The Columbian Gets It Wrong,,, Again

by lewwaters

Monkey, EmbarrassedWednesday was a huge day for the minions down at the Columbian. They got to bash Don Benton, David Madore and Tim Mielke, all at the same time!

As we now know, Tim Mielke and David Madore directed County Administrator Bill Barron to begin the hiring process of Don Benton to head the County Dept of Environment, setting liberal heads exploding all, especially Liberal Envirowacko commissioner Steve Stuart who unceremoniously referred to it all as “BULLSHIT!”

His so called apology for his outburst notwithstanding, it appears that he, Stephanie Rice, Lou Brancaccio and everyone else down at the lazy c got it all wrong, again.

Benton is being hired, that much is true, but the smoke screen of circumventing the process, Benton does not meet the minimum qualifications and more is all wrong. It also brings into question Bill Barron’s sudden announcement of retirement, adding to the drama of just supposedly out of control the conservative County Commission is.

Stuart claims, “I am passionate about our quality of life, our public’s right to be involved in its government, our organizational integrity, and maintaining some semblance of professionalism over politics,” except apparently, his broken promise of a vote on light rail when he ran for reelection last.

Stuart continues, “Don Benton is a friend of Commissioners Madore and Mielke, who communicated with him (individually I assume) behind closed doors to orchestrate Don’s surprise (at least to me) appointment to a high-level post, at a staff meeting, without submitting his qualifications to any rigor.”

Since Stuart and other Liberals bend over backwards to imitate Portland, did they miss in tonight’s Oregonian, Most top City of Portland administrators hired without outside recruitment?

If they somehow did, may I direct you attention to an open letter posted by Commissioner David Madore today;

Open letter to Bill Barron, County Administrator:


The error at the heart of the controversy in hiring a new DES director, stems from an oversight that resulted in the wrong job description and qualifications given to our local newspaper. The position describes a specialist within the DES department, not a department head.

The previous DES director did not possess a degree related to environmental science, but instead, had an education in general management. If an environmental science degree was required, the previous director would not have qualified for his own position. (emphasis added)

As you know, six weeks ago, I emailed a document to you that detailed the job description and qualifications for a new DES Director to meet our current needs. Your reply on March 18th stating that these were an “excellent description of the attributes we need”, confirmed that we were in agreement and on the same page. (emphasis added)

In contrast to an old job description and the inadequate qualifications that we started with, the new leader was to be a non-bureaucrat with private business experience to better manage that department of specialists.

When that document was discussed with you and my fellow commissioners in a subsequent public board meeting, we agreed that you would provide us with a job description and attributes consistent with that document. The focus was to provide a new kind of leadership to streamline the permitting process in full compliance with our state’s Department of Ecology and to champion fast efficient full-compliance permits necessary to solve our chronic Clark County jobs crisis.

With our pace and the workload of undertaking so much, so quickly, I can imagine how the wrong job description and qualifications got posted on our county’s website and given to our local newspaper. Please help us to correct the misunderstanding.

As we are scheduled to vote on a resolution to speed the permit process and to remove all permit fees for Clark County job creators this Tuesday, our success will depend on our ability to handle the anticipated flood of new permits now. The sense of urgency that drives us to do everything we can to open the floodgates to local private jobs without further delay, demands that we fill this vacancy on an expedited basis. We cannot afford to miss this building season or to frustrate our customers due to a continuing leadership vacancy.

Our community will be relieved to learn that this error was unintentional and will better understand the differences between the internal expertise possessed by DES staff and the unique attributes that define a dynamic leader that is capable of maximizing the effectiveness of such outstanding specialists.

David Madore

So, Bill Barron knew the wrong description was given to the paper and now uses something he was in agreement with to announce his retirement, in an effort to taint the current Commission?

But, why did the minions at the Columbian not verify this very relevant point?

Will it draw any retraction and if it does, will they correct the false impression they caused to fester?

Given the nearly two decades of an ongoing hatefest with Sen. Don Benton, I highly doubt it.

That might take integrity.

9 Comments to “The Columbian Gets It Wrong,,, Again”

  1. The hatred these people express is almost psychopathic.

    Brancaccio tries to dress it up, but it shines through like a light at the bottom of a well.

    And the boundless ignorance of those condemning the hire… their knees are jerking so hard they’re fractured.

    This isn’t about “process.” It isn’t about qualifications or transparency or any of the other lies.Brancaccio is using to whip up the unwashed masses.

    It’s about partisan hatred. And as their bogus house of cards falls apart, they’ll slink away like they always do… no apologies, no nothing.

    And that Stuart doesn’t like it is just too, damned, bad. Perhaps it’s time for him to join his buddy Barron and bail out before we throw him out.


  2. This is not hatred….this is sport, and it is so fun to watch. What can a county do to defend the best interests of people and businesses? In New York and Chicago, cities and counties took away guns….turn about is fair play. Go Don go….and go Mr. Madore go……push back on environmental wack jobs who hae pushed us all too far left!!!


  3. Gee Lew, the Leftist “Hit Squad” is going to be pissed when they realize The Columbian was lying to them again.


  4. Ther you go again Lew, keeping it “constructive” like that idiot Brancaccio asked.and making the hysterical Lefties eat shit at the same time. If this keeps up, we may have to start paying you an “entertainment fee”


  5. Only problem, Jack, they don’t care if they are lied to, just as long as their ears are tickled with what they want to believe.

    And the lazy c knows all they need do is spew their vitriol and none of the brainless class will ever go back to see any revelations or admissions of getting it wrong and will carry their disbelief to the ballot.

    And that is the goal, fill their heads with disinformation so they vote as the left instructs them too.


  6. good job Lew! Barron should have went down a long time ago. Too bad Kevin Gray trusted Barron to do the right thing when he brought up all the indiscretions being committed. .


  7. This isn’t “sport”, it’s “mindless hatred” so typical of the dumb asses on the Left. I can hardly wait for the Revolution to begin.


  8. They are psychopaths, Kelly, Really sick ones


  9. Their Hairless Right hands are jerking so hard that they’re fractured, you mean…


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