their voice in Olympia with the same level of energy and passion as I have since 1995.”

Contact: Don Benton-600-1492

For too long we have been burdened by oppressive environmental regulations that do not actually serve anybody, doesn’t really protect anything and ends up denying middle class families good paying jobs. Benton will hopefully lead the charge to restore some much needed balance.

Liberals, in their haste to condemn someone besides one of their cherry-picked enviro-wackos to head the department are raising several bogus allegations on Benton’s hiring. Even the Columbian, ever the biased media they are known for, has done nothing to correct any of the bogus allegations and appears to actually promote them.

One well-informed citizen and business owner sent his assessment of the hiring, saying in part,

“Our commissioners have violated no ethical or legal dictate in making this appointment in this fashion. Further, day-to-day HR hiring processes would likely fail in finding and preparing appropriate executives that are slated to lead significant changes in the organization. Our commissioner’s decisive act was fully necessary to make progress.”

“For decades the liberals have staffed county department heads and other key positions with compliant persons and even some true ideologues. This has resulted in an entrenched liberal big-government structure and culture – with a continual effort to keep and increase power. Not much of this is aligned with the well-being of businesses and citizens in the community. Notwithstanding this problem, it is important to note that most of the Clark county staff employees are not part of this political cabal – but good citizens who go to work and want to do the best job they can.”

The assessment concludes,

“Bold actions like this are necessary to clean out the advocates of big-government, big-regulation, and liberal policy. Job-creating policies we install now will start to bear fruit in a year or two for our citizens. In this effort we are joining thousands of other cities and counties conducting similar purposeful work, leading eventually to renewal in both state and federal governments.”

In simple terms, the people are being put back in charge of government in Clark County.

As for Mr. Barron announcing retirement suddenly, if he finds it so difficult to work with a new County Administration, then he doing the right thing in retiring. I am confident we have numerous qualified people who can step in that will have no problem working with the new County Commission majority.

I harbor no ill will against Mr. Barron, but if he finds it advantageous to leave prior to September 15, I would be in agreement.

We have nothing to fear and finally see some real ‘hope & change’ as finally, some positive steps are being taken to help the struggling middle class in Clark County get back on their feet.

I applaud this selection and as for the sour grapes from liberals, I guess they’ll just have to find a way to get over it.

16 Comments to “Benton Vows Protection of Natural Resources and Restoring Balance”

  1. the fake outrage is partisan hackery…

  2. It’s what they are best at, faking outrage and memorizing talking points held over and disproven from the last campaign.

    Comments are filled with them over at the lazy c

  3. Oh…are they ever filled with something…even in the basement of the C’s forum where I’ve taken the brunt of their partisan hack job!!! No problem, though. I merely waited for all facts to be presented, kept my cool…even provided in good faith, the links which showed the job description AND rules of practice and ethics…but they still came after me. I guess they truly despise it when the truth prevails as it has here. I hope they realize they have shown what fools look like with their foot in their mouth!

  4. Great selection Clark County Commissioners! It was a bold move if it was unprecedented but the commissioners are the executives, not Bill Barron, not the prosecutors, not the head of HR. see RCW 38.52.010 (8).

    Is hiring like-minded people cronyism? I’ve always wondered why there seems to be so few Republicans in academia, newspapers and government bureaucracies.

  5. This move is an excellent one to restore balance and job creation in Clark County. Bill Barron needed to retire years ago. He has not been pro-active at stopping the HR department from their agenda driven hiring practices which in my mind means he has propagated its very intent. Looking forward to seeing a new admin that is more subordinate of the commissioners and leads the staff according to the way they direct rather than trying to lead the commissioners to follow all staff lead programs.

  6. Stinks on ice.

  7. Yes Nathan, we know. Anything that might actually help the still struggling middle class get back on their feet stinks to high heaven to you liberals.

    Ya’ll hate it when people can care for their own families and don’t need to depend on your handouts.

  8. I agree Lew. The end justifies the means. To Hades with legal process.

  9. I have every confidence that Senator Benton will do a fine job and bring needed balance to this process.

  10. Do you mean that “legal process” that you lefties have perverted for a long time in order to give the appearance of following a process when your chosen leftist was pre-selected?

    Funny how ya’ll cry every time when it isn’t one of your chosen activist put in these positions.

    You lost in November, time to get over it and moveon.

    You can always try to win the next election, if you can.

  11. The only thing I question is if he is being given a full time salary for not working full time? He should be unpaid for the time he is in the Senate. I do wish the regular hiring process had been followed though, I think by not following it, it takes away some of Sen. Bentons credibility. That said if he can get rid of some of the stupider regulations passed and stop with all the unfunded mandates, this could be a good thing. He’s got the job now we have to wait and see what he does with it.

  12. Alex, as you must know, the “regular hiring process” has been nothing more than a smoke screen for far too long to give the appearance of a fir and transparent process, when in fact a favorable person was preselected and ends up being chosen.

    We’ve seen it too many times now, from Jaime Herrera over Ann Rivers, Bart Hansen over Anne McEnerny Ogle to Sharon Wylie over Temple Lentz.

    I’m ready to give Don a chance and hope to see some new blood with fresh positive ideas come in to replace Bill Barron.

    But I am sure whoever is chosen by Mielke and Madore will be blasted as a crony, no matter what.

    It’s just what liberals do when they don’t get their way 😉

  13. The “regular hiring process” WAS followed:

    “However, the county provides a few exceptions to the requirement that job positions be publicly advertised, and says elected officials have the discretion to appoint department heads.”

    That, from the Columbian, indicates that the commissioners may follow any particular process they want to fill people in at this level.

    But make no mistake: these people would be flipping out no matter WHAT process was followed if Benton got the gig.

  14. I’m kind of thinking Stuart had someone lined up and was going to try to slip them in, someone from his pack of envirowacko cronies.

    But of course, that would not be cronyism.

  15. I helped Benton go door-to-door when he first ran for Representative years ago. While I may not have always agreed with his positions, I am glad he is now in charge of environmental concerns for Clark County. Liberals have held “cronyism” to an art form here in the county for decades and have kept this county from the growth potential it should have reached. We should have no unemployment, being next to the insane socialistic Portland and its millstone of Trimet and lightrail. We need more industry, businesses, and development for better schools, infrastructure, fire, and law enforcement. Now if we could only outlaw public employee unions in the county…

  16. All that being said Sen. Benton has the job now, he deserves a chance to prove what he can or can’t do. No one wants to destroy the environment but we also don’t want regulations, like they are now, to add excessive costs to people using their land. But it not the end of the world, its a job if he sucks he’ll get fired and if he doesn’t he’ll get a paycheck and a dip into the pers system.

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