The Times They Are a-Changin Prompts Commissioner Stuart to Throw Another Tantrum

by lewwaters

Mushroom CloudLiberal heads in Clark County are exploding like never before as we see County Commissioners Tom Mielke and David Madore direct County Administrator Bill Barron to begin the hiring process to hire State Senator Don Benton (R. 17) as the County’s director of environmental services.

The Columbian immediately went into meltdown finding a demonic looking photo of Benton to use in their rant last evening.

See County shocker: Benton tapped for top environmental job and the follow-up rant from acerbic Political Page Editor John Laird understudy, Stephanie Rice, Benton doesn’t appear to meet minimum requirements for county job.

What has liberals so in a thither is both Commissioner’s Mielke and Madore keeping a campaign promise to trim County Government and expenses as they eliminate a costly, burdensome process to replace an agency head, selecting Sen. Benton to head it due to his decades of experience in serving the public.

Immediately, the Columbian and liberals across the county went into meltdown mode as they see the days of ‘enviro-wackism’ coming to an end, Benton being a conservative who will restore a balance between protecting our environment and job growth to aid the struggling middle class workers, mired deep into our 4th straight year of double digit unemployment.

Commissioner Stuart, first appointed to the County Commission in 2004 from a position of known liberal environmental activism, has gotten used to being in the majority on the commission and can’t seem to accept that he is now the minority, as was Commissioner Mielke for his first 4 years on the County Commission.

Seeing he no longer calls the shots as to what the County Commission does prompted another of his tantrums, seen before when the public/private Baseball Stadium he wanted fell through and he stormed out of the Commissioner Meeting.

Except this time, he did so with a verbal heated exchange to include profanities hurled towards Commissioner Mielke. As was published in the Columbian,

“As Stuart left the room, Mielke told him, ‘you are way out of line.’ Stuart snapped back: ‘You guys are out of line’.”

“And as Mielke attempted to explain how they would otherwise need three months to make a hire, Stuart told him, ‘No you need two votes. That’s all you need is two votes. You feel free. You do your thing’.”

“Mielke then said, ‘been there, done that’.”

“Stuart, who had left the room, shouted back, ‘bullshit’!”

A child not getting their way after always getting their way acts like this, not a supposed adult and public official during the commission of their duties on behalf of the county.

On Commissioner Stuart’s facebook page we now see,

“I am not in a state of mind to write cogently about the abuses of power and brazen cronyism I witnessed today. I will only say this: check out the link below, updated/associated articles, read the C this weekend if you haven’t heard enough, and if you have a problem with it (or with my reaction to it), SPEAK OUT!”

“#1) County Commission hearing next Tuesday evening, 6pm, Public Service Center Hearing” Room.”
“#2) Steve.Stuart@Clark.Wa.Gov David.Madore@Clark.Wa.Gov Tom.Mielke@Clark.Wa.Gov”

“In service,”

Commissioner Stuart, consider this post as me “speaking out.”

You were way out of line, again. An elected official should be expected to maintain their composure and treat each other respectfully, you did neither.

Vancouver City Council Member Jeanne Harris was brought up on ethics violation charges for less than what you did yesterday and she was removed from all committee assignments due to her unplanned outburst.

She paid a price and I see no reason you shouldn’t either.

I am unable to readily locate the Code of Ethics County Commissioners are bound to and have put in a request with the County Commission for direction to or a copy of them. I will review them and if warranted, file a formal ethics violation charge against you.

What is really at play here is an effort to restore power to the County Commission, wresting it away from non-elected staff and agency heads. Commissioners are answerable to voters, non-elected staff are not and they have taken it upon themselves to sign onto agreements contrary to the County Commissioners’ position.

Commissioner Stuart has been part and parcel of shirking the duties of a Commissioner by allowing appointed staff and agency heads to enter into agreements, largely because of his own environmentalist views, often contrary to those of the majority of voters and now the other two Commissioners.

Those days are over and he doesn’t like it. Tough!

And it doesn’t excuse his childish tantrums when he doesn’t get his way.

At the very least, Commissioner Steve Stuart owes the County Commission an apology as he does to the entire County now that his words and actions have been made public by the Columbian.

We owe Commissioners Mielke and Madore a vote of thanks to actually work towards trimming the County Government expenses as well as take steps to restore some balance in hopes of bettering the struggling middle class in Clark County.

And if it makes liberal heads explode over the county, so much the better.

In the meantime, Commissioner Stuart and liberals,

15 Comments to “The Times They Are a-Changin Prompts Commissioner Stuart to Throw Another Tantrum”

  1. I look forward to a new day in the government around here. It feels empowering to the people to know that we can and will elect those who follow our wishes in the future. Balance is needed and it is coming!


  2. WHERE are the “Job Qualifications” written?? I can’t find themIs THe Columbian LYING as usual again??


  3. Gawrsh, you mean The Columbian LIES??


  4. I read them. They call for a college degree which is set at a lower level if the person has experience in funding issues and a Masters level if the person in an environmentalist. It also has the flexibilty of the commissioners choice so there is no solid stone for either requirements (they use the term preferred) nor for the hiring practice it is completely at the behest of the commissioners. The HR group at the county has been notorious for looking over and hand picking the applications they want to forward to the commissioners. You can’t get an application passed them for the commissioners consideration hardly. It is a stacked deck and so it is a problem where they will work to keep good people out of the planning commission and many other jobs if they view them as conservative. Of course I say that with no ability to prove it other than the obvious of the rounds of community positions posted and the selections made (and those who didn’t make the first cut) when the options finally got to the commissioners.


  5. Environmental Services is the department that has done the contracts with Waste Connections, helping to fund the many Millions/year Waste Connections execs rake in. In turn, the executives donate generously to some County Commissioners.I wrote about this
    “According to PDC records as of Sept. 20, Waste Connections and its top executives and managers have contributed at least $14,400 to County Commissioner Stuarts’ campaigns. Commissioner Boldt has accepted at least $ 6,800 from WCI, including a single donation of $5000 in 2008, a banner year for county contracts. Boldt has failed to list the occupation or employer for some contributions over $100 as is required, hence it is difficult to track where the funds are from. Former Commissioner Betty Sue Morris, who approved early county contracts, also garnered contributions. Commissioner Mielke has not received any contributions either as a commissioner or when he served four terms as State Representative for the 18th district.”


  6. Predictable hit job on Don Benton by Stephanie Rice ..
    Columbian Mafia at work ? or slow news day again ?


  7. Precisely, Lew. Well writ.


  8. I took Steve Stuart’s advice and emailed all three of them a thank you for hiring Don Benton.


  9. Lew…does this link help you??

    Folks, here’s the actual job description link for the Director of Environmental Services. IF anybody wants to keep it for their record, it might disappear soon:


  10. So Stuart would rather interview people from all over the country instead of a local person with a known track record and philosophy. Perhaps Stuart would prefer we hire someone from Washington DC instead of Washington State??? Perhaps we should consult the UN and their Agenda 21 addicts for a recommendation? The commissioners bypassing the bureaucrats in HR is EXACTLY what this process needed. Sorry Steve, your big government manipulative tactics are short-circuiting, and your tantrum is indicative that, absent your TACTICS, you have no solid principles or truth to fall back upon.


  11. Thanks Goldie, I found that one last evening.

    I contacted County and they sent me the actual attachment addressing the code of ethics.

    From it I read, Principle 2: A county commissioner should promote decorum, respect
    for others and civility in all public relationships
    “The honor of holding public office necessitates that a commissioner behave with courtesy and respect for the dignity of others in all public relationships, including elected officials; employees; citizens; media; and representatives of other units of government. A commissioner should affirm the value of services provided by government and maintain a constructive attitude about governmental affairs. Meetings of the county commission should afford a prime opportunity for commissioners to promote and enhance respectful civic discourse.”

    If there is any teeth at all in their “Principles,” I believe Stuart blew it yesterday.


  12. You know me, Lew (at the forum level of course)…I’m always tryin’ to help someone when I see fit to do so…a quick reaction on my part from what you said in your blog article. Keep up the good work! You’re getting quite a following yourself. People would rather read the truth than propaganda for self-fulfilling interests.

    And Lew…I agree with you. It was very unprofessional of Mr. Stuart. I’ve noticed another politician at the state level who is involved with issues surrounding our area who has been acting rather unprofessional at the Facebook level as well. In fact, I was pretty surprised that ol’ Jimbo would carry on the way he does on the FB comments of the Columbian. So much for professionalism.


  13. Bill Barron should have resigned in 07 when he threw…errr, got rid of the Director of community development because they tried to hide the viscious email attack that had been launched by the Director of community services based on rumors and lies. Just my opinion.


  14. Stuart knew about it too, along with Morris and Boldt.


  15. Goldie, no problem on what you supplied. I don’t know why the county does not make the actual code of ethics more public, but I did receive a copy and you can see it and download a copy for yourself at Board of Commissioners Rules of Practice and Ethics Code

    It’s basically the same as what we both found, but with an extra 3 pages of the actual code of ethics.


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