Kristallnacht at the Columbian

by lewwaters

Kristallnacht 3As we all know, Governor Jay Inslee snuck into town a couple weeks ago and issued marching orders to “increase the decibels” to shout down the struggling middle class taxpayers in Clark County who oppose being straddled with decades of increases in the gas tax, license fees, tolls and more to fund the CRC light rail project from Portland that they have repeatedly shown they do not want.

Apparently seeing an opportunity to try to derail the growing opposition, the Columbian mouthpiece is pulling out all of the stops to engage in a so called journalistic Kristallnacht assault on the choice of Sen. Don Benton to take over the vacant Dept of Environmental Concern for the County.

Since it came out Wednesday evening, we have been subjected to no less than 12 screeds objecting to the hiring, from articles, an editorial and Stephanie Rice’s hit pieces, 4 in a single day on the lazy c’s blogs.

Sunday’s John Laird rant can only been seen as the icing on the cake, or maybe better as the major window smashed by the jackbooted thugs in print as he falsely claims to have extinguished fires in opposition to the deeply troubled project.

Nothing could be further from the truth and let’s face it, truth is not what Inslee has in mind nor is what is often seen from the Columbian that chooses to ignore many negative aspects of forcing Clark County citizens into accepting the financially troubled light rail line into Clark County.

As for the hiring of Don Benton, they have raised many false flags concerning it, from running with the wrong qualifications of the job sent them and cleared up by Commissioner David Madore, but ignored by the Columbian.

We saw them whining about how improper it was for Benton, who they have expressed hatred of over nearly two decades, to be hired without some precious “process” that we all know to be a sham and that drags out an appearance of transparency, while ensuring some preselected crony ends up getting the job at high costs to taxpayers.

Yet, slipped deep into one of the hit pieces we read, “While the county typically publicly advertises job openings, commissioners, or other elected county officials, do have discretion to bypass the regular process and appoint department heads” by Stephanie Rice, writing on behalf of the Columbian, May 2, 2013.

So, if they have that legal discretion, what is the problem?

Don Benton and his staunch and effective opposition to the CRC over the years, that is the problem along with Commissioners David Madore and Tom Mielke also being outspoken in their opposition as well as now being the majority on the three-man commission.

In typical fashion that we have seen in the past from jackbooted thugs, the pro-CRC Columbian has to respond to their marching order of “increase the decibels” and combining that with so much hatred of a 4-term State Senator being selected to help restore balance and give the struggling middle class, suffering from over 4 years of double digit unemployment, a better chance to recover from their plight, whatever must be done to silence opposition is in play, no matter who gets hurt, what the truth is or how ridiculous they end up looking.

Already the public, as hoped for, is very verbally incensed without knowing anything other than the erroneous claims made by the Columbian, all by design to whip Clark County liberals into a frenzied lynch mob mentality to flood the County Commission with emails and personal comments at the next meeting.

Personally, I believe it to be a case of disgraceful Liberal Commissioner Steve Stuart, who stormed out of the last meeting, hurling expletives behind him like a child throwing a tantrum, has someone preselected he would like to manipulate into the opening and who is a fellow enviro-wacko as well as very pro-CRC light rail.

Many of those hypnotized by the lazy c, so named due to their unwillingness to uncover relevant facts surrounding the CRC and scandalous actions by Democrat elected officials, but waste no ink to trump up allegations and smears against Republicans and CRC opposers, are beyond reason and reduced to personal verbal flatulence against any who attempt to inject reason into the discussion.

This is the frenzy seen in the past where oppressive despots targeted a group of people to affix blame for current troubles while hiding that the very ones pointing their fingers are who are ready to institute the very policies they blame others of.

One such article contains the words, “A Columbian investigation and review of documents” which is a laugh riot, considering how many discrepancies, citizen concerns, forensic accounting exposures, questionable billing and practices as well as some missing, unaccounted $20 Million tax dollars has just been ignored by the lazy c.

None of that matters as wealthy donors to Democrat campaigns wants repaid and Portland’s financially ailing light rail forced into our community, while burdening the struggling middle class taxpayers in Clark County to pay for Oregon projects over 60 miles outside of the so-called CRC benefit zone is how they intend to recoup those payments, estimated to cost over $5 Billion to construct as well as confiscate Millions from the middle class every single year to operate the outdated technology of light rail.

But they received their marching orders and like good little minions are carrying them out by hastily running with wild allegations of impropriety that even they have admitted is within the discretion of County Commissioners.

Don’t fall for this nonsense. It’s all by design and is nothing more than another attempt to whip citizens into a lynch mob mentality that the leftist sheeple are all too willing to react as designed.

As for the lazy c, they have replaced jackboots with thuggish journalism and instead of smashing the windows of Jews, have launched an assault on conservatives.

And they cannot figure out why the paper is failing and subscriptions faltering.

16 Comments to “Kristallnacht at the Columbian”

  1. Funny video ad… STOP FIGHTING!???? I will sit down when they stop forcing their agenda until then I will stand right next to you Lew and fight!

  2. And I will continue the fight with you, Carolyn!

    Lew, this write of yours is exactly what has been on my mind since the first misinformed article was posted on our local bird cage liner. Boy did it bring out the lemmings. Now that certain articles have been published since…articles which are in essence, trying to repair the damage without losing the momentum, while attempting to add fuel to the fire…the lemmings are creeping ever so closer to that little cliff. You think any will turn and run back to common sense???

  3. A little trip down memory lane

    And nothing has changed, only the lazy c had gotten more bitter

  4. You know….

    none of this would even BE news if the voters had only had a crack at making the final LPA decision with ALL facts presented in the first place. They didn’t even remotely consider the vote against the m&o tax as a vote against light rail. They skewed that into a totally different meaning to suit their needs. I find it ironic that certain local leaders have the audacity to claim we know nothing of what we’re talking about, yet they’re supporting a project filled with lies, deception and misinformation. So instead, we’re witnessing an abrupt division of members of state and local government and of the people…and it was fueled by bringing in Mr. LaHood. It makes you wonder if this was part of the plan in the first place…to divide the people – to cause mayhem and anger…and to tax the living hell out of the working class.

    also known as “social engineering”

  5. Another point to consider, since they are pushing how “the process” was ignored, what about “the process” in seeking voter approval for light rail?

    Seems that process being ignored, circumvented and just cast aside is of no concern in all of this.

  6. If it meets or exceeds the needs of their pet project, the process is appropriate for them. To hell with the people and what we have to say. Remember…they had “hundreds” of our “neighbors” making our decisions for us. Yeah…carefully picked “neighbors.”

    (Geez…even saying that in sarcasm sends an eerie chill up my spine.)

  7. I am amazed that they focus on the issue of “who” rather than the issue of “why”. “Here come the jobs” and that should be the headline!

  8. I’ll bet ya the folks with the LooRailCrossing group and their cronies are bitin’ their fingernails to the nubbins right about now with the issues of MAX in Portland, today. Let’s see now…the power issue came on board around 6:00 this morning and MAX still cannot utilize the Steel Bridge access after seven hours, forty five minutes later!

    And the same people who claim this is more earth friendly have probably also forgotten our weather extremes are intensifying with global climate change. So what do extreme heat, thunderstorms and icy weather have in common??? They all screw up the electrical system on the MAX trains.

    And this is supposed to be the preferred option???

  9. And of course, not a single word in the lazy c about the complete failure of the Max System this morning

  10. Only by me in the basement, lol.

  11. I was reading the comments by people who have been inconvenienced as well as looked at the photos of huge crowds waiting for buses at some of the locales. I’m wondering how many man hours were wasted due to the failing MAX system. It’s no wonder they want to tax and toll us Washingtonians to pay for it. They can’t get it from their own people on their side of the river. They’ve made enough route cuts, raised the costs for riders, taxed the people. Why is it Orygun hasn’t bothered to try tolling??? Must be the NIMBY effect, you think???

  12. Oh the irony of it all…I just checked the Oregon Highway Traffic Cams around 2:15. I-5 at Delta Park and on the bridge northbound…looks like an early Sunday morning drive. I think I counted 6 cars on the bridge at once. Now taking a look at Rose Quarter, T-Curves and Haines Road on I-5…that’s already a mess….but we need that Loo Rail and all it’s glory in VanCOOOOUVEr to make it more better cuz the CRC sez so!

  13. I was looking back at the City Council endorsements back in 2011. I remember when Cory Barnes was deemed “unelectable” due to his driving record but left out Larry Smith’s voting record and them calling Josephine Wentzel a “toxic influence”

    He is habitually “for” proposals that enhance the city’s future: a new bridge, light rail, waterfront redevelopment, and public-private partnerships. (He does oppose, however, the county’s proposed admissions tax to fund a baseball stadium and the proposed biomass power plant).

    Smith was the top choice even before his foe (Cory Barnes) rendered himself unelectable. That occurred over four years as Barnes amassed 11 traffic citations and paid none of the fines.

    Nothing on Cory’s stances on the issues,no background on Cory Barnes (went to Skyview H.S. and Clark College). They act like he is an outsider.

    Now,let’s go to Wentzel:
    In less than two years on the council, Bart Hansen has emerged as a quick learner and collaborative visionary. By contrast, challenger Josephine Wentzel has emerged as a toxic influence at council meetings, a chronic complainer whose frequent trips to the podium have followed a pattern of unproductive negativity.

    As a result, Hansen has the support of police and fire unions, but he also says he’ll be tough at the negotiating table.

    Wentzel has shown no capacity to cooperate with any elective body. Her obstructive, combative approach does not fit well in collaborative community discussions.

    No background on Josephine either,the fact she is the mother of 5 children,a cop and detective, I believe.

  14. Actually they tried to say she lied about her background. Which she refuted and told them off over. Then they asked her for an interview and commented how awful she was because she refused to play paddycake with them in light of their treatment of her.

  15. Karma is hitting TriMet BIG time in recent days. First, the power failure to MAX, now a faulty ticket vending machine falsely freezing debit/credit card accounts of the riders:

    Of course, this is what we need for our county. Support your local loo rail failure! It’s more better that way! (s)

  16. First they want you to get off the train at the next stop and get your ticket if the machine isn’t working in essence making you late to work or whatever as you have to wait for the next train. Then it won’t work there either because it froze your bank account and now your card won’t work at all anywhere?!! Wow, just the best trip ever!

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